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  • News Super Monkey Ball 3DS Title to Roll Out Next Year

    Get ready to tilt some monkeys in the palm of your hand

    Earlier today we brought you the 3DS software trailer and the only reason our eyeballs didn't implode with excitement from the barrage of treats on display was because we're weren't seeing it in 3D. At just under three minutes in duration, it showed clips from twenty 3DS titles and one of them features little monkeys running around inside..

  • News Watch Out for Target Toss Pro: Lawn Darts Next Monday

    From the makers of Target Toss Pro: Bags

    The Wii has played host to countless sports games since the days of Wii Sports, with everything from cricket to compendiums, but WiiWare's about to receive one of the more unusual sporting outings in the form of Target Toss Pro: Lawn Darts. From Incredible Technologies, the team behind Target Toss Pro: Bags,...

  • News Netflix Now Available in Canada

    Grab your Wii Remote and start streaming

    Back in July, it was announced that Canada would be getting in on the Netflix service and logistically, that meant Canadian Wii owners could be treated to the same sort of console streaming that their neighbours South of the border have been enjoying since April. Netflix has today announced that its streaming service has launched outside of the United States..

  • News DSiWare to Get Frenzic Thanks to Two Tribes

    Room for one more puzzle game

    DSiWare is a pretty crowded place for puzzle games, so the announcement of one more is generally met with more than a little world-weariness. When the team behind the announcement is Two Tribes, the studio responsible for Rubik's Puzzle Galaxy: RUSH and Toki Tori, you might be a bit more inclined to show interest. The studio is publishing portable puzzler Frenzic on..

  • News Spot the Differences Marking Its WiiWare Release Very Soon

    Sanuk's latest puzzle game will have you paying close attention

    There are certain games that transcend language barriers and Sanuk Games tapped into one particular example when it launched Spot the Differences! on the Sony PSP and PS3, and then later on the Apple Apps Store. With the success it has enjoyed across the platforms, the developer has announced that the WiiWare service will soon be..

  • News Disney Announces Epic Mickey Release Dates, Delivers New Trailer

    See the mouse become the epic hero he was always meant to be

    Disney has just announced that their hotly anticipated Wii title Disney Epic Mickey will hit store shelves in the United Kingdom on November 26th and North America on November 30th. You can also watch their new trailer below. Warren Spector, general manager and creative director of Disney Interactive Studios’ Junction Point in Austin,..

  • News Activision Announces Six More DJs to Feature in DJ Hero 2

    ...and the mixes that they'll be bringing to the turntable

    It's not long before DJ Hero 2 drops and when it does, it's going to bring with it a staggering amount of remixes and mash-ups that players will scratch and beat-juggle to. A while ago, DJ Shadow let it slip that he would return in some form or another, and now Activision has confirmed that he will at the very least be providing two mixes..

  • News Doc Clock and the Toasted Sandwich of Time Our New Favourite Game Title Ever

    Chronological WiiWare puzzle adventure on the way

    This truly is a golden age of time-travelling WiiWare adventures. Not only is Back to the Future set to grace the service soon, Stickmen Studios has just announced its new title, the gloriously named Doc Clock and the Toasted Sandwich of Time A side-scrolling adventure puzzle game with a promising...

  • News EA's Budding Line-Up of 3DS Titles Starts With My Garden

    No need to water your 3DS, do that in-game

    The upcoming 3DS clearly packs a punch in the visuals department in more ways than one, and instead of portraying more human forms of photo-realism, EA has decided to introduce itself to the party with a gardening simulation as its first release on the platform. My Garden (a working title), is exactly what it sounds like. Offering a variety of different..

