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  • News Legend Of Zelda Hacked To Make Zelda The Hero

    Well her name is in the title, after all

    Recently, we saw Pauline switch roles with one-time romantic attachment Mario, and now it's the turn of Hyrule's most celebrated couple to change places. Animator Kenna W. decided to mod The Legend of Zelda to realise one of her childhood dreams — to get to play as the titular princess: For me, I played...

  • News This NES Arcade Unit is a Perfect Introduction to Gaming

    All for one lucky little girl

    Earlier today we posted an article on The Electus 64 II Mini, a handheld Nintendo 64 that resembles a glossy, chunky Game Boy. And rather like London buses (wait for an eternity and two come at the same time), we've been directed to an arcade cabinet that plays NES games — just like the handheld N64, that's actual...

  • News The Electus 64 II Mini Brings the Sexy Back to Nintendo 64

    Packed with features that actually work

    When it comes to modded consoles — which in this case means one that plays actual cartridges, not ROMS — we've seen plenty of innovative efforts over the years. Enthusiasts with a flair for hardware tech have produced handheld GameCube systems housed in tupperware boxes — we kid you not — a Super NES...

  • News Mega Man Boss Battle Exhibition Artwork Now on Sale

    Worldwide shipping is available

    While Capcom may be showing little love for its iconic Mega Man franchise, fans and those inspired by the games continually do so in the developer's place. One example is the Mega Man Boss Battle exhibition currently running at the Gauntlet Gallery in San Francisco, a showing open until 31st March. It features a...

  • Video Possibly the Most Legendary Zelda Cake Ever

    Seriously, this is ridiculous

    Some video game fans, particularly those in the Nintendo camp, sure go to a lot of trouble to demonstrate just how much they love their chosen games or franchises. It also seems that there's no better combination than big gaming fans doing something for their own little gamers, as this cake based on The Legend of...

  • News Capcom Releasing Special Mega Man Ultrabook in Japan

    North America's getting some flash drives, though

    In December of last year, Mega Man celebrated its 25th anniversary. Yes, it was way back in 1987 when Mega Man blasted his way onto the NES and quickly cemented himself into gaming folklore. To celebrate the Blue Bomber's birthday, Capcom is releasing a special edition Mega Man Ultrabook. The...


  • Video Vblank Entertainment Shows You How to Make a Game for the NES

    ROM City Rampage is a blast from the past

    Out today in North America and Europe, Retro City Rampage is, as the title suggests, a WiiWare release that aims to remind us of gaming's older days. Inspired by the original GTA, it includes a host of jokes, references and areas designed to bring to mind pop culture of the '80s and '90s. Also included...

  • News Street Fighter Chess - For More Intellectual Brawling

    Try the Ryu opening

    Some say video games are violent, to which the response is often "yep, as are TV and films". Without getting dragged into a debate, we've found a product that is arguably as violent as anything else, it's the Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Chess Set. Chess? Violent? You bet, it's a game where minions are sent to their slaughter...

  • Video Iwata and Miyamoto Perform Skit As The "Luigi Brothers"

    Another classic Nintendo Direct moment

    Since the broadcasts began in late 2011, Nintendo Direct has produced a number of memorable moments, even prompting us to name ten of our favourites last year. It seems that Japanese viewers were treated to another example in the most recent broadcast on Valentines Day, which has now been posted by Nintendo UK...

  • Video Tesla Coil Shows Creative Spark To Play Mario Theme

    Science wins

    Occasionally we like to show the best of video game culture, snippets of creativity and ingenuity that show the love some have for our favourite hobby. Today the spotlight should focus on the engineers from student-run organization X-Labs from the University of Florida (USF). According to scientific explanations that we don't fully...

  • News Nintendo of America Offering Free Retail Game To New 3DS XL Buyers

    Provided you register Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity or Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon as well

    Recently Nintendo of Europe gave people the opportunity to download a copy of a new game free of charge by simply registering a 3DS XL on Club Nintendo. That deal is now over, but Nintendo of America has just started a similar offer. The new...

