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News: Fan-made Mother 3 Guide is All Kinds of Awesome

Fan-made Mother 3 Guide is All Kinds of Awesome

The English guide for the English version that never was

Nintendo's Mother series might not be all that well known here in the West, but the name Earthbound certainly is. You see, Earthbound is actually the English-language version of the Japanese Super Famicom game Mother 2: Gyiyg no Gyakushū. Its sequel - which took 11 years to produce and was published in 2006 on the GBA - was never released in..

News: Get Technical With The Science of the Mushroom Kingdom

Get Technical With The Science of the Mushroom Kingdom

Know your mushrooms

A student at Carnegie Mellon University known only as 'Theyab' has produced a seriously cool faux-medical manual for his/her Communication Design Fundamentals class, and rather than keep this awesome document in the classroom, they've posted it online for us all to chuckle at. The manual explains the various side-effects of different items featured in the Super Mario Bros..

News: Seriously Cool Game Boy Timeline

Seriously Cool Game Boy Timeline

The Game Boy is 20!

Gadget site Gizmodo is celebrating the 20th birthday of Nintendo's Game Boy in style; the site has posted an illustrated timeline of the machine's history which goes all the way back to 1889. Along the way the timeline picks out moments of success (and failure) as well as mentioning key historical events, too. It's one of the coolest things we've seen in a while and is well..

News: Nintendo DSi – Deconstructed

Nintendo DSi – Deconstructed

Cool stop-motion video surfaces of a DSi ripping itself to pieces

Whenever there’s a new hardware launch you can practically guarantee that some nutcase will take it upon themselves to rip the machine open to see what it looks like inside. Nine times out of ten all they discover is a bunch of circuit board and some chips – hardly surprising. Still, when you get someone taking hardware apart via..

News: The Wii Gets Its Own Brutal Legend

The Wii Gets Its Own Brutal Legend

Double Fine's gut-busting metal adventure becomes a strong likelihood for the Wii, although not exactly as expected.

For those unaware, Brutal Legend is a game that stars heavy-metal-groupie-turned-hero, Eddie Riggs (voiced by Jack Black), who is pulled into a world of rock ‘n’ roll fantasy where evil reigns most awesomely. Full of heavy riffs,...

News: SNES Controller + Wii = Awesome?

SNES Controller + Wii = Awesome?

Do you like our simple grasp upon mathematics? It's true though. So very true.

While we have to sit around waiting for Nintendo to update their allocation of "free" Wii Points on Nintendo Of Europes site - Japanese gamers are getting their hands on this little piece of kit. If you're a Club Nintendo member (or an eBay account holder) and have a Japanese Wii - we recommend getting your..