  • News European DSi XL Palette Gets Three More Splashes of Colour

    Yellow, green and blue, to be more specific

    With Japan already enjoying its array of bright additions, Australia set to launch its own similar colours and North America receiving its Midnight Blue model, Europeans might be justified in feeling a little left out with the current available DSi XL colours. Not for long, as Nintendo has announced that it is to launch the DSi XL in gr

  • News Super Mario Collection Special Pack Revealed

    Game details, box art, promo video and more

    We've been bringing you all the news regarding the enticing yet vague announcement of the Japan-exclusive Super Mario Collection Special Pack, including a posting from an online retailer somewhat obliquely detailing its contents. Now comes the definitive announcement regardin

  • News Capcom Releases Ace Attorney Investigations 2 Screenshots

    These images are worth investigating

    We recently reported a leak by Famitsu Magazine of the existence of Ace Attorney Investigtions 2, the sequel to the DS crime adventure Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth which itself is a spinoff of the Phoenix Wright series. Now Capcom has announced the game's existence and released these lovely

  • News RZA Joins the DJ Hero 2 Clan as a Playable Character

    Head of the Wu-Tang to mix things up

    With the full tracklisting of DJ Hero 2 now revealed, Activision has gone a step further and announced another playable character and the mash-ups that this producer will bring to the turntable. RZA of the Wu-Tang Clan is the latest in a lineup of contemporary artists to lend their likeness and production skills to FreeStyleGames's upcoming sequel. RZA will be..

  • News Jett Rocket Developer Flooring It For FAST - Racing League

    Shin'en Multimedia shifts gears for its next project

    Shin'en Multimedia is on a WiiWare hot streak. After the impressive puzzler Art of Balance and platformer Jett Rocket, the German development studio is in a good position to score a service hat trick. Today the studio revealed its next project, a futuristic racer called FAST - Racing League...


  • News Atari's Greatest Hits Hitting the DS in November

    Reborn company finally delivers classic 2600 titles to handhelds

    We've long wondered if any of the companies that have held the rights to the Atari back catalogue over the past 20 years would ever see fit to put out a compilation of Atari-branded games from that most golden of console oldies, the Atari 2600. Well now the wondering can finally cease...

  • News DJ Hero 2 Pumping Out of Your Speakers From 22nd October

    Activision launches its "Name That Mix" challenge with prizes to be won

    One of the best qualities that the original DJ Hero possessed was undoubtedly the soundtrack; with its eclectic make-up of various genres moulded together to give something familiar yet all together fresh. When its upcoming sequel lands in UK shops on 22nd October, you can be sure to find mash-ups that will instantly send you..

  • News Doctor Who to Land the TARDIS on Wii & DS


    Like bowties and time travel? Then you should be excited to hear that the hit BBC programme Doctor Who is zooming to the DS and Wii with Doctor Who: Evacuation Earth for the former and Doctor Who: Return to Earth for the latter, both set for release in the coming months from Asylum Entertainment. The program stars The Doctor, a 907 year old Time Lord who, with his companion, winds up in..

  • News Capcom Announces New CEO & President of European/US Offices

    Kazuhiko Abe gets ready for new big-boss status

    Earlier today, Capcom announced the newly-appointed company CEO and President of CE Europe & Capcom U.S.A. to be Kazuhiko Abe, whose managerial responsibilities will extend to cover the overall business operations in North American and European offices. Overseeing activities on both sides of the Atlantic is hoped to promote efficiency in..

  • News Ghost Recon Shows Different Strategy to Invade Wii

    Tom Clancy's latest instalment built from the ground up

    A couple of months ago at E3, it was made known that amongst the strong third-party support for the upcoming 3DS, numerous games were in the planning stages and two Tom Clancy titles were just a couple of examples. Today, Ubisoft has announced that Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon will also be released on the Wii, with a scheduled North American..

  • News Start the European Wii Party on October 8th

    Get your dancing shoes on

    Sneaking up on sales charts in Europe like a grass snake destined to make a fortune, Wii Party is set to conquer living rooms across the continent from October 8th. We had chance to play Wii Party at a recent Nintendo event and spoke about in a recent podcast, but the name doesn't leave too much to the imagination. Taking your Miis to the world of board games, Wii Party..

