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News: Little Inferno Aiming to Light Its Wii U Fire on Launch Day

Little Inferno Aiming to Light Its Wii U Fire on Launch Day

Get those eShop cards ready

Little Inferno is quite possibly one of the most fascinating upcoming Wii U eShop titles, as it's from the creators of WiiWare classic World of Goo as well as Henry Hatsworth in The Puzzling Adventure on DS. It's also interesting because all we've seen is teaser footage, so we're yet to find out how the actual game plays...

News: Wii U and 3DS Pre-Paid eShop Cards Spotted

Wii U and 3DS Pre-Paid eShop Cards Spotted

DSiWare and WiiWare left out of the party

The arrival of the 3DS eShop saw Nintendo move away from Nintendo Points, the custom currency that, in the opinion of some, was far from ideal. The 3DS eShop has continued to evolve and now allows top-ups of a download's value, for example, so the days of buying a block of 1000 points when you only need 100...

Review: The Denpa Men: They Came By Wave (3DS eShop)

The Denpa Men: They Came By Wave (3DS eShop)


When we first started hearing the news about Denpa Ningen no RPG coming to the West, we didn't know what to expect. Its visual debt to Nintendo's Miis and Pikmin intrigued us, and the fact that the brains behind this game had their fingers in Pokémon Colosseum and great series such as Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy and Ogre Battle meant...

News: A Beginner's Guide to The Denpa Men: They Came By Wave

A Beginner's Guide to The Denpa Men: They Came By Wave

Five tips to keep your Men alive!

Ready to plunge into The Denpa Men: They Came By Wave? Well, don't be fooled by its cuddly exterior,as this game offers some absolutely devious challenge! Of course you could learn the ins and outs of the quest through trial and error, but that's liable to leave your conscience strewn with avoidable — and adorable...

Nintendo Download: 27th September 2012 (North America)

27th September 2012 (North America)

Denpa men, a Game Boy classic and some Real Bout Newcomers

After the confirmation of Europe's somewhat disappointing selection of Nintendo Download titles, you might be forgiven for expecting the North American update to be similarly lackluster. However, Nintendo has pulled out all the stops to deliver a varied selection of titles - the details of...

News: Frozenbyte: "The Wii U eShop is Very Promising"

Frozenbyte: "The Wii U eShop  is Very Promising"

Affordable updates and certification on the wish list

Of all we've heard and seen of Wii U, the eShop remains the biggest mystery. We may have an idea of some of the launch window titles, but we know little of what it'll look like or what additional content it'll feature, beyond games. We do know of Nintendo learning from some past mistakes,...

News: Quarth is Blasting Onto the 3DS Virtual Console Soon

Quarth is Blasting Onto the 3DS Virtual Console Soon

Think of it as Tetris X Space Invaders

The slow drip-feed of Game Boy titles on the 3DS Virtual Console may frustrate some that would prefer a deluge, but we can confirm — thanks to our source at Nintendo of America — another title from the extensive back catalogue that's due to arrive in the next couple of weeks. This time around it's Quarth,...

News: Rhythm Hunter: HarmoKnight May Get Groovy in the West

Rhythm Hunter: HarmoKnight May Get Groovy in the West

Gotta catch the beats

There are a good numbers of gamers in the West that love Japanese culture and look on with envy at some of the creative, and occasionally wacky, delights that are released in Nintendo's homeland. One of these we may not have expected to see was Rhythm Hunter: HarmoKnight, a rhythm game on the 3DS eShop from Pokémon developer...

News: Mega Man 3 Leaps Onto The Japanese 3DS Virtual Console

Mega Man 3 Leaps Onto The Japanese 3DS Virtual Console

For those about to rock

The third instalment of Capcom's popular Mega Man series is launching on the Japanese 3DS Virtual Console this week. Mega Man 3 - known in Japan as Rockman 3: The End of Dr. Wily!? - will go live on the Japanese 3DS eShop tomorrow (September 26th) for 500 yen. Even harsher than its already tough predecessor, Mega Man 3 has...

First Impressions: Toki Tori 2

Toki Tori 2

The bird's still got it

Toki Tori 2 was one of the first eShop titles confirmed for Wii U, showing that developer Two Tribes is more than happy to take another early plunge on Nintendo's download platform. It seems only right, too, as the developer's first ever release was Toki Tori on Game Boy Color, before a new version of that game had a start...

Review: Heavy Fire: Special Operations 3D (3DS eShop)

Heavy Fire: Special Operations 3D (3DS eShop)

Fool us once...

Slowly but surely, Teyon is on its way towards a half-way decent entry in its Heavy Fire series of military pop shooters. After squeezing out two downloadable disasters and an inexplicable retail release, Teyon returns to the well with Heavy Fire: Special Operations 3D — a reloaded version of that first WiiWare gem, now with added...

Nintendo Download: 20th September 2012 (North America)

20th September 2012 (North America)

Surfing, retro pockets and the long-awaited La-Mulana!

Roll up, roll up, it's another generous helping of digitally-downloaded goodness from our North American Nintendo Download report! Feast your eyeballs on the following treats and start counting those virtual pennies - there's purchasing to be done. 3DS eShop: Rising Board 3D (odenis studio,...

Review: Rising Board 3D (3DS eShop)

Rising Board 3D (3DS eShop)

All that glitters is not gold

The endless runner craze isn't about to end any time soon, and that's understandable. The genre offers an experience that is both suited to quick play sessions and unique every time you boot it up. The DSiWare service even received a rough equivalent in I Must Run!, and now the eShop has Rising Board 3D, an endless...

First Impressions: Club Nintendo Picross

Club Nintendo Picross

We go hands-on with this Japan-only download

As many of us have seen in recent years, Nintendo is a company that deals a good line in fan service. Nintendo has produced everything from the recent abundance of anniversary titles, collector's books, cards, and pretty much anything else in the hope that fans can supplement their game collections and...

Review: Crazy Kangaroo (3DS eShop)

Crazy Kangaroo (3DS eShop)

Hop, Skippy and jump

No wonder poor old Barney has gone a bit loopy. Crazy Kangaroo's mad marsupial is on the run after escaping the grasp of evil poachers by daringly bundling himself out of a plane. Unwilling to give up their prize, his captors continue their relentless pursuit to tie this kangaroo down. If you've been near a smartphone in the...