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  • News Giana Sisters' Halloween-Themed DLC Not Hitting Consoles

    Other treats promised in 2014, however

    PC gamers who own Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams (or the currently PC-exclusive stand-alone add-on, Rise of the Owlverlord), have the opportunity to scare up some additional fun with a free, Halloween-inspired level. Unfortunately, all console versions will be left in the dark. Adrian Goersch, Managing Director...

  • News Doctor Strange Table on the Way to Zen Pinball 2


    Zen Pinball 2 is a title that offers plenty of excellent tables on Wii U, with various individual options and sets that can be picked up. That DLC model opens up the possibilities for more content, of course, and it seems that Zen Studios is keen to keep Wii U owners in the loop. The studio has confirmed that it's bringing a Doctor...

  • News Assassin's Creed IV DLC Looks Set to Sail Past Wii U

    Nintendo platform excluded from announcement

    Ubisoft has today announced a round of DLC and an accompanying season pass for Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag, but the reveal excludes the Wii U. Platforms confirmed in the press release for EMEA territories were PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC — the North American equivalent didn't list...

  • News Spin the Bottle: Bumpie's Party DLC to Make Use of Wii U GamePad's Camera

    Put on your best smile

    Developer KnapNok Games has confirmed that its upcoming update for Spin the Bottle: Bumpie's Party will include six new mini-games that revolve around the Wii U GamePad's camera. Due shortly before Christmas, the fresh content promises to use many of the Wii U's bespoke features — such as the gyro, camera, facial and smile...

  • News Pikmin 3 Mission Mode DLC Launches Today

    Software update also improves rankings

    One title that quickly kicked the software malaise around the Wii U into touch for existing owners in recent months was Pikmin 3, a project clearly of major significant to Shigeru Miyamoto. The real-time strategy title delivered, too, earning strong reviews around the web and positive word of mouth from those...


  • News Extra Pre-Order DLC Available for Sonic Lost World on Wii U

    Bonuses for UK and North America

    Is Sonic Lost World’s Deadly Six Edition not quite enough incentive for you to plunk down for a pre-order, or are you just always on the lookout for more stuff? Depending on where you go, you can get some extra in-game goodies on top of the extra NiGHTS-inspired play. For UK consumers, ShopTo is offering codes

  • News Additional Minigames Confirmed for Spin The Bottle: Bumpie's Party

    Put Your Hat On, Act Like An Animal, and Don’t Laugh

    Spin the Bottle: Bumpie's Party is undoubtedly one of the quirkiest games on Wii U, incorporating the Wii Remotes in unique ways alongside the GamePad screen. It's also a title set to incorporate a unique pay structure, where early adopters get more content for less money, whereas those that...

  • News Batman: Arkham Origins Season Pass Confirmed for Wii U

    Well, that's a first

    Nintendo gamers should be familiar with some secondary treatment when it comes to online modes and DLC in triple-A releases; even when major titles bring all DLC to the Wii U, for example, the system often misses out on season ticket deals. While Batman: Arkham Origins on the Wii U will be missing the online multiplayer from...

  • News Splinter Cell Blacklist Homeland DLC Available Now on Wii U

    Missions, weapons and gear included

    Splinter Cell Blacklist is Ubisoft's latest entry in one of its most popular franchises, blending its recent focus on action with the option — should you prefer — of reverting back to the classic sneaking for which the series is renowned. As is standard for any high-profile triple-A title, there's optional...

  • News New Splinter Cell Blacklist Maps Creeping Onto Wii U

    More action from the Billionaire’s Yacht and Dead Coast maps

    With great stealth, a tweet from the official Splinter Cell Twitter account has revealed that two new maps will soon become available for download in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Blacklist. The new areas, named Billionaire’s Yacht and Dead Coast, will be attainable on all platforms,...