  • News Get Creative with EA's Creatively-Named Game "Create"

    Heading to Wii in November

    As consoles continue to become more and more powerful, they naturally need to draw that power from other sources. AA batteries, rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries and good ol' AC/DC are all valuable power sources, but EA is about to tap into a much bigger source: imagination. The company has just announced a new game...


  • News 3DS Release Date and Price Will be Revealed in September

    Place your bets now, please

    Although we recently got chance to have a second bite at the 3DS apple, there was no further information available about when the machine would be released or how much it would cost. Now we have a clearer idea of when that information will be forthcoming. Nintendo has confirmed to Bloomberg that it will announce these...

  • News Nintendo Provides Face Training to European Gamers This September

    A rarity that is a DSi-only game

    We here at Nintendo Life know the importance of exercise and general body & mind maintenance; especially since we're in the business of interactive entertainment which requires a significant amount of time in front of a screen. Muscles need to be exercised and the ones in the face are no exception. It's been announced that Face Training: Facial exercises to..

  • News Let Wii Entertain You with We Sing: Robbie Williams

    More singing from Nordic

    Shy and retiring British popstar Robbie Williams is popular again now having rejoined Take That, the band he essentially condemned to death with his departure all those years ago. Fans of the publicity-shunning singer will soon be able to see a lot more of him on their TV than is possibly healthy, as Nordic Games is slotting Mr Williams into its popular We Sing series to..

  • News EA Tagging DSiWare with Need For Speed: Nitro-X

    Graffiti and driving: a natural combination

    EA unveiled several upcoming games yesterday during the their Studio Showcase press conference, and while most of the announcements were related to HD consoles, PC and iPhone, the company slipped in a little sumthin'-sumthin' for DSiWare. Need for Speed: Nitro-X continues the Nintendo-exclusive spin-off series that started off on Wii and DS last November..


  • News Get Cute and Fluffy with Miffy's World on WiiWare

    Such cold black eyes...

    Miffy, so the song goes, is a sweet little bunny, and Wii owners will soon get the chance to meet the cute rodent as Miffy's World is on the way to WiiWare. Taking the popular character and her friends, Miffy's World is billed as a simulation game that lets young children and their parents explore the world through quests and...

  • E3 2010 Namco Bandai Games Announces its Initial 3DS Line-Up

    Pixel chomping, rubber burning, super saiyan, metal-suited.... er...super robot goodness.

    Of the many peaks at this year's E3 event, the unveiling of the 3DS and the wave of game announcements that came with it were certainly up there. Namco Bandai Games is carrying on that momentum by announcing the five games it is currently working on for the new...

  • E3 2010 Need For Speed in Hot Pursuit of Wii

    The cops are back, and boy, are they not happy to see you

    Criterion games, best known for their white-knuckle crash-fest Burnout series, has been tapped by EA for the next Need For Speed game coming this fall to pretty much everything, Wii included. Hot Pursuit, a kinda-sorta sequel/remake of the 1998 game of the same name (we're not sure exactly, it's a bit unclear), and Criterion's game is set to..

  • E3 2010 Ubisoft's Michael Jackson Dance Game Moonwalking to a Console Near You

    King of Pop returns to video games

    Wrapping up his company's E3 2010 press conference, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot revealed yet another dance game — this time they're bringing out the big guns. Known only as Michael Jackson, the game is light on confirmed details so far. We do know that it will feature the "most famous tracks" from the late King of Pop, including Billie Jean and Beat It;..

  • News Back to Basics With Family Games - Pen & Paper Edition

    Icon Games unveils its latest family-friendly title

    What's better than playing pen and paper games with actual pen and paper? According to Icon Games, playing them on a living room television. The reasoning? It's fun as well as environmentally friendly, saving on all that wasted paper. Well, except the electricity you'll be using. From the makers of Stunt Cars comes a WiiWare collection of games..