  • News LEGO Mega Man Could Become a Reality

    Block Man isn't included

    Many of you are quite possibly familiar with LEGO CUUSOO, the community-based site that allows fans to submit proposals for sets and figures that they'd like to see released by the famous company. The first step is earning 10,000 votes, at which point the idea is formally reviewed to see whether it's a possible inclusion...

  • News Super Mario Busters Ain't Afraid of no Ghost

    Use the ekto-thingy-majig

    YouTube is a home for many lovingly-crafted fan creations, whether real-life dramatisations, animations or someone sounding off in front of a camera about the latest big thing. Some of its gaming content is rather neat, with production values often going beyond humble origins; one example of this is the animated cartoon...

  • News Paper Mario: Sticker Star Advert Gets Literal

    A big effort for 30 seconds

    So, there's a cool new advert for Paper Mario: Sticker Star running in North America, which some of you may have already seen. It works with the idea of representing gameplay with stop-motion animation, using paper and card for an authentic look that, to the game's credit, isn't actually a million miles away from in-game...


  • News Plenty Of Room For Rupees In These Awesome Nintendo Wallets

    Look cool and keep all your golden coins safe at the same time

    Whether it be pounds, dollars or even rupees, everyone needs a wallet, so why not show your love for Nintendo with a video-game offering? If you're looking for suitable options, our friends over at Wicked Wallets might be able to assist. They've kindly sent us some of their finest...

  • News Hyrule Historia Is The Number One Best Selling Book In The US

    Beating all the fad diet books

    Throughout the day we have noticed that many of you have been receiving your precious copies of Hyrule Historia, the fantastic art book dedicated to The Legend of Zelda franchise. We've been swooning over it here at NLife towers the moment it arrived, and we're sure you have been too. It comes as no surprise that the...

  • News 8 Bit Weapon Celebrates Over A Decade Of Chiptune Goodness With Chiptopia

    New album features 16 classic cuts

    If you know your chiptune, then you'll already be aware of the band 8 Bit Weapon. Comprised of Seth & Michelle Sternberger, the band creates music using retro gaming hardware - including the C64, Game Boy, NES, Amiga and several other vintage systems. The duo have launched a new album which celebrates more...

  • News Wii U Virtual Console Trial Campaign Schedule Released

    Seven classic games incoming over the next seven months

    During today's Wii U Direct Satoru Iwata announced the Wii U Virtual Console Trial Campaign, which has been devised to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the original Famicom. Eagle-eyed readers will note that the Virtual Console doesn't officially launch until after Spring, when the system...

  • News It's Real Life Mario Kart, That Works

    Too cool

    If any of you know any scientists or engineers, they may tell you on a regular basis that they really make the world go round, bringing us the cool gadgets that we take for granted. "Yeah, whatever", we may say in response, but our perspective in Nintendo Life Towers has just become a whole lot more appreciative. Some clever people from...

  • News Here's What Happens When Game Boy Advance Games Invade The Real World

    Seriously amazing animation

    Ever wondered what it would be like to see your favourite Game Boy Advance titles spring to life and infiltrate reality? Perhaps not, but you're going to see it anyway - thanks to the efforts of The Pixel Kingdom. The animation below features characters from Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, Golden Sun,

  • News Get A Load Of These Awesome Custom Nintendo Consoles

    Making old things new again

    What do you do when a console reaches the end of its lifespan and is replaced by newer, more powerful systems? You give it a fresh lick of paint, of course. That's exactly what Zoki64 has done. This talented artist has taken custom paint jobs to the next level, transforming N64, Super Nintendo and Game Boy Advance...

  • News The Gold Nunchuk Shines Again on Club Nintendo


    Last year we brought you the happy news that the gold Nunchuk was set to return to Club Nintendo in North America, a relief for those that want to use their limited edition The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword golden Wii Remote with even more style. Well, it's back in stock, so you'd better hurry. Available for 900 of your hard-earned coins,...

  • News Super Mario Bros. Theme Gets The Rock Treatment

    Metal rock, that is

    It's Monday, the Holiday season is well and truly over, and despair may be the feeling of the day. Still, fear not, because YouTube has the answer to brighten your mood! No, it's not a sneezing panda, or a puppy doing the cutest things, or even a rubbish Gangnam Style routine. Oh no, it's music from Super Mario Bros. with a metal...


