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  • Reaction Nintendo Titles Miss the UK Top 40 Once Again

    For the third week in a row

    Every week we check the UK chart results, and typically Nintendo has a few titles scrapping away - at the very least - in the bottom half of the top 40. Yet this is now the third consecutive week where not a single Wii U or 3DS exclusive has made it into the all-format top 40. What's going on? It's worth starting out...

  • News Monster Hunter X (Cross) and New 3DS Continue to Lead the Way in Japan

    Splatoon, Super Mario Maker and Wii U also continue decent momentum

    The festive period certainly brought cheer for Nintendo in its homeland, as the New 3DS and Wii U enjoyed impressive sales while their key releases led the software charts. The latest Media Create Japanese charts show some understandable drops as January bites, yet the results are...

  • News New 3DS and Monster Hunter Continue to Lead in Japanese Charts

    Wii U dips below PS4 but maintains strong sales

    2016 is now well underway, with all of the crushing realities of the post-festive period - wider waistlines, slimmer bank balances and plenty of regret. In any case, Nintendo is starting the year in Japan with a collective smile, as the company continues to perform well in the busy shopping season...

  • News Nintendo Games Absent from UK Top 40 to Kick Off 2016

    Things can only get better

    The first UK chart results are in for 2016, covering the New Year week up to 2nd January, and they bring an unwelcome landmark for Nintendo. For the first time we can recall in recent times there are no Nintendo games in the all-format or single-format top 40. It's a grim state of affairs, with the post Holiday dip in...
















  • News Bayonetta 2 Kicks Into The Top 10 in UK Charts

    55% of Just Dance sales on Wii and, no, we didn't forget a U

    Bayonetta 2 arrived on Wii U last week, and it appears to have enjoyed a solid start in the UK market. The chart results released today confirmed that the brilliant Platinum Games action title was the most successful new release; it managed 7th place in the all-format chart and an...

  • News Nintendo Releases Drop in UK Charts in Face of Major Multi-Platform Titles

    Smash Bros. clings on in top 10

    The challenge facing Nintendo in the vital coming months, at retail, is to attract major hardware and software sales on exclusive titles while confronted by a raft of multi-platform blockbusters. In the West, particularly, it's going to be a tough ask for Nintendo's single-format games to hold their own, which is...

  • News Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS Battles Into Top 5 of UK Charts

    Cars and Mordor combine to hold it back

    Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS arrived last week with plenty of buzz and hype, bringing us the first portable entry in the popular series. Here in the UK it was also a hugely popular demo at EGX in London; so how did that hype convert into launch sales? Nintendo's portable brawler has enjoyed a strong...