  • News Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock to Feature All-New Story Mode

    Activision re-designs the guitar controller (we wouldn't be surprised if it looks like an udder)

    To an extent, as long as gamers are satisfied with the track selection on the Guitar Hero brand of games, they are probably more than happy to carry on buying the continuous stream of new instalments that keep the franchise alive. If you don't mind the...


  • News Embark on a New Adventure With Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light

    The DS has an entirely new chapter of the Final Fantasy saga to conquer

    With the HD consoles getting the main series in the Final Fantasy franchise and the with the Wii having its own Crystal Chronicles series to tuck into, DS owners might be getting a bit tired of getting old ports and updated versions of past Final Fantasy games. Well, now you can stop cursing at the skies because Square Enix has..

  • News Marth Returns as New Fire Emblem for DS Announced

    Looks like a remake of the third title

    Tactical battling on the go is a big win for us here at Nintendo Life Towers: many's the hour we've spent on Advance Wars and Fire Emblem, so the opportunity to get more of either is something we welcome with open arms. We already knew about a new Advance Wars, but today the Japanese Fire Emblem site has been updated with a new trailer showing the game's..

  • News Nnooo's Next Game Makes You a Spirit Hunter

    Don't be afraid of no ghosts

    Aussie developer Nnooo has given you the joy of bubble popping and helped you collect your life, and next they hope to help you get a handle on all those meanie spirits floating around. Titled Spirit Hunters Inc. and coming in both Shadow and Light flavors, it's an augmented reality game centered around capturing and battling spirits in your surroundings using the DSi..

  • News Sales Charts, Meet Your Future King: Wii Party

    Marquee game coming sometime before March 2011

    In a presentation to investors this week, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata filled in the blank for the next marquee "Wii ____" game with the word "Party." As the next entry in the barn-burning series – whose previous games include million-sellers Wii Sports and its follow up Resort, Play, Fit and the less-successful Music – Iwata..

  • News Animal Color Cross coming to DSiWare

    French based developer Little Worlds Studio announces upcoming 'draw-em-up' scheduled for release this 'Spring'

    Animal Color Cross offers accessible and addictive entertainment for gamers, nongamers, and sharp-witted puzzle solvers alike! The goal of the game is to reconstruct a mysterious animal image that lies beneath the grid. Players simply need to fill in each square of the grid with one of..

  • News Team6 Reaching for the Finish Line With FlatOut Wii

    FlatOut (working title) racing along with four play modes announced

    Team6 has brought many racing games to the Wii in the past, such as Monster Trucks: Ultra Mega Extreme!!!, Glacier 2 and the aptly-named Speed. It seems the smell of petrol fumes is too difficult to walk away from, as the game studio has announced that it will be bringing a brand new instalment of the FlatOut series to the Wii. Not..

  • News Sid Meier's Pirates! Sets Sail in Autumn

    Avast ye mateys!

    The ESRB outed this title just a few weeks ago, but 2K Games has just sent over the official announcement and first screenshots for Sid Meier's Pirates!, heading to Wii this Autumn. Promising all the danger and adventure of the classic original as well as – batten down the hatches! – two Wii-exclusive minigames, there's also the addition of new character and ship customisation..

  • News Swords Announced, Supports MotionPlus, Content Remains a Mystery

    Early rumours suggest swordfighting contained

    You have to hand it to Majesco and its knack for coming up with le mot juste when it comes to naming games. A Boy and His Blob hit the squishy nail on the head, and now comes Swords, a brand-new swordfighting game for Wii. With MotionPlus support included this is in admittedly well-worn territory, with...

  • News Yuji Naka's Ivy the Kiwi? to XSEED Expectations

    The storybook-style aims to enchant Wii and DS gamers this Summer

    Following on the Japanese retail and download release a couple of weeks ago, the creators of Let's Tap and Let's Catch are about to bring their latest title to an American audience. Yuji Naka – one of the creators of Sonic the Hedgehog – has unveiled more on the rather different-looking platform game, developed by his o

  • News Teyon Releases Teaser for Heavy Fire: Special Operations

    A special treat for on-rail shooter fans

    We previously reported Teyon's announcement of upcoming light-gun WiiWare shooter set in the Middle East, Heavy Fire: Special Operations. Now Teyon has released a teaser for the game that you can watch below, with more information available if you head over to the official site. The site describes it as follows: Enlist the elite special forces unit in Heavy..