  • News In Need Of A Portable Super Nintendo? Look No Further

    All packaged in a lovely yellow case

    There's been a zombie apocalypse. You're going to need a survival kit. What comes to mind? A torch? A shotgun? A cricket bat? Well Reddit user Robotairz has created possibly the best emergency gaming kit we've seen with a portable Super Nintendo, protected within a hard yellow toolbox with a screen and room for...

  • News Nintendo of Europe's Satoru Shibata Gives a Christmas Message

    We're pretty sure he mentions Nintendo Life

    It's the festive season and many are starting to put their feet up and eat too much food — not us, we'll be bringing you features every day throughout the Holiday period. Nintendo of Europe's boss, Satoru Shibata, has left a fairly lengthy message for Nintendo fans, talking about his move into hosting...

  • News Mario And Friends Wish Us All Happy Holidays

    Oops, we forgot to send a card back...

    As part of the festive season it's time to exchange messages of kindness and friendship with some cards. Mario and the gang have gone for the electronic approach — a whole forest would have been lost to send cards to every Nintendo gamer — with a dedicated web page to wish you Happy Holidays. If you want to...

  • News Amazing Fan-Made Video Explores Link's Obsession With Smashing Pots

    We just feel sorry for the guard

    When you really think about it, Link is a bit of nuisance. Throughout the The Legend of Zelda series he may have rescued princesses and saved entire worlds from destruction, but he's also broken a heck of a lot of pots in the process - sometimes for no other reason than to let off some steam. This worrying habit is...

  • News Zelda Swap Is Collaborative Art Genius, With Added Link

    Art attack

    Ten Paces and Draw is a site with a unique aim: each week it presents a challenge in which sketches are made and swapped between artists, with one providing an rough idea and the recipient finishing it in their own style. Projects cover all kinds of topics, including The Hobbit and the work of famed anime legend Hayao Miyazaki, but the...

  • News Retro Gamer Magazine Celebrates Christmas With Nintendo-Themed Cover

    Festive fun

    We're massive fans of UK publication Retro Gamer here at Nintendo Life, and this month's issue has us particularly excited. It showcases exclusive cover artwork featuring a plethora of Nintendo characters, including Mario, Link, Captain Falcon, Samus Aran and Donkey Kong. The cover is the handiwork of Wil Overton, who's a long-time...

  • News Bizarre Games Related Wedding Stories Emerge

    Simulation girlfriends and Zelda wedding rings ahoy!

    Ah, love at first sight; the sun is always shining, the grass is always green, and the sky is always blue. This is exactly what one Japanese otaku felt for his virtual woman - Nene Anegasaki of the dating sim Love Plus on the Nintendo DS, to be precise. Over time, he met a real life woman and they...

  • News This LEGO City: Undercover Trailer is a Treat

    Shawshank Redemption, anyone?

    During yesterday's Nintendo Direct shenanigans, it was tough to keep track of the varied footage and announcements from across the regions. With that in mind, we consider it our duty to make sure that you see the latest LEGO City: Undercover trailer that was included in the Nintendo of Europe broadcast. Not only does...

  • News 72 Hour Super Mario Marathon Promises Fun and Fundraising

    Keep running right

    Occasionally we bring you news of charitable marathons that not only bring amusement and entertainment for interested spectators, but also raise a lot of money for charity. With the recent glut of 2D Mario titles — well, two — we feel we should share the news of an upcoming 72 hour Super Mario marathon being organised by The...

  • News Nintendo Vs. Zombies: 28-Bits Later Mixes Metroid, Mario And ZombiU

    All set to a obligatory dubstep soundtrack

    To create hype for the launch of the Wii U, Nintendo issued consoles to a select group of movie-making fans and gave them 10 days to create a short film to promote the system. YouTube movie making group mikeNgary Films were lucky enough to receive a console and came up with Nintendo Vs. Zombies: 28-Bits...

  • News What's On Your Game Boy Camera?

