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    Review Dragon Ball Fusions

    Better together

    There have been many Dragon Ball games over the years, and one universal truth exists: they seem to get better as time goes by. Early efforts on the SNES, Mega Drive, PlayStation and Saturn left a bad taste in the mouths of series fans, but lately Bandai Namco's Dragon Ball Xenoverse sub-series has redressed the balance neatly...





  • Video Marvel at the Madness of Dragon Ball Fusions

    It looks... interesting

    The Dragon Ball franchise is big business for Bandai Namco and its partners, appearing in various forms across multiple platforms. In August the next 3DS entry will make its mark in Japan - Dragon Ball Fusions. It's an RPG and, as the name makes clear, allows players to fuse characters together in strange combinations, while...



  • Rumour Dragon Ball Heroes Heading For 3DS

    It's over 9000!

    There have been reports suggesting that Namco Bandai may be bringing the arcade title, Dragon Ball Heroes, to the 3DS in Japan: it's a Japanese card-based arcade game, originally released in late 2010 and developed by Dimps. The 3DS version will apparently be called Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission, and is said to include a...