  • News Red Steel 3 Teased in Official French Nintendo Magazine

    Updated: Ubisoft makes a statement

    There's a curious little teaser in the back of France's official Nintendo magazine (appropriately titled Nintendo Magazine) that was brought to our attention by French website LiveGen. And that is that Ubisoft Montreal is already hard at work on le tiers in the Red Steel series. The Red Steel series has so far been Ubisoft's experimentation playground for Wii,..

  • News The Sims 3 Coming to Wii, DS with Exclusive Features

    Annihilate your fake family from the comfort of your couch

    EA's massively popular life-management Sims franchise is no stranger to Nintendo platforms; the Wii and DS have already seen versions of The Sims 2: Castaways and Pets, not to mention multiple entries in the younger-skewing MySims series. This fall, EA will keep that relationship going by unleashing the hugely successful The Sims 3 onto..

  • News JV Games Announces Frat Party Games: Pong Toss Pro

    Not just for amateurs anymore

    You may remember Frat Party Games: Pong Toss, released on WiiWare over a year ago. We gave the game a pretty unfavourable review, but instead of giving up, its developer has gone back to reassess, tweak and fix what went wrong with its debut release. The new WiiWare game, Frat Party Games: Pong Toss Pro, will be released this Spring. Read the full press release below:..

  • News Level-5's New Game Linked to the Future in More Ways Than One?

    It seems appropriate that a game about time-travel should be for hardware that "doesn't exist yet"

    There's nothing more mouth-watering than respected game developers dishing out cryptic pieces of information regarding upcoming projects. Level-5 has given us some of the most enchanting games for the DS, notably the Professor Layton series, and it seems they are continuing their captivating methods..

  • News Frogger Takes a Trip to DSiWare

    Carry something slimy and green in your pocket

    Despite his precarious position on the food chain, Konami's Frogger refuses to die, as last year's WiiWare release Frogger Returns proves. It seems his return is returning again, as it's been announced for a conversion to DSiWare later this year. Judging from the few details released so far, it looks like being a pretty faithful port of the big-screen..

  • News Hudson Serves Up Deca Sports 3 Announcement

    Will include MotionPlus support and online play

    Hudson recently announced plans to release the next iteration in its Deca Sports series (known as Sports Island in the UK), Deca Sports 3. According to its press release, Hudson is including Wii MotionPlus support for all ten games, which may pique the interest of those unfamiliar with the series. As you may expect, twenty sports after the original's..

  • News Noitu Love 2's 'Devolution' Path on the WiiWare Service

    Golgoth Studio shows their love of 2D gaming

    When the WiiWare service was launched, the remit was to make it easier for independent developers to bring their creations to the Nintendo platform and thus, making it possible for more people to enjoy their games. In keeping with that philosophy, Golgoth Studio is proud to announce that it is working in collaboration with Konjak to develop and publish..

  • News Be the Master of Ceremonies With Def Jam Rapstar

    Mic check, one two, one two

    We might be getting a taste of what the turntable brings to the whole Hip Hop culture with games like DJ Hero, but evidently, that's not enough. Konami has secured co-distribution rights with Autumn Games for the upcoming "rap game" developed by 4mm Games, Terminal Games, and Def Jam Interactive. So clear your throat and pick up the mic if you have the skills..

  • News Google Teams Up with Nintendo to Release Search Engine-Based Game

    The world furrows its collective brow

    Google is the type of company that makes people feel like their best friends are in charge. They even joke around with their users, playing a creative April Fool's joke on them annually. Lately, though, it seems that Google's gone a little screwy (Buzz, anyone?). And their big April Fool's prank this year was to remove all of the vowels from their GMail..