    Check your cupboards now, you could be sitting on valuable memories

    The Game Boy Camera was a cool little device. Released at the end of the '90s, it allowed you to take grainy monochrome snaps using your beloved handheld. The images were pretty poor quality and you could only fit a few inside the minuscule memory, but for a generation of kids...

  • News Register Paper Mario: Sticker Star On Club Nintendo To Receive An A-peel-ing Sticker Book

    Limited to 10,000 copies

    Paper Mario: Sticker Star will finally arrive on European shelves — and of course in the 3DS eShop — this Friday, and Nintendo of Europe has cooked up a little reward to give you even more of an incentive to pick it up. This motivation comes with a glorious sticker book that will be available on Club Nintendo if you...

  • News Nintendo Unfolds Paper Mario Visual History

    It's so pretty

    Paper Mario: Sticker Star is days away in Europe and has been available in North America for a few weeks, and represents the first venture of the flat Mario onto a handheld. It's the fourth entry of a series over a decade old, meanwhile, games with enough RPG elements and dialogue to require a bit more development time than a...

  • News You Need This Legend Of Zelda Figure In Your Life

    We go hands-on with Max Factory's amazing Figma Link action figure

    As much as it pains us to admit it, you never really grow out of toys. And it's pretty much official that toys based on popular video games are the bomb. Don't believe us? Then check out the photos below of the amazing Figma Link action figure from Japanese manufacturer Max...

  • News Take A Whistle Stop Animated Tour Of Nintendo's Hardware History

    Four decades of greatness in just over two minutes

    Nintendo has been in this business a heck of a long time - right the way back to the 1970s, in fact. It has also been creating video game hardware for several decades, something which animator Anthony Veloso and vector illustrator Quentin Dron are keen to celebrate. The talented pair have put...

  • News Mario Comes To Life In Bead-Based Stop-Motion Animation

    Bead me up, Scotty

    Clearly bead art is a bigger deal than we thought. First we had an amazing tribute to Chrono Trigger in bead form, and how we have this awesome stop-motion Super Mario animation, constructed using - you guessed it - beads. The work of Swedish siblings Marcus and Hannes Knutsson, it follows on from their previous efforts, Super...

  • News Gold Nunchuk Returns To North American Club Nintendo In January

    Third time's a charm

    Back in August Nintendo made a Gold Nunchuk available on Club Nintendo in North America, for those who wanted to have a bit of an Olympic feel to their Wii gaming. It really was a thing of beauty and a must have item for those with the limited edition Skyward Sword Gold Wii Remote. Naturally they were snapped up very quickly,...


  • News 47,096 Perler Beads Made This Awesome Chrono Trigger Artwork

    A labour of love

    When you love a video game very much there are a number of ways in which you can express that adoration to the world. One is to simply tell anyone that will listen, while another is to create a fan-site or something similar which communicates why it's such a fantastic game. However, this imgur user decided that he wanted to do...

  • News Nintendo of Europe Gives Free Retail Game to 3DS XL Owners

    Download delights

    Club Nintendo is a nice extra for Nintendo gamers, though we imagine there are a few that don't necessarily bother to go through the process of logging in and completing surveys for all of their game or hardware purchases. That may change due to a handsome new promotion for 3DS XL, as Nintendo of Europe is offering a free retail...

  • News This Zelda Video is Truly Epic

    One of the best you'll see

    We've seen some creative and clever videos over the years, with no shortage of film-making skill, that celebrate Nintendo franchises or characters. One of our favourites is this post-it Mario sequence, which used stop-motion video techniques and 7000 post-it notes — all in the name of entertainment. The talented people...

  • News Hyrule Historia Picks Up New Cover and Trailer


    In case you don't know, The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Historia is a rather lovely-looking 272-page hardcover art book that celebrates the series, containing words from Shigeru Miyamoto, lots of concept art, a history of Hyrule and an officially sanctioned timeline. After envious glances towards the release in Japan earlier this...

  • News Gorgeous New Fire Emblem: Awakening Art Book Coming To Japan

    More than just a stocking filler

    The lucky citizens of Japan have been playing the epic 3DS title Fire Emblem: Awakening since April now, while in North America and Europe release details are still sketchy at best – sometime in 2013. As if gamers in Nintendo's homeland weren't fortunate enough, it’s now been revealed that Japan will be getting...

