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News: Hitachi And Sharp In Illegal DS Screen Cartel?

Hitachi And Sharp In Illegal DS Screen Cartel?

Shock! Horror! Hold the front page!

Scandal has rocked the very foundations of the Japanese consumer electronics industry as Hitachi and Sharp – the two companies tasked with producing those lovely little screens you have on your DS – found their offices raided by the Japanese Fair Trade Commission on suspicion of fixing the price of said displays. Nintendo is pleading ignorance on the matter..

News: “Everything In Moderation” Says Nintendo

“Everything In Moderation” Says Nintendo

The Big N responds to internet scare-stories

Nintendo has responded to negative comments regarding the implications of playing too much Wii by insisting that the machine is perfectly safe, so long as players don’t “overdo it”. The advice came from the lips of Nintendo PR-guru Anka Dolecki and was intended to counter the flood of complaints from Wii owners claiming to suffer from problems such..

News: Dr Kawashima "Turned Down Brain Training Royalties"

Dr Kawashima "Turned Down Brain Training Royalties"

And he doesn't feel stupid about it, amazingly

His name adorns one of the best selling games of 2007, but Dr Ryuta Kawashima hasn’t seen a single penny of profits. Nintendo’s Brain Training range has sold millions worldwide and bagged the resurgent company healthy profits, but the Doctor who came up with the ideas on which Brain Training is...

News: Tetsuya Mizuguchi "Worries About Wii"

Tetsuya Mizuguchi "Worries About Wii"

Former Sega star is wary of Nintendo’s dominance

He may have been part of Sega’s ‘golden era’ and had a part in such classic titles as Rez, Meteos and Lumines, but it would seem that videogame legend Tetsuya Mizuguchi is being kept up at night by the runaway success of the Wii. In a recently interview with Wired, he was asked about developing for Nintendo’s best-selling console: W: In..

News: "Third Party Games Don't Sell"

"Third Party Games Don't Sell"

Killer 7 and No More Heroes director voices his concerns about the current state of the Wii software market

Goichi Suda (AKA Suda 51) has claimed that third party software is failing to find an audience in Japan while Nintendo's own games steal all the limelight. We reported not long ago that Suda's No More Heroes was a bit of a flop in Japan. In a recent interview he had this to say: Whilst the..

News: Nintendo Breaking Patent Law With The Wiimote?

Nintendo Breaking Patent Law With The Wiimote?

The latest courtroom drama from the US

It seems that both Sony and Nintendo may have a fight on their hands thanks to a patent dispute currently doing the rounds in the US. This follows on from Sony’s humiliating courtroom defeat at the hands of Immersion Corporation, which effectively cost the Japanese giant $100 million in damages and forced them to remove controversial rumble technology from..

News: No More Heroes - Another Wii Flop?

No More Heroes - Another Wii Flop?

More doom and gloom for third party publishers

Regular readers of NintendoLife would be forgiven for thinking that we’ve been getting out of the wrong side of the bed for the past week or so. The number of downbeat and negative news stories appearing is on the rise and sadly we’re about to add yet another. Although we’re a bit on the late side with this news it appears that Grasshopper..

News: "Wii 2 May Appear Sooner Than You Think"

"Wii 2 May Appear Sooner Than You Think"

More Nintendo bashing on the cards

It seems that everyone wants to have a dig at Nintendo these days. First there was former Sensible Software boss Jon Hare having a good old rant, and now Codemasters CEO Rod Cousens has waded in with his own unique brand of criticism, even going as far as to suggest that the Wii’s dominance isn’t as assured as many people believe. In an interview with..

News: "Nintendo Must Treat Developers Better"

"Nintendo Must Treat Developers Better"

The man behind Cannon Fodder and Sensible Soccer hits out at Nintendo's less than impressive relationship with third party software houses

We’re now pretty much accustomed to hearing stories about Nintendo’s incredible worldwide success over the past year or so. The Wii and DS are performing admirably at retail and Nintendo’s resurgence from the grim days of the Gamecube is all but complete..

News: Painful Wii Injuries Shocker

Painful Wii Injuries Shocker

Who are these idiots and what are they doing with their Wiimotes?

Everyone loves a good scare story, don’t they? I’m sure we all recall the tales of SNES games making kids have fits in the early ‘90s and the relatively flimsy evidence supplied to support this theory. Well, it seems that history is repeating itself. The Wii has been so popular and successful a backlash was almost inevitable..

News: The Queen Says: "Wii ARE Amused"

The Queen Says: "Wii ARE Amused"

Ruler of the Land likes to swing a Wiimote every now and then

Nintendo’s cup runneth over. Not only is the company riding high in terms of worldwide hardware and software sales, it would appear that it also has fans in very lofty places. UK tabloid The People has reported that Her Majesty The Queen of England has recently become hooked on the Nintendo Wii purchased for her grandson Prince..

News: Zack & Wiki Sinks Without Trace At Retail

Zack & Wiki Sinks Without Trace At Retail

Shame on you all!

Zack & Wiki, otherwise known as Capcom’s ode to the classic ‘point and click’ adventures of old, is a fantastic game. It’s heartening to see a developer like Capcom putting so much effort into brand new intellectual property and it’s even more encouraging when the end product is so wonderfully polished and enjoyable...

News: Boffins Brand Nicole Kidman A Dirty Liar

Boffins Brand Nicole Kidman A Dirty Liar

Claims that Brain Training can boost intelligence may not be true after all - well, duh

You might have seen Nintendo's Brain Training adverts, in which well-known celebrities like Patrick Stewart and Nicole Kidman gleefully promote the software like it’s a one-stop miracle solution to being a bumbling thickie. "I have quickly found that...

News: Stars Points For Wii Points Debacle

Stars Points For Wii Points Debacle

The Wii points exchange dream is slowly turning into a nightmare...

A few days ago we reported on the news that long suffering PAL Wii owners had wanted to hear since the machine hit European stores: Nintendo had at long last given us the chance to trade our (generally useless) Stars/VIP points for Wii points! The result? Nintendo's new-look site promptly collapsed under the rush of gamers hoping..

News: Mario Party 8 Recalled

Mario Party 8 Recalled

It was a Friday 13th to remember yesterday as Nintendo's latest Wii game, Mario Party 8, was recalled from the shelves.

Apparently a "wrong" version of the software was ditributed around the country containing a politically incorrect term ("spastic"). The new release date of the game has not yet been announced but we will keep you updated on developments. This is the official word from Nintendo:..