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    Review Arc Style: Baseball 3D

    Take me out to a real ball game...

    Arc System Works' latest casual sports title, Arc Style: Baseball 3D, contains the same extensive customisation options of Arc Style: Soccer!! 3D, but it also retains the sluggish, repetitive gameplay and adds some new issues to boot. There is fun to be had in the local multiplayer and even the single player...

  • News Arc Style: Baseball 3D Is Up to Bat on 3DS Next Week

    Full-scale baseball on deck for 15th May

    Did Rusty's Real Deal Baseball's bite-sized minigames leave you hankering for a full-on baseball title? You're in luck, as Arc System Works is bringing Arc Style: Baseball 3D, released last year in Japan, to the North American 3DS eShop on 15th May. Following in the footsteps of Arc Style: Soccer 3D and Arc...