  • News Harmony of a Hunter: 101% Run Available From 17th November

    A must for Metroid fans

    Harmony of a Hunter is a fan-produced album that celebrates the Metroid franchise, and when released it gave a more significant acknowledgement of the series' 25th Anniversary than that from Nintendo itself. A free, two-disc album with 36 tracks, it was a major undertaking that we discussed in our interview with Shinesparkers...

  • News Father Gender-Bends Link For The Benefit of His Zelda-Loving Daughter

    Now that's fatherly devotion

    It can't be easy for young female gamers growing up in a world dominated by men. When you're still searching for your own identity and place in the world, it must be confusing to be forced to adopt so many male personalities in the games you play. Doting father Mike Hoye didn't want his daughter Maya to face this...

  • News Someone Skinned Amaterasu To Make This Awesome Okami Hoodie

    Coming to the Capcom Store soon

    In celebration of the release of Okami HD (sadly not on a Nintendo platform, it must be said), Capcom is releasing this gorgeous Okami Hoodie on its online store. A Capcom Employee posted on the Capcom Unity Blog promising that the hoodies would shortly be making an appearance, so keep your eyes peeled if you really...

  • News Satoru Iwata Provides the Ultimate Wii U Unboxing

    Shaky YouTube videos, begone!

    Whenever new consoles hit the market, we see a glut of shaky-cam unboxing videos on YouTube, which we may watch out of sheer curiosity. In a surprising sequence in today's Nintendo Direct, however, Satoru Iwata provided his own video, albeit with much higher production values, which he called the Wii U Premium Pack...

  • News Nintendo Greece Scores Bonus Points With Super Mario Flashmob

    Worthy of the warp zone

    We've seen a few flashmobs in our time, but this has to rank as one of the best. Nintendo Greece confused, befuddled and ultimately delighted hordes of shoppers by holding a get-together of Super Marios in a shopping centre. The plumbers gleefully paraded around the various stores, drawing smiles from the assembled crowds...

  • News How Many Nintendo References Can You Spot In Alphagames?

    Experience the alphabet in video game form

    Remember when Animal Crossing met Lost in Jamais Vu? Well creator Evan Seitz is back with another slice of animated brilliance, this time fusing the alphabet with the world of video games. There are a fair few Nintendo references in there - how many can you spot?


  • News These Video Game Pumpkins Are Ghoulishly Effective

    Carving out a niche

    There's a definite skill to carving the perfect pumpkin, but in order to make sure yours stands out from the crowd this Halloween, it's always a good idea to have some solid inspiration - and what better medium to turn to than video games? The pumpkins shown here are some of the best examples we found online, and successfully...

  • Feature Nintendo Life's Quirky Wii Memories

    We all have them

    With its successor around the corner and a six year anniversary just a few weeks away, we've shown some love for Wii this week. Despite its modest graphical power and SD output, it's outsold its rivals, made motion gaming a mainstream pastime and given us some terrific games. We've already looked back at six years of Wii and...

  • News GamerPrint Gets Festive With Video Game Christmas Cards

    Ho Ho Bros

    It's almost that time of year, when everyone is merry, bright, and decking the halls with boughs of holly. Whether we like it or not, it's creeping up fast. Buying cards for this festive time, meanwhile, can often be a little bit dull, but GamerPrint has something to offer gamers for the upcoming holiday season. The gaming enthusiast's...

  • News This Bravely Default: Flying Fairy Soundtrack Packaging is Rather Special

    Pop up CD case, anyone?

    We've been paying a lot of attention to Bravely Default: Flying Fairy here at Nintendo Life, mainly because it looks like a high quality 3DS RPG from Square Enix. With an attractive art-style and seemingly plenty of interesting gameplay to offer, we're sure that others are also keen to see a Western release. One thing that's...

  • News Meet Leyla Hasso, The Fastest Female SNES Super Mario Kart Player

    She also bagged the PAL Women's World title at just 13 years old

    The original Super Mario Kart may be two decades old now, but it's still actively played on the competitive circuit, with yearly tournaments to establish who is the fastest SNES fan on four wheels. One of the world's most famous Mario Kart players is Sami Cetin, who is referred to by...

