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  • News Awesome Mario Kart Trophies Added to Club Nintendo Europe

    Four available for 5000 stars each

    We suspect, based on our community game nights and events — they will return! — that Mario Kart 7 is pretty high on a number of favourite game lists. The franchise is also the classic multiplayer experience on Nintendo systems, successfully bringing out the most competitive instincts in players. Naturally,...

  • News Club Nintendo Rewards Updated for September

    Take to the skies and march with the minis

    It's that time of the month when Nintendo offers up some tasty rewards for North American Club Nintendo members to enjoy. This year really is flying by isn't it? Two Wii Shop and two 3DS eShop games will be available to download in exchange for your hard earned coins and of course Wii U owners can access...


  • News Club Nintendo Japan Gets A Trio of Awesome T-Shirts

    Pikmin 3, Wonderful 101 and Wind Waker threads now available

    Club Nintendo in North America and Europe has had a few neat little additions in recent weeks, with the Pikmin tote bag and keyrings, but Club Nintendo Japan may have just topped them all with the inclusion of three T-shirts based on some of the latest Wii

  • News Club Nintendo Rewards Get Active for August

    Going retro and training your brain

    It's that time again, North America, when you can trade your Club Nintendo coins for a free downloadable game. This week has an undoubtedly retro feel, with a good variety on option for redemption as 3DS or Wii Shop downloads — the latter can also be accessed on Wii U via the Wii Mode. There are a couple of...

  • News Pikmin Bag Available to North American Club Nintendo Members

    Totes cool

    What do Pikmin have in common with a bag? Put them both over your face and you can’t see anything, yes, but they also tote things! The Pikmin Tote Bag, now offered to North American Club Nintendo members for 400 coins, is a semi-meta treat in that regard. Made of space age cotton-poly blend, this canvas bag can carry up to 20 pounds (9...

  • News Pikmin Keyrings Arrive as Club Nintendo Europe Rewards

    If you lose your keys, just whistle

    Club Nintendo rewards, in Europe particularly, aren't updated particularly regularly. When something new arrives, as a result, street parties are held, firework displays are common and gamers are merry. Well, OK, that doesn't happen, but considering that some of the existing rewards in Europe are DSi kits and...


  • News Nintendo Reveals The 2013 Club Nintendo Elite Rewards

    Which will you pick?

    Every year Nintendo of America rewards its most loyal and active Club Nintendo members with Elite gifts, with members earning Gold or Platinum status. It seems to have taken longer for these rewards to be revealed this year, but the details are finally out; depending on your status, below are the treats that you can choose...

  • News Club Nintendo Japan Falls Victim to Hack Attack

    Users encouraged to change passwords

    It's an unfortunate reality of the cyber-world that hack attacks are a fairly regular occurrence, with Ubisoft recently falling victim. The most high-profile example — in the gaming world at least — was the infamous attack on the PlayStation Network, taking the service down for a month and, with it, online...

  • News Club Nintendo Rewards Updated for July

    Do a barrel throw!

    A sky-climbing star, a rank-climbing boxer, barrel rollers and a barrel thrower are all up as Club Nintendo rewards this month in North America, if you have the coins. The following titles will be available until 4th August: Aura-Aura Climber — 100 Coins Donkey Kong ‘94 — 100 Coins Super Punch-Out!! — 150 Coins Star Fox...







  • News New Club Nintendo Reward In The Form Of A Yoshi Cleaning Cloth

    Will cost you 400 coins

    North American Club Nintendo members have a new addition to their catalogue - a Yoshi Cleaning Cloth, costing you 400 of your precious coins. The 6x6 green polkadot polyester cloth features our favourite dinosaur, and there's only a limited quantity of these on offer. So like our green friend, you best stick your tongues out...

  • News Club Nintendo Accounts Can't Be Linked To The Wii Shop On Wii U

    "Certain system constraints" punishing gamers

    As you may already be aware the Wii U eShop can be linked up to your Club Nintendo account. This means that when you purchase a game it is automatically registered and you may become eligible for surveys, which allow you to earn some coins. However it appears that games bought from the Wii Shop — via...

  • News The Gold Nunchuk Shines Again on Club Nintendo


    Last year we brought you the happy news that the gold Nunchuk was set to return to Club Nintendo in North America, a relief for those that want to use their limited edition The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword golden Wii Remote with even more style. Well, it's back in stock, so you'd better hurry. Available for 900 of your hard-earned coins,...







  • News Some Club Nintendo Coin Values Will Change on 1st July

    Full details inside

    The number of Club Nintendo Coins you'll get for registering certain games will change on 1st July. For some games, the number will decrease; for some, it'll increase. If you want to see whether you should register those games now or wait until 1st July, check out our handy charts, straight from Club Nintendo. Page 1: 3DS...