  • News THQ Announces Big Beach Sports 2

    Includes five new activities

    With summer just around the corner, it's about time that we're greeted with a plethora of sports titles. With Wii Sports Resort taking the limelight last summer, THQ hopes to kick things off with their sequel to 2008's Big Beach Sports. Developed by Jet Black Games, Big Beach Sports 2 sees gamers taking part in the annual Coconut Cup Championship which takes place on..

  • News Virtual Console Confirmed for DSiWare

    This was an April Fool's joke. It is not real.

    It's been a long time coming folks: ever since the DSi launched in April last year Nintendo fans worldwide have been clamouring for the ability to download past handheld titles in a similar fashion to the Wii's Virtual Console feature. Time and again Nintendo denied the existence of the service, but we can exclusively reveal Virtual Handheld will be..


  • News Wii & DS Become Guardians Of The Great Ga'Hoole Tree

    Fantasy book series gets video game treatment to coincide with film release

    With several anticipated Summer blockbuster films ahead of us, we can expect to see video game spin-offs to start appearing our consoles and handhelds if they haven't already. Krome Studios and Tantalus Media, two companies that have given us video game adaptations of Star Wars and Cars are currently working on another..

  • News Ogre Battle 64 Hits Europe This Friday

    One last Hanabi surprise.

    Nintendo almost had everybody fooled. They only announced four games for release in this month's Hanabi Festival, and then proceeded to release all of them in two weeks, despite Hanabi Festivals usually lasting three or four weeks. But if you take a look at the Wii Shop Channel right now, you can see that they have one more...

  • News Tomorrow's World of Goo

    The future is announced

    While some developers are churning out WiiWare ad nauseum, the developers of the critically acclaimed World of Goo have yet to treat us to another game since the release way back in 2008, leaving the corporations free to gobble up most of those Nintendo Points. All this is now set to change, with the announcement of a new independent studio formed by the co-founders of..

  • News Shin'en Introduce Jett Rocket for WiiWare

    Shin'en announce their next WiiWare project, taking to the skies with Jett Rocket

    Jump and run and fly! Let Jett Rocket explore the beautiful planet of Yoroppa and find out why it has been attacked by the evil 'Power Plant Posse'. Ride the ocean on your Jet Boat, parachute from giant cliffs, speed through arctic regions on your Jet Snowboard or skyrocket with your Jet Pack. Just be Jett Rocket in..

  • News Cosmonaut Take The Plunge With "Dive"

    Dive: The Medes Islands Secret will be the second WiiWare title from Spanish developer Cosmonaut Games (5 Spots Party)

    “It was in the Great Medes Monastery, in 1412, where Martin I “The Human”, leader of an Order of the Temple and long-time resident of the island, was buried. The secrets of the Order were also buried with him, where they would be sealed in the same crypt and kept through the..

  • News Gods vs Humans Strikes WiiWare

    Out of the heavens and into the Shopping Channel

    It can be quite fun to be human, what with all the guilty pleasures it entails. Then again, being an all-powerful God could be a little more satisfying, given the ability to crush lands and slay man without the fear of arrest. Well, all these dark fantasies can soon be fulfilled with Zallag’s upcoming WiiWare download. Gods vs Humans will allow us..


  • Live Text European Gamers Summit 2010

    We're LIVE from London for Nintendo's European Gamers Summit 2010

    From 10am onwards we'll be live-blogging from Nintendo European Gamers Summit 2010 at the O2 Arena, London. What will Nintendo have in store for us? Mario Galaxy 2? Sin & Punishment 2? Or perhaps a shock announcement, like Pilotwings Wii or Pikmin 3? There's no need to refresh...

  • News DodoGo! Rolls Into View

    Currently incubating

    Alien After All and Neko Entertainment have today announced their first DSiWare download: DodoGo! The title is highly stylised action puzzle game in which the stylus is used as a tool to return the Dodo eggs back to their nest and away from the jaws of hungry predators. The eggs themselves are uncontrollable leaving players to manipulate the environment as a mechanism to get..

