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  • News Delve Into the Developer Diary Behind Cartoon Network 3DS

    Punch Time Explosion explained

    After a few delays, Cartoon Network Punch Time Explosion is finally due out on Tuesday, and developer Papaya Studio has opened its doors to reveal more about the game's creation. The diary goes into more depth on the gameplay, stages and characters available in the 3DS brawler, which pits Ben 10 against Dexter in a...


  • News Cartoon Network Punch Time Explosion Knocked Back to June

    On the way at $40

    3DS brawler Cartoon Network Punch Time Explosion was due for release on 24th May, but publisher Crave Games has dropped us a line to let us know it'll now be released on 21st June. Your $40 will get you an impressive line-up of Cartoon Network characters, details of which can be found at the newly-launched Cartoon Network Punchtime Explosion website, or checked out in the brand..


  • News Prepare for a Cartoon Network Punch Time Explosion on 3DS

    See Samurai Jack inside

    Back in October, Crave Games announced it was bringing a Cartoon Network game to 3DS, and now we have more details and gameplay footage too. Cartoon Network Punch Time Explosion, despite sounding like a five word story about a particularly bad babysitting experience, is a 3DS fighting game from Papaya Studios. Featuring 18...


  • News Cartoon Network Mayhem in Upcoming 3DS "Battle Game"

    Who would win, Dexter or Ben 10?

    In the fighting game announcement everyone's been waiting, Crave Games has revealed it's working on a game for 3DS based on characters from the Cartoon Network. Due for release in Spring 2011, the game will feature characters from Ben 10: Ultimate Alien, Dexter's Laboratory and Samurai Jack, among others. The as-yet...