  • News June's Club Nintendo Rewards are Here

    A little bit of everything

    Saving those Club Nintendo Coins for a special occasion? Well, it's a new month, and that means new rewards. Here's what North American Club Nintendo members can choose from now. 3DS Virtual Console: Donkey Kong (Game Boy) — 100 Coins. DSiWare: Brain Age Express: Sudoku (this reward is only available through the 3DS...


  • News Register Mario Tennis Open This Week, Get 250 Bonus Stars

    So be quick

    UK Club Nintendo members, listen up. If you register Mario Tennis Open on Club Nintendo before 28th May, you'll get an extra 250 Stars added to your account. That's all there is to it. Read our Mario Tennis Open review if you're on the fence about picking up Mario's bat and ball outing on 3DS.

  • News May's Club Nintendo Rewards Are Up Now

    Here's what they are

    It's a new month and that means new rewards for Club Nintendo members in North America. Here's what you can spend your coins on before 31st May. WiiWare: Snowpack Park (Nintendo, 150 coins) — A game full of penguins, read our Snowpack Park review. Eco Shooter Plant 530 (Nintendo, 200 coins) — Developed by Fire Emblem studio...


  • News Club Nintendo Offers Mystery Boxes

    May contain mushrooms

    Desperate to spend your Club Nintendo coins but just don't know what to spend them on? Let Nintendo help you out, with a series of Mario "Surprise Me" boxes for 300 coins. The box contents are secret, but Nintendo claim you'll get at least two surprises with a combined worth of over 500 coins. While the website shows...

  • News Club Nintendo Europe Gives Coins for JRPG Trilogy

    Commemorative coins, we mean

    With Pandora's Tower out in Europe today, the so-called Operation Rainfall trilogy is complete. Register all three games — Pandora's Tower, Xenoblade Chronicles and The Last Story — in Club Nintendo and you could get a nice surprise. Nintendo Lee (no relation) states Nintendo Europe is offering a commemo

  • News Japan Gets Customisable Club Nintendo Polo Shirts

    Get Rover here

    Want to be the best dressed gamer out there? These customisable polo shirts are just the thing. Club Nintendo in Japan is offering the shirts to all members for the cost of 550 points. You can choose from one of eight colours and one of six embroidered icons: Donkey Kong, a Fire Flower, Rover from Animal Crossing, Mr Game & Watch...

  • News Club Nintendo Coin Spreadsheet Updated and Expanded

    It has the answers

    Each Club Nintendo region has its own loyalty bonus scheme, which in the case of North America is the coins system. Figuring out how many game codes or downloads you need to get that free prize can be a troublesome business, but there is an easy way to get the information you need. As we reported last year, an intrepid Nintendo...

  • News April's Club Nintendo Rewards Are Now Available

    Two WiiWare and DSiWare on offer

    With April now in full swing, Club Nintendo's updated the games on offer for a smattering of coins. Here's what you can pick up for coins if you're a member of the North American Club Nintendo: WiiWare You, Me, and the Cubes — 200 coinsExcitebike: World Rally — 200 coins DSiWare Metal Torrent — 150 coins R



  • News Mario and Luigi 3DS Pouches Hit Club Nintendo Japan

    Hats off

    The Japanese Club Nintendo rewards just got a little cooler, with Mario and Luigi hats added to the roster. They're not just normal hats though — in fact, they fail to fulfil the primary function of a hat by not staying on your head — but they can be used to hold a 3DS console. These pocket pouches have actually been around before when...

  • News Mario Party 2 Joins the Club Nintendo Rewards Gang

    It'll cry if it wants to

    North America, your Club Nintendo rewards have been updated today, with two download games available to buy with your hard-earned coins. Art Academy: First Semester (3DS, DSiWare) — 150 Coins Mario Party 2 (N64, Wii Virtual Console) — 150 Coins These rewards are available until 29th February. Remember if you want to get...



  • News Club Nintendo Japan Gets Gold Nunchuks


    GoldenEye 007 has a gold Classic Controller Pro, Club Nintendo members can get a gold Wii Wheel for Mario Kart Wii and of course there's a gold Wii Remote Plus for The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, but there's not been a gold Nunchuk — until now. Japanese Club Nintendo members can now get a gold Nunchuk to go with their other golden...

  • News Club Nintendo Now Lets You Buy Download Games with Coins

    Update available now

    Last week's brief appearance of Club Nintendo's major overhaul was indeed a portent of things to come, as the new site is now up and fully operational. Just as we reported last week, you can now use your Club Nintendo coins to pay for download games on the Wii or 3DS eShop. The following games are available until 10th January: Super Mario Kart (SNES, Wii Virtual Console) —..

