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  • News Best Buy Opens Pre-Orders on Some Re-Stocked amiibo in the US

    Pit! Samus! Lucina! Sonic! Gold Mario! Ness!

    It's surprising that a number of Smash Bros. amiibo figures are still relatively rare, depending on where you live. Some figures that are as common as rainy days here in the UK require pre-orders in the US, even when they were originally released in 2014 / 2015. That seems to be the case with some...









  • News Best Buy Offering $50 Off 3DS XL Systems Up To 13th December

    Target will then pick up the discount baton

    Just this past weekend we pointed US Nintendo gamers towards a host of upcoming Target discounts that'll run from 14th-20th December, in that same article also referencing some modest Best Buy deals that accompanied the retailer's family game demos. That list of Target deals included 3DS XL systems with a...


  • News Meta Knight amiibo to be Best Buy Exclusive in US

    Due in February and joins Shulk's GameStop exclusivity

    By the end of February 2015 Nintendo will have released 29 amiibo figures. While distribution is expected to be across all retailers in PAL regions, in particular, some exclusivity deals on the early 2015 toys have begun to emerge for the US. Shulk will be a GameStop exclusive in the country,...






  • News Best Buy's 20% eShop Card Discount is Back

    Nintendo wants you to know

    Late last year Best Buy reduced eShop pre-paid cards by 20% in North America, tempting gamers to go the download option by essentially offering a discount across all games on the download stores. Shoppers had the chance to spend, for example, $40 to receive $50 of credit; as a promotion to encourage more to take the...


  • Rumour Best Buy's Wii U E3 Demo List Revealed

    Dare we say it's slightly disappointing?

    We know that through two days, one during E3 and one shortly after, over 100 Best Buy stores throughout North America will host demo units of major upcoming Wii U games, with the goal of giving shoppers the booth experience wherever they are. It's a solid initiative, and a picture has emerged — via...



  • News Nintendo and Best Buy Team Up for Exclusive 3DS Content

    SpotPass in store

    Following the official North American 3DS launch at Best Buy in New York back in March, Nintendo is to continue its relationship with the retailer by offering exclusive downloadable content for the console at around 1,000 stores from 7th June. As well as offering 3DS users access to the SpotPass service, which sees the console automatically connect to an available Wi-Fi hotspot to..