  • News Sniper Elite Remade for Wii

    A new old game

    World War II sniping simulation Sniper Elite is to be brought to the Wii by UK publisher Reef Entertainment. Set in Berlin 1945, players take the role of an American OSS agent on a mission to seek out German nuclear technology and shoot Nazis in the neck. The game was released back in 2005 on PS2, XBOX and PC and was generally well received by the gaming media and players alike. Reef..

  • News Ubisoft Bringing Ghost Recon: Future Soldier to Wii

    Will take a "different approach" for the Wii audience

    If you ask Ubisoft, military tactical shooters and the Wii need not be mutually exclusive. Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot confirmed to Kotaku that the newly announced next entry in the Ghost Recon series, Future Soldier, will be making its way to Wii, with a few caveats. Naturally. The Wii version will be handled by a different development team..


  • News EA Makes NBA Jam Wii Officially Official

    From downtown, etc!

    'Twas but one week ago a little birdie told ESPN that NBA Jam would be making a comeback, so color us not-so-surprised to hear that EA has made it official that they've got a new Jam in the pipes for this year. Apart from the obvious graphical overhaul, which is said to bring "visible player emotion" to the table (e.g. eye popping), expect new modes and characters on..

  • News Wii Getting Attacked By Movies In 3D

    You know, the kind with glasses

    Ever seen a movie in 3D and wished you could shoot the crap out of everything on screen? Developed for Wii by Panic Button Games and published by Majesco, Attack of the Movies 3D wants to put you right in the thick of the action of your favorite types of movies. Want to shoot aliens? Boom! Fight the machine army? Ka-pow! Battle underwater critters? Torped-ouch! It..


  • News BlazBlue Blazes onto DSiWare

    Hardcore fighting game gets big-headed

    Fans of Guilty Gear and superb 2D fighting games in general may already be aware of the excellent - though unashamedly odd - BlazBlue series, currently only playable in arcades and the HD consoles. Sadly, such is its relative obscurity it's only been received in tiny pockets of players, but it'll be heading to slightly bigger, more cottony pockets soon as a..

  • News Virtual Console Blaster Master To Spearhead Sunsoft Revival

    Famed Japanese developer confirms impending release of 8-bit classic

    It would seem that Japanese developer Sunsoft is about to support the Virtual Console in a big way. Former Working Designs big wig Victor Ireland is currently making big noises over at NeoGAF about some interesting projects he's involved with, and Sunsoft's resurgence would appear...

  • News Glory of Heracles Confirmed For Western DS Release

    Massively popular JRPG series gets its first release outside Japan

    You can't beat the Japanese when it comes to taking a classic myth and putting a entirely new spin on it, as the popular "Heracles" series - which kicked off in 1987 on the Famicom - proves. The good news is that the latest instalment has been confirmed for release in North American this coming January. If you need any..


  • News Art of Balance Announced for WiiWare

    Cubic cranium conundrums on the way

    Puzzle games and physics go together like plumbers and mushrooms, so Shin'en Multimedia's announcement that Art of Balance is heading towards WiiWare is welcome news. Here it is in their own words: Shin’en Multimedia announces the development of Art of Balance for WiiWare. Grab your Wii Remote™ and build a balanced stack in this physics-based puzzler! Puzzle..

  • News Hotel Dusk Is Getting A Sequel

    Goes by the name of Last Window

    Hotel Dusk: Room 215 was a great little mystery game for the DS. Set in a hotel in 1979 Los Angeles, developer CING combined mystery text adventure with a graphic novel style while crafting a decidedly DS experience. And now it's getting a sequel. Quietly announced by Nintendo, Last Window: Midnight Promise takes place yet again in LA one year after the first game..