  • News Brick-Based Mario Videos Prove Everything Looks Better In Lego

    Build it and they will come

    Following on from the awesome Lego Zelda shield we featured a while back, we've stumbled across some amazing Lego-themed Super Mario videos. Created using what appears to be a clever combination of computer editing and actual brick images, these videos replicate the look of Mario's early NES adventures via the medium of...

  • News Pokémon Reorchestrated: Kanto Symphony Released into the Wild

    Catch it now

    A few months ago we brought news that Braxton "Skotein" Burks was working with Joypad Records on a collection of orchestrated Pokémon music, and now we're pleased to tell you that Pokémon Reorchestrated: Kanto Symphony has been completed and sent out into the world. The 35-track extravaganza covers the soundtrack of Pokémon Red /...

  • News Pokémon Train Hitting The Rails This Holiday

    In Japan, obviously

    Sometimes the Western world just isn't enthusiastic enough about video games. Sure, gamers in Europe and North America in particular buy an enormous volume of video games on a yearly basis and pay plenty of cash for new consoles, but do we, in our various individual cultures, love gaming enough to have anything as awesome as this...

  • News The Harp Twins Are Back With Another Musical Video

    Music to our ears

    Camille and Kennerly, known as The Harp Twins, are back with another game-themed arrangement, this time with a rather soothing Final Fantasy medley. The twins’ unique take on the harp involves new arrangements of well-known music pieces; it's certainly worked quite well in their favour, with a worldwide following and over 4...

  • News Check Out These Amazing Nintendo Can Sculptures

    Brings a whole new meaning to recycling

    Ever thought of empty cans as art? Well we certainly didn't, but a Japanese sculptor by the name of Makaon did. Collecting various cans, she cuts them up and uses them to sculpture notable characters such as Buzz Lightyear, Batman and Darth Vader. Of course it's the Nintendo icons that caught our eyes; she...

  • News Super Mario World Was The Perfect Escape For a Novelist in Hiding

    Salman Rushdie's inner gamer is revealed

    In literary circles Salman Rushdie is a much admired award-winning writer, and also one of the biggest names in the book industry. He's also courted great controversy during his career, notably when his novel The Satanic Verses outraged extremist groups and regimes to the point that there was a fatwa issued...

  • News Amazing Nintendo School Homecoming Restores Faith in US Education System

    Learning with friends

    We've seen some cool School Homecoming ideas in the past, but this one probably tops them all. A Reddit user by the name of coonster has posted up some photos of the Nintendo-themed homecoming at his place of education, complete with references to Starfox, Pokémon and - of course - Super Mario. You can check out the full...

  • News Here's That Batman Arkham City Video Walkthrough You Wanted

    See what Wii can do for U

    Warner Bros. Montreal is in charge of developing Batman Arkham City: Armored Edition, and they've released a video that shows off exactly how the Wii U GamePad will change the way you play. While the core gameplay hasn't been altered, the touch screen and gyroscopic functionalities of the GamePad allow you to wield The...

  • News We Really Wish This Super Mario Kung Fu Movie Actually Existed

    It's already better than the Hollywood effort

    If you're old enough to remember the terrible Hollywood live-action Super Mario Bros. movie then there's a good chance you still carry the mental scars. Even lead actor Bob Hoskins isn't a fan! It would appear that the world is still waiting for the definitive Mario movie, but in the meantime you can...

  • News Retro City Rampage Trailer is Full of Old-School Cool

    Spot the references

    Retro City Rampage arrives on PC and PS Vita today, which may draw some envious glances from Wii owners that were promised this title so long ago. The good news is that developer VBlank has already confirmed that the title is rampaging onto WiiWare later this year, so the wait is hopefully not going to be too long. On the plus...

  • News The Best Damn Half Time Entertainment You'll Ever See

    Ohio State University Marching Band plays Zelda, Mario, Tetris and more

    The Ohio State University Marching Band is a pretty big deal. It's one of the largest groups of its type in the world, and is regularly referred to by admirers as "The Best Damn Band in the Land" (TBDBITL for short). Famed for its stunningly complex half time performances, the...