  • News Club Nintendo Gets Major Overhaul, Pay for Games with Coins

    And more

    Update: Club Nintendo now lets you buy download games with coins. Original story: Fed up of those Club Nintendo coins going to waste? A major update is on the way that will let you turn them into games. You'll be able to use your coins to purchase download games for the Wii or 3DS using either system's download voucher redeem ability. For...


  • News Game & Watch Gifts Added to European Club Nintendo

    Get 'em while they're hot

    The European Club Nintendo Stars Catalogue gets just received two new rewards, but they probably won't be around for long. 7,500 Stars gets you a replica of Game & Watch: Ball, the very first Game & Watch game ever produced all the way back in 1980. It's already been offered to Japanese and North American Club Nintendo members, so it's nice to see Europeans getting..

  • News Animal Crossing Watch and Kirby Pouches Hit EU Club Nintendo

    Stars at the ready

    Europe's Club Nintendo rewards centre just got bigger, with some brand new goodies added. 4,000 Stars buys you an Animal Crossing watch, or for 1,500 you can pick up a Kirby's Epic Yarn-inspired DS pouch in either brown and pink or blue and green. Will you be shelling out your hard-earned Stars for any of these goodies?




  • News Three New Rewards Hit Club Nintendo in North America

    Giant AR card approaches

    Club Nintendo coins burning a hole in the brick you use to store them? Want to set them free but don't fancy bashing your head in? You need a new reward, then. You can now choose from a Metroid: Other M screensaver, a set of three posters charting the history of Donkey Kong or, best of all, a giant double-sided AR card for the 3DS. The screensaver costs 10 coins, the giant..

  • News These Are Your Club Nintendo Elite Rewards

    Have you been doing your surveys?

    North American Gold and Platinum Club Nintendo members, here are your hard-earned rewards for this year. Gold members get a 2012 Nintendo desk calendar, while Platinum members can claim 25 limited edition pin badges presented in six puzzle boxes that, when rearranged, create images of Mario, a mushroom and Goomba...


  • News Ocarina of Time 3D Soundtrack Coming to Australasia

    Club Nintendo members get ready

    Not to miss out on the soundtrack promotion for The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D, gamers down under will also be able to register the 3DS title and get their hands on that special CD. The remake of Link's classic Nintendo 64 adventure is scheduled for release in Australia and New Zealand on 30th June. Club Nintendo members who register their copy of the game..

  • News European Ocarina of Time Soundtrack Offer Extended

    You have until 30th June

    The weekend rush of Club Nintendo members registering their copies of Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D resulted in errors for many, denying Zelda fans the limited edition orchestral soundtrack CD. Now Nintendo Europe has responded, and it's good news. Some members who registered their game between Friday 17th June and...

  • News Connect Your Club Nintendo and eShop Accounts for Benefits

    You'll be seeing Stars

    You've been able to link your Club Nintendo account to Nintendo's downloadable offerings for some time now, so it's no surprise that the upcoming eShop will offer the same option, with Nintendo Europe announcing a bonus 100 VIP Stars for users who link their accounts. The connection can only be made once the eShop goes live...


  • News Nintendo Changes Club Nintendo Privacy Policy

    Accept or lose your rewards

    Nintendo of Europe has revised the privacy policy of its respective websites, asking users to login and accept the changes or risk losing those hard-earned VIP Stars. To keep using the site, users must login and accept the changes before 31st May 2011. If users reject the changes, they can still continue using the site...






  • News America, These Are Your New Club Nintendo Rewards

    Two bags and a screensaver

    As if Mario pinbadges weren't good enough rewards, North America's Club Nintendo has just been updated with three new treats you can purchase with your coins. You can purchase a tote bag for 250 coins, a messenger bag for 550 coins or a Super Mario Galaxy 2 screensaver for just 10 coins. Those of you waiting for your Super...


  • News Mario Anniversary Screensaver and Pins Arrive at Club Nintendo

    Get ready to cash in your coins

    If you've been hoarding away your Club Nintendo coins in the hope that something awesome would come to Club Nintendo in celebration of Super Mario Bros.' 25th anniversary, take a look at these new updates and see what your coins will net you. You could spruce up your computer with the "Evolution of Mario" screensaver for 10 Coins, but if your lapel is..

  • News North America Cools Down with Club Nintendo Folding Fans

    Re-enact those Smash Bros. bouts

    Earlier this week, the North American branch of Club Nintendo added a few new items to its rewards catalogue. For a plump 300 Coins, members can order one of four Nintendo flavors of sensu, those paper-and-bamboo Japanese folding fans that Western gamers might know best from throwing at Pikachu in the Super Smash Bros. series. Two of the fans are Animal..



