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Nintendo Download: 20-21 October 2009 (Japan)

20-21 October 2009 (Japan)

WiiWare returns, Dig Dug and more Tower DS!

After a two-week hiatus WiiWare returns, though given we're getting a card game, it's a bit anti-climactic. WiiWareUNO (800pts - Gameloft) -- Gameloft again honours Japan with the first look at a WiiWare title (their last entry, Ghost Mansion Party still hasn't seen release in other territories). Online UNO could be fun (judging from screens it has Mii..

Nintendo Download: 13-14 October 2009 (Japan)

13-14 October 2009 (Japan)

WiiWare keeps on resting with VC and DSiWare action for Japanese downloaders next week.

Incredibly it appears we're having a second consecutive week with no WiiWare releases in Japan, but with three more VC titles (including a much-loved Kirby release) and five DSiWare releases, it's hard to complain. Virtual ConsoleKirby Super Deluxe (800pts Super...

News: Nintendogs Coming As DLC To Animal Crossing

Nintendogs Coming As DLC To Animal Crossing

Snag yourself a canine companion or four

Nintendo's brilliant DS puppy simulator Nintendogs has been around for four years now — time sure does fly! To celebrate the special occasion, Nintendo will be offering up some downloadable goodness for the Wii's Animal Crossing: City Folk. For four weeks running you'll have your own pick of the litter for download. Labs are up on October 7th, followed by..

News: Nintendo Download 29-30 September 2009 (Japan)

Nintendo Download 29-30 September 2009 (Japan)

Things are back on track with a 2-4-7 week!

After another download holiday Japanese downloaders (and their importing compatriots) are having a week that's more VC than WiiWare and more DSiWare than anything else. WiiWareHamekomi Lucky Puzzle Wii Returns (500pts - Tryfirst) -- This is the sequel to the game known as NEVES Plus elsewhere: a puzzle game where you need to use geometric shapes to fill..

News: Nintendo Download 01-02 September 2009 (Japan)

Nintendo Download 01-02 September 2009 (Japan)

Another WiiWare holiday, but a few VC games and some DSiWare makes up for it.

After last month's WiiWare windfall it shouldn't be a surprise that Japan is taking a little break from the service. Don't feel too bad for them, because there's three VC titles to tide over Wii downloaders and a few DSiWare titles from Nintendo as well. Virtual ConsoleTaikoo Risshinden (Super Famicom 800pts - Koei) -- A..

News: Nintendo Download 25-26 August 2009 (Japan)

Nintendo Download 25-26 August 2009 (Japan)

The WiiWare party is back on with a load of new downloads for both Wii and DSi!

After taking a couple of week's holiday the Japanese WiiWare service is back in action with five new WiiWare releases (two of them aimed at small children), two Virtual Console titles and five new DSiWare downloads. Yes it does seem terribly unfair, but that's life. If you're fortunate enough to be able to partake of..

Nintendo Download: 18-19 August (Japan)

18-19 August (Japan)

VC and DSiWare on offer next week whilst the WiiWare holiday continues.

After the mega update preceding the Oban Festival holiday this week it looks like things are returning to normal with 4 VC releases and 7 DSi releases for next week, though nothing new in the WiiWare pipeline. Virtual ConsoleIke lke! Nekketsu Hockey-bu (500pts - Technos) -- A...

News: Nintendo Download 04-05 August 2009 (JAPAN)

Nintendo Download 04-05 August 2009 (JAPAN)

It's a mega update in the Land of the Rising Sun!

The release schedules around the world have seen bumper crops of WiiWare releases (and in PAL territories VC ones courtesy of the latest Hanabi Festival); naturally being Nintendo's home territory it should come as no surprise that Japan outdoes even these impressive download service updates. Next...

Nintendo Download: 07-08 July 2009 (JAPAN)

07-08 July 2009 (JAPAN)

A couple of classics on the Wii and a whole lot of Electro-Plankton for the DSi next week in Japan.

Well it looks like Japan is having a WiiWare holiday next week with no new titles having been announced via the website or the shop news bulletin. The two Virtual Console releases offer a catch-up title in the form of Super Punch Out for the Super Famicom (800pts) and yet another Virtual Console..

Nintendo Download: 30th June - 1st July 2009 addendum (JAPAN)

30th June - 1st July 2009 addendum (JAPAN)

Two more WiiWare titles coming Tuesday aimed at younger gamers and an extra DSiWare title on the 1st.

Looks like the mock tears for Japan were premature last week as some additional releases mean Japan has a 3-2-2 week it turns out. Thanks to Nintendo Life reader Ratengo for noting that the Japanese Shop news item for this week's releases had two additional WiiWare titles that weren't detailed on..

Nintendo Download: 30th June - 1st July 2009 (JAPAN)

30th June - 1st July 2009 (JAPAN)

An unusually light release week for Japan with 1 WiiWare, 2 Virtual Console and 1 DSiWare release.

After weeks of mass software dowloading we see a release week that would look at home in PAL territories or North America -- maybe it's going to be Japan's turn for light release weeks for a change? On the WiiWare front we have Final Fantasy Crystal...

Nintendo Download: 23-24 June 2009 (Japan)

23-24 June 2009 (Japan)

A feast of DSiWare titles to end the drought, an anticipated WiiWare title from Hudson and *two* arcade classics next week!

Well, after weeks without a new DSiWare release in Japan the storm gates have been opened and next Wednesday is serving up a bumper crop of titles for the portable download service. Chuugakku Kihon Hana Tango Word Puzzle (200pts) from I.E. Institute, Ltd. is a word puzzle game..

Nintendo Download: 16th June 2009 (Japan)

16th June 2009 (Japan)

2+2 on the Wii; DSiWare takes a break.

Next week we have four downloads on the Japanese Wii and nothing new to download for the Japanese DSi. Mochi Mochi Q looks to be part Equilibrio and part World of Goo with cute little pink blob aliens trying to escape being eaten by cute big purple ones using the Wii remote NES-style and presumably some form of motion control. 800 points from Natsume Soft..

Nintendo Download: 2 June 2009 (Japan)

2 June 2009 (Japan)

A 3+3 week for the Wii and another break for the DSiWare service.

The DSiWare service seems to be taking another holiday next week, but the Wii gets another six downloads with three new WiiWare titles and three new VC titles. No real surprises here as these games have been forecast in the press previously (the VC ones only today!). WiiWare titles for the 2nd of June: Okiraku Daifugoo (500pts.) -- a..

News: Nintendo wants to give you a Valentine's gift

Nintendo wants to give you a Valentine's gift

If you have Animal Crossing: Let's Go to the City and WiiConnect24, expect a little surprise...

For those of you who picked up Animal Crossing: Let's Go to the City on Wii and have been waiting for extra content to beef it up over its DS predecessor, Nintendo are about to wing you a (very small) present with not one but two downloadable presents. To celebrate the release of New Play Control!..

News: Full Game DS Downloads NOT Coming After All

Full Game DS Downloads NOT Coming After All

A simple case of crossed wires?

It seems that our man Reggie was misunderstood in a recent interview with the New York Times. As we (and pretty much the rest of the internet) reported a few days back, his interview with the well known newspaper seemed to indicate that ‘full’ DS titles would be made available for download in the future. However, Nintendo has now released a statement clearing up..