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News: Sega Invites You to Get Your PS0 On

Sega Invites You to Get Your PS0 On

Head to their San Francisco HQ for Phantasy Star multiplayer!

With Sega's epic multiplayer DS RPG Phantasy Star Zero hurtling towards its US release in a few weeks, the kind chaps and chapesses at SEGA have thrown open their doors to invite you - the great general public - the chance to visit their offices in San Francisco and enjoy the game in a multiplayer setting. If you're free on Wednesday..

Event: Guns 'n' Gore II

Guns 'n' Gore II

Last week SEGA invited us down to Nintendo's Wii Flat in London to play some with some guns and some gore, here's the juicy details.

One of the perks of running a games website is when you get invited to events, SEGA put on the fantastic Guns N Gore II event to showcase House of the Dead: Overkill, MadWorld and The Conduit. Upon arriving at the Wii Flat just off Oxford St we were treated to a..

News: Rayman Raving Rabbids 2: Community Event

Rayman Raving Rabbids 2: Community Event

Nanaki (Tom) travels up to London with fellow Nintendolife member Link (David) to party with the Rabbids...

One of the surprise titles of the Wii's launch was Rayman Raving Rabbids. This bunny infested title took the Rayman franchise in a direction its never been before; away from adventure, and into the realms of mini-games. If you've read my review, you will know I thought highly of this game. So..

News: Ant, Damo, Mario & Sonic At The Olympic Games

Ant, Damo, Mario & Sonic At The Olympic Games

Today we took alittle trip into London to a sacred palace called Sega HQ, we'd been invited down to play Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games on the Wii.

Having survived the rather lengthy journey from the midlands and 3 trains later we finally arrived at Sega HQ with just a little time for lunch before getting started with the game, the bit we'd been waiting for! After a brief but informative..