  • News Kirby's New Ability is to Fly Fast, Fly Far

    With this European Club Nintendo Kirby flying disk, that is

    How do you revamp Nintendo's famous pink ball and bring him smack up-to-date in this 3D era? By flattening him down, of course. That's the thinking behind Kirby's Epic Yarn and seemingly the same thought process went into the latest gift available from the European Club Nintendo catalogue:...

  • News And Here's Your 2010 Club Nintendo Awards, North America

    Delectable collectables

    So the Club Nintendo North America year came to an end yesterday, and along with the beginning of a new one today the Big N has revealed what super special exclusive awards members who reached Gold or Platinum status are eligible for. The suspense is murderous! In a repeat of last year, Gold status members get a 2011 desk...

  • News Your Club Nintendo PINs Will Self-Destruct in Five Years, Australia

    So be quick

    Nintendo gamers Down Under have been enjoying Club Nintendo for a while now, and although its Stars Catalogue is lacking somewhat compared to other territories – something we investigated earlier this year – it still contains a few welcome bonuses. Recently a round of emails was sent out to Antipodean Club Nintendo members to let...



  • News Japan to Cool Off with Mario and Animal Crossing Fans

    Club Nintendo Japan gets all the cool stuff - literally

    While the rest of the world can satisfy itself with tiny cards and Wii Remote baskets, Japan just got an item to once again pique the rest of the world's envy – Mario and Animal Crossing themed handheld fans for 150 coins a pop at their local Club Nintendo. This is especially distressing news for the rest of the world, who will most likely..


  • News New Gifts for Club Nintendo Australia

    And about time too!

    You may remember a while ago we ran a story about Nintendo Australia's inability to control its Club Nintendo prizes. Well, it seems it's finally been able to give the service a breath of fresh air, as the first update for the country since its inception last March has finally come to fruition. That's right, Australians now have an actual reason to start registering products..

  • News North American Club Nintendo Adds Some More Games, Stuff

    Posters, DS compilations and WiiWare, oh my!

    We knew a North American Club Nintendo update was imminent, but we figured it'd be a small bump in available wares. Instead, Nintendo went and dropped a bunch of other stuff too to vie for your spare change. In case you thought your bathroom wall could use more Mario (and really, whose can't?), you can now plaster it with three Mario posters for 350..


  • News Grill-Off with Ultra Hand! Coming to US Club Nintendo

    WiiWare game cooks its way out of Japan

    The US branch of Club Nintendo, home of posters, cards and, uh, bookmarks, is set to broaden its range a little more with a quirky, bite-sized nugget of a WiiWare game. There's no set release date for it, although we can reasonably expect it to be "soon," and the game will go for 80 coins. Previously...


  • News Club Nintendo Australia Left Behind

    No new rewards in the foreseeable future

    A few of our Australian readers have noticed a lack of updates in regards to the Australian Club Nintendo reward scheme, despite the new offers that the European and North American loyalists are now getting. In response we did our usual probing, firing some questions at the nice people from Nintendo...


  • News Club Nintendo US Update: Binders, Bookmarks and Cards, Oh My

    Spruce up your paperwork

    Looks like Club Nintendo updates aren't just for Europe this week now that its American counterpart has gone ahead and added a slew of stationary to its offerings. For 250 Coins, you're able to snag a folder and bookmark (three of each per) set with a Bowser, Toad & Friends or Mario & Friends theme. Big spenders can...


  • News Japanese Club Nintendo Members Get Game & Watch Goodness

    Retro-themed freebies = WIN

    Western Nintendo fans are used to getting rubbish gifts from Club Nintendo while their Japanese cousins take home some seriously amazing kit, but this latest news is especially depressing for anyone outside the Land of the Rising Sun. Nintendo of Japan is offering actual Game & Watch "Ball" units to Platinum members. The units are replicas of the very first..

  • News Club Nintendo Japan Adds WiiWare Game Ultrahand

    Cook from afar for 50 points

    Club Nintendo Japan yesterday reminded the other Club Nintendos around the world just how much better it was by adding the first all-member game download to its service. Take that, Mario Party playing cards! Ultrahand is a bit of an oddity and centers around using the titular object to grab meat off a grill; at 50 Club Nintendo points it's one of the cheapest rewards on..


  • News Doc Louis Wants to Fight You

    If you bought it, Doc Louis's Punch-Out!! is now downloadable.

    If you live in North America and chose Doc Louis's Punch-Out!! as your platinum Club Nintendo reward, then you'll be happy to know that Nintendo of America sent out your download code yesterday. After getting the e-mail, simply go to the Wii Shop and enter the code in the correct section (under "Options") to unlock the game..