  • News Zen Studios Confirms Star Wars Pinball: Balance of the Force DLC Pack for Fall

    Three new tables included

    Zen Studios has released details on more tables to fill some of those empty spaces in Star Wars: Pinball; it's a pack of three tables called Balance of the Force. In its press release the developer has promised that the pack "will integrate seamlessly into existing Star Wars Pinball games and Zen Studios pinball platforms...









  • Talking Point The Blurred Lines of "Collectables" and On-Disc DLC

    Are Skylanders and Disney Infinity pulling a Capcom, with toys?

    Yesterday, before a maelstrom of date reveals and other news, the pricing emerged for Disney Infinity, which put parents and their bank managers on alert. It also instantly raised comparisons with the Skylanders series, now two games old, which despite differences in approach to the...

  • News Two New Assassin's Creed III DLC Packs Available Now

    The Tyranny of King Washington on the way

    Assassin's Creed III has been out on Wii U since the day the console launched. It represented the first time a game from the Assassin's Creed franchise made it onto a Nintendo home console alongside the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions. Ubisoft was quick to make it known that the Wii U version would be...

  • News Zen Pinball 3D DLC Still In The Works

    Wii U version will get a release date soon

    Zen Pinball 3D has been out for over a year in both North America and Europe, and the game's developer, Zen Studios, has been working on some additional DLC for it - however it hasn't been mentioned in a number of months. Those worried that the DLC has been cancelled can now breathe a large sigh of relief,...

  • News Fire Emblem: Awakening Demo On Its Way to North America

    Plus some more info on DLC

    North America doesn't have to wait much longer now for Fire Emblem: Awakening, the 3DS strategic RPG that sees you play as Lord Chrom and the Shepherds in a battle against a mysterious new evil. Nintendo has now revealed some more information on the game including how StreetPass and SpotPass will be implemented, as well...



  • News New Super Mario Bros. 2 Players Have Snagged Over 300 Billion Coins

    Nintendo Direct delivers the happy news, DLC launched to celebrate

    Nintendo Japan released a new Nintendo Direct presentation yesterday in which president Satoru Iwata announced that over 300 billion coins had been collected by New Super Mario Bros. 2 players worldwide. To mark the proud occasion, a DLC level pack has been made available free of...

  • News Ubisoft Has No Plans To Release DLC For ZombiU

    But it remains a "possibility"

    Downloadable content is still a bit of an alien concept for many Nintendo gamers. We’ve had some DLC made available for 3DS titles with the likes of Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy and New Super Mario Bros. 2 having content through internal stores, and Wii had rare instances too, but now that Wii U has arrived the scope...

  • News Wii U Mass Effect 3 Owners Cannot Retake Omega

    New DLC pack unavailable on Wii U

    Bioware is set to release some additional DLC for Mass Effect 3 on 27th November in the form of the Omega pack, however those with a copy of the game on Wii U will not be able to download it. This news comes via a tweet from the official Mass Effect account, which when answering a fan’s query on the DLC’s Wii U...

  • News New Super Mario Bros. U To Jump Into DLC

    Additional courses planned

    New Super Mario Bros. 2 did something new for the core Mario franchise: it introduced DLC. While much of the game may have felt familiar — not always a bad thing — the idea of extra content being made available after release was new for the series, and has added some longevity to the Coin Rush mode. In an Iwata Asks...

  • News Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney to Receive Director's Cut DLC

    There's no objection from us

    Siliconera has reported that Level-5 is planning to release a director's cut in downloadable content form for its upcoming puzzle adventure crossover, Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney. The DLC, which will be available some time after the game releases in Japan on 29th November, features an unedited script of the...


  • News Assassin's Creed III on Wii U Will Feature All DLC

    No mention of micro-transactions, yet

    With a big-budget release on the scale of Assassin's Creed III, you can be confident that one thing will definitely make an appearance — DLC. With Wii U set to support extensive online options only rarely utilised on Wii, we'll need to get used to the idea that sometimes the game in the box won't be the final...

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