  • Feature The Bizarre History of Pokémon Technology

    Go Go Gadget Pokémon

    Ever since the Game Boy link cable connected rival trainers together in Pokémon Red and Blue, the famed monster-catching franchise has been fascinated with novel technology. Pick an eccentric doodad at random from Nintendo's library of experiments and you're certain to find a guinea Tepig tagging along to make sure it's safe...

  • News This Custom Zelda Shield Is Possibly The Best Use of Lego Yet

    Block buster

    When we were kids, we tried to create all manner of things out of Lego, most of which turned out to be disappointingly dissimilar from the intended design. That's clearly not something that Reddit user remig ever has to worry about - as this amazing Hylian Shield attests. Constructed from Lego parts costing around $1500, this amazing...

  • News Your Wall Is Crying Out For This Amazing Mega Drive Poster

    And the creators are interested in doing a SNES one, too

    Sega-loving James Newton may have left us, but we still have a lot of time for the company that gave the world Sonic the Hedgehog. We therefore heartily approve of this bespoke, limited edition Mega Drive poster, produced by and designed by

  • News Voice of Mario Was Inspired by a Shakespearean Character

    Yes, really

    Younger gamers may think that Mario's always had a voice, gleefully exclaiming phrases such as "Wahoo" and "Yippee" for all time, along with the occasional sentence. The voice fits the character, and it seems like Mario wouldn't be the same without his famous catch-phrases. It's easy to forget, then, that Super Mario 64 was the first...

  • Feature Nintendo Life's Favourite Eurogamer Expo 2012 Moments

    Magic moments

    Eurogamer Expo 2012 has sadly come to a close, but if you've been following our photo stream you might have gathered that the Nintendo Life team had a rather lovely time indeed. We hosted our own StreetPass Zone and chatted to a lot of people (and lost our voices in the process in Damien's case); Push Square's Sammy Barker stormed...

  • News Check Out Some Mario Facts in This Video

    Cameo appearances, cancelled sequels and other mysteries

    Mario has so many video games that if there weren't peculiarities and quirks throughout them, something would be wrong. The sheer volume of games over a period in excess of 25 years is impressive, especially if you go beyond the scope of the main franchise and venture off into spin-offs and...


  • News Super Paper Mario Bros. - Level 1-1 Recreated in Mobius Strip

    Yours for $24

    With a franchise like Mario, it's safe to say that there are plenty of arts and crafts projects out there that have been created as a dedication to the moustachioed one. Pins, animations with nothing but post-it notes, and any wacky idea you can imagine have probably been done already. One that involved a fair bit of effort and skill...

  • News Clever People Turn a NES Zapper Into a Real Laser

    Ducks beware

    We have exciting news for you today, and possibly the most important scientific breakthrough since the wheel: a laser NES Zapper. Some smart — and we hasten to add, safe — people have changed the famous NES accessory from a light gun to a laser gun, and we're not even kidding. After taking the light gun apart and stripping out...

  • News New Disney Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion Screens Grant Three Wishes

    Those with memories of Aladdin, enjoy

    Disney Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion is not only a 3DS accompaniment to upcoming sequel Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two on Wii and Wii U, but also a nostalgic 2D platformer that's got the interest of gamers with fond memories of the '90s. The latest set of official screens show off the Aladdin themed...

  • News Shigeru Miyamoto: Mario and Luigi Don't Have Last Names

    So stop saying he's called Mario Mario

    When it comes to Mario, Nintendo's number one icon, there are plenty of myths and stories that can be debated by gamers until the moo moo cows come home. One of these, thanks to the Super Mario Bros. movie that wasn't particularly good, is that Mario and Luigi's last name is actually Mario, meaning that the...

  • News You Can Dress Up As Zelda and Fox McCloud In Tekken Tag 2 Wii U Edition

    More Nintendo costumes confirmed for Namco Bandai brawler

    We already know about the super-strange Mario and Luigi costumes in Tekken Tag Tournament 2: Wii U Edition, but recent details in Japanese magazine Famitsu suggest that more Nintendo fan-service is on the cards. As well as the famous Mario Brothers, you'll be able to dress up as Princess...

