News: Gaijin Games Explains Why RUNNER2 Won't Reach Wii

Gaijin Games Explains Why RUNNER2 Won't Reach Wii

Talks Wii U too

Gaijin Games' BIT.TRIP series started life on Wii and has appeared on 3DS in the form of BIT.TRIP SAGA, but the next instalment, RUNNER2, won't come to WiiWare. Why not? Artist Chris Meyer explained: This game is too big and too detailed to work on Wii. We need the Xbox power in order for it to work. If you actually think about it,...

News: Gamestop Offers BIT.TRIP SAGA Preorder Bonus

Gamestop Offers BIT.TRIP SAGA Preorder Bonus

Preorder online and get a free soundtrack

If you're one of those gamers who were disappointed to find out that BIT.TRIP SAGA wouldn't come with the soundtrack sampler that its Wii counterpart BIT.TRIP COMPLETE is being packaged with, Gamestop has an offer for you. Gamers who preorder BIT.TRIP SAGA through Gamestop's online store will receive a free soundtrack sampler. This is the same soundtrack..

First Impressions: BIT.TRIP SAGA (3DS)


BIT.TRIP goes 3D!

To say that the BIT.TRIP series has been a highlight of the WiiWare service would be a gross understatement. Their simplistic design and wildly playable nature have made for some of the most engaging gaming experiences on the service and continue to be among the most popular titles in the catalog. Now, the folks at Gaijin Games are taking the complete series and remaking them all..

Features: The History of BIT.TRIP, Part 2

The History of BIT.TRIP, Part 2

In this installment, Gaijin struggles to find the fun in CORE and crafts what they feel to be a beautiful game in VOID.

Be sure to read part 1 of our history of BIT.TRIP. ON THE MAPLuckily for Gaijin, BEAT was a success; had the game tanked then the series would’ve likely gone ahead as planned, but it ensured them that they were on the right track. “There was talk of whether should we cut it to..

News: These Target Renders Reveal Gaijin's BIT.TRIP Visions

These Target Renders Reveal Gaijin's BIT.TRIP Visions

Get a peek at pre-development mock-ups of the first five games

Seeing how games develop over time is always of interest to us here at Nintendo Life, which is why we badgered BIT.TRIP developers Gaijin Games for an exclusive peek at some of their development documentation and how we wound up with these target renders for the first five games. These renders were all created in the earliest stages of..

News: Behold This Boppin' BIT.TRIP FLUX Trailer

Behold This Boppin' BIT.TRIP FLUX Trailer

CommanderVideo's final journey is a lot like his original one

If this first trailer is anything to go by, it appears that Gaijin Games' BIT.TRIP series is coming full circle with the final entry, BIT.TRIP FLUX. Not only is it the final entry in the acclaimed series, but it looks to play exactly like show-starter BEAT. Except, you know, now playing...

News: First BIT.TRIP FLUX Screenshots

First BIT.TRIP FLUX Screenshots

Check out the game in action!

Thanks to those who've completed Level 17 of Mission in Snowdriftland, we now have some of the first ever screenshots of Gaijin Games' upcoming BIT.TRIP finale BIT.TRIP FLUX in action. You can check out the gallery of eight screenshots below and we'll have more information about the game coming soon. Special thanks to...

News: Gaijin Games Releases BIT.TRIP Teaser

Gaijin Games Releases BIT.TRIP Teaser

Can you figure it all out?

Alex Neuse and the guys over at Gaijin Games have always enjoyed toying with their fans when it comes to their BIT.TRIP series and it seems this time will be no different. We've already seen the name BIT.TRIP FLUX pop up on various sites as the probable name for the sixth and final entry in the series and when we contacted Alex to find out if there was any truth to it,..

News: BIT.TRIP FATE Coming October 25th

BIT.TRIP FATE Coming October 25th

CommanderVideo fires up for fifth entry in the series

The nice folks at Gaijin Games have just announced that their fifth entry in the popular BIT.TRIP series BIT.TRIP FATE will be hitting the North American WiiWare service on October 25th and will only set you back a paltry 800 Wii Points. "BIT.TRIP FATE is like the Empire Strikes Back of the BIT.TRIP series." said Alex Neuse, CEO of..

First Impressions: BIT.TRIP FATE


We take the game for a spin in space

The folks at Gaijin Games have already brought us four amazing BIT.TRIP releases that take many of the classic arcade elements from days gone by and somehow make them relevant again with their unique music/rhythm gameplay twists. We've seen classic influences ranging from the original Pong all the way up to David Crane's legendary Pitfall. Now with their newest..