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News: Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Boxart Revealed

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Boxart Revealed

Nintendo have finally gotten round to designing some cover artwork for the upcoming Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.

It's hard to avoid Nintendo's once launch title FPS game, with its release date finally confirmed for August, Nintendo have released the following: [dgp:cover=games/wii/metroid_prime_3_corruption] I'm not overly impressed myself, but still not bad eh?

News: Looking For DS Icons?

Looking For DS Icons?

Ever found it painfully hard to create a killer icon on Mario Kart DS? Your pain is over, has all the answers for you.

"Lately we've found ourselves pimping out our Karts on Mario Kart DS, and we thought to ourselves, "Selves, why don't we build a website where we can share our killer DS icons with the rest of the world? We could get famous in Japan!" And ourselves said, "You know,..

News: Alternate Marios

Alternate Marios

Gallery of alternate Mario's has surfaced via Digg

Head on over to the Media Post website to find yourself a nice little gallery of Mario's. If anyone knows of other artwork galleries related to Nintendo feel free to post them in the comments section.

News: SSX Blur Cover Art

SSX Blur Cover Art

EA have released the cover art for their upcoming snowboarding sequel SSX Blur.

It seems more and more likely that SSX Blur will actually get a spring release over here in Europe, currently the game is scheduled for a March 16th release date. "SSX Blur is everything you expect from the franchise, delivered in a totally unexpected way. Revolutionary controls take full advantage of the Wii’s..

News: Penny Arcade Are At It Like Bunnies

Penny Arcade Are At It Like Bunnies

Helping evil bunny rabbits and sick children.

The gaming webcomic Penny Arcade, have leant their efforts to help show off Rayman Raving Rabbids in a new ad campaign. The game was released at launch but Ubisoft have asked Gabe over at the PA blog to design some short comics in order to give the game an extra kick in the media stakes. If you are familiar with the Penny Arcade blog you will know of..

News: Japanese Cover Artwork

Japanese Cover Artwork

More Wii cover artwork slips out of Japan and onto the Internet.

These boxes have been posted on Flickr over the past few days, its always interesting to see different cover art in Japan. I'm not totally sure why the market would be so different over there... but anyway, some suitable differences, check them out. The Zelda box is obviously quite different, they've still got the whole light/dark..

News: More Wii Cover Artwork

More Wii Cover Artwork

Some more high quality game artwork has appeared on the internet.

Browsing around the internet more and more Wii covers are popping up, even some have been posted on flickr, by a member named "creamsugar". Anyway, game cover artwork excites me, so lets get down to business:..

News: Wii Finally Get Cover Art

Wii Finally Get Cover Art

It's been a while coming but we're finally starting to get some high resolution Wii artwork for games such as Red Steel, Tony Hawks and Far Cry.

Nintendo has sometimes suffered when it comes to cover artwork style, but this time it looks pretty damn sweet. We've recently started receiving high resolution artwork, check them out:..