  • News Forza Motorsport Was Originally Inspired By Pokémon

    Gotta drive 'em all

    Nintendo is clearly an influential company in the realm of video gaming, but we're just beginning to see exactly how far-reaching its inflience has been. Last week, we reported that Sony's WipEout was inspired by Super Mario Kart, and today we've learned that Xbox 360 favourite Forza Motorsport can count Pokémon as its muse...

  • News Toki Tori 2 Level Editor Confirmed

    Oh yes

    Toki Tori 2 may not have a confirmed release date yet, but we know that developer Two Tribes is aiming to release the title on the Wii U eShop as soon as possible. When we interviewed Two Tribes about a month ago, we asked whether it was planning to bring the PC level editor into the Wii U release, and we were told the following. We have...

  • News Nintendo Unveils TVii Service for North America

    Free with every Wii U, no monthly fee

    Nintendo's New York press conference for Wii U didn't just focus on games, but unveiled an ambitious new application for North America called TVii. This application will use the GamePad in particular to allow a range of new interactions with TV content, and seems like a big step forward in Nintendo's efforts to...

  • News This Rayman Legends Footage Seriously Rocks

    Platforming to heaven

    Rayman Legends is a Wii U title worth keeping an eye on, as it's starting off as a system exclusive and, most importantly, is a follow-up to the highly regarded Rayman Origins. The original earned plenty of praise for gorgeous visuals — including the standard-definition Wii version — and lengthy, impressive level designs...

  • News "Hungry Hungry Koopas" Devour The Hippos

    A well-loved game with a twist

    Many who read this will be familiar with Hungry Hungry Hippos, a children's game that's popular around the world. You won't necessarily have heard of Hungry Hungry Koopas, however, as it's a custom-made one off game from toy and video game enthusiast Donald Kennedy, or KodyKoala as he's known on his website. Kennedy...

  • News Check Out Dinosaur Planet, Before it Was Invaded by Star Fox

    Anthropomorphic characters, but different

    Star Fox Adventures was the last Rare developed game on a Nintendo system before the company was bought by Microsoft, and it was famously not what had initially been planned. It was going to be a new IP called Dinosaur Planet, with creatures called Sabre and Krystal, sidekicks Tricky and Kyte, as well as a...

  • News This Super Metroid Cover Will Blow Your Mind

    Rock me, Ridley

    Given that video game music is held in such high regard by players, it's perhaps not surprising that there are literally hundreds of tributes floating around the net right now. However, few can match the awesomeness of this effort by On Being Human. The band - which is made up of film, television and video game composers - posted...

  • News Final Issue of Nintendo Gamer Launches With Exclusive Wil Overton Cover

    Going out with a bang

    As we reported last week, UK publication Nintendo Gamer has come to the end of its life, marking the sad conclusion of a story which started two decades ago with first issue of Super Play. Nintendo Gamer can trace its ancestry back to that publication, although it has understandably endured a few name changes along the way...

  • News Ace Attorney 5 Confirmed To Be Hitting The Courtroom on 3DS

    No objection from us

    There's exciting news, Ace Attorney fans. As reported by Andriasang, this week's Famitsu magazine has unveiled Ace Attorney 5 for 3DS, with Phoenix Wright returning as the main character. A mystery girl in yellow clothing has also been shown, and she'll be central to the story; details such as a release period, whether it'll...

  • News Tetris Halloween Outfits Are a Puzzling Sight

    Blocks walking 'round the block

    When you combine video game enthusiasts and that strange time of year, Halloween, there's no limit to what strange costumes may be seen strolling around normally quiet neighbourhoods. It seems that one group of friends forgot that they were trying to scare people, so instead opted to cause puzzlement instead. As you...

  • News Kirby Fans Suck Up World Record At Pax

    The Pink One must be proud

    A little over a week ago we told you about Nintendo's plans to set a new Guinness World Record for the most simultaneous chewing gum bubbles blown at once. Taking place at PAX Prime, we had little doubt that the big N would find enough people to break the old record of 304, but would the inspiration of Kirby be enough to...


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