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  • News New Robox Trailer as Game Launches this Friday

    1,000 Points for mechanical marvel

    Dreambox Games has been hard at work on Robox, polishing the little robotic box for his big debut, and that date is fast approaching. The game launches across Europe this Friday, September 24th, for 1,000 Nintendo Points. To celebrate, Dreambox has released a new trailer showing off some more of the game's beautiful hand-drawn art and classic 2D gameplay. There's..


  • News Dreambox Games Unveils its Debut Title

    See the first screenshots from the upcoming WiiWare title Robox

    Freshly cut screenshots of Robox have been released, and it certainly looks like a compelling platformer from the creative team based in Valencia, Spain. If the various layers of background look as good in-motion as they do stationary, we should be in for a real treat. Our protagonist is sent on a probe to explore a strange planet; and..