  • News Onteca Announces Monsteca Corral For WiiWare

    Herd monsters away from danger that is more dangerous than monsters

    British developer Onteca yesterday announced their new WiiWare game, Monsteca Corral, and it will be hitting sometime in January. The game puts players in the shoes of a Monster Herder, whose job is to control a herd of monsters called Sdompe's and keep them away from danger and tomfoolery. Onteca said Monsteca Corral incorporates..

  • News Phalanx Remake Coming to WiiWare

    The Kemco shooter is getting an upgrade.

    Chances are you're familiar with Phalanx one way or the other - Originally released for the Japan-only Sharp X68000 and later ported to the SNES for all regions, the game's somewhat infamous for having some of the most ridiculously inappropriate boxart of all time. Of course, the game itself is actually pretty good, which already led to a Game Boy Advance..

  • News Hudson Soft Releasing My Zoo in Europe This Week, Shootanto Next Week

    It's been a while since the last Hudson WiiWare game, but now there will be two of them in two weeks.

    Hudson's My Aquarium has seen continuous success - Almost every single week, it is among the top WiiWare downloads. Obviously, they've taken note of that, because this week, they'll be releasing a sequel to it! And to top it off, next week, they'll be releasing a game North America already got a..

  • News Nintendo Blasting Off With New DSiWare Puzzler

    Boldly go where no rocket has gone three minutes.

    Japan's DSiWare fight against space wages on next week as Nintendo has revealed a new downloadable puzzle-fest. Developed by Intelligent Systems, Panel Connection: 3 Minute Rocket has you move tiles around in order to complete the rocket's fuel line for blast-off. The three-minute limit comes into play in the game's Mission mode where..

  • News Easy Piano DS With Keyboard Peripheral Announced

    Pretend you're Beethoven on the bus next year

    Publisher Valcon Games has announced that they'll be bringing Game Life's new music game Easy Piano to the DS, complete with a 13-key, full-octave keyboard peripheral. The game hopes to be an introductory teaching tool for playing the real piano, similar to how Art Academy wants to teach you how to draw fruit bowls. There's also a mode that prompts you..

  • News Space Invaders Extreme Z Hits Japanese DSiWare

    Remember: short, controlled bursts.

    Taito shocked and awed Japanese DSiWare aficionados today with the release of a miniature entry of its bat****-crazy Space Invaders Extreme series: Space Invaders Extreme Z. For 500 pointy points, Earth defenders get Fever and Bingo modes, whatever that means, from Extreme 2 playable over three courses. If you're feeling adventurous you can scope out Nintendo..


  • News Konami Announces Tomena Sanner For North America

    Dancing onto WiiWare next year

    Konami is just full of download announcements today, this time with one for North America. Previously released in Japan, Tomena Sanner is bringing its odd dance party to us other NTSC gamers early next year. The game has players take on the role of businessman Hitoshi Susumu who is behind schedule and won't stop running until he gets to his ULTIMATE DANCE PARTY. As..

  • News Konami Announces Planned MSX Releases for Japan

    It's not just November's five games, there's even more in the pipeline!

    It seems like Konami is supporting the Wii's download services more and more - First the ReBirth games on WiiWare, and now support for the MSX catalogue on Virtual Console in Japan. No new MSX Virtual Console games have been released in Japan for over a year, so the fact that...

  • News DSi LL Coming To Europe First Quarter 2010

    New console to be rebranded as the "DSi XL"?

    Wondering if the recently confirmed DSi LL is coming to Europe? Wonder no longer. Website VG247 has pressed Nintendo Europe for an answer regarding this hot question and the company has confirmed that the new machine will be hitting The Old World in the first quarter of 2010. Nintendo Europe has also hinted that the console will be called DSi XL here..

  • News It's Official: Big-Screen DSi LL is Confirmed

    The rumours were true after all - but is it a mistake to launch new hardware so soon after the DSi?

    The DSi launch may seem like it was only yesterday but that hasn't stopped Nintendo from announcing a new version of its portable gaming system. As we reported recently, the large-screen DSi - known as the DSi LL - will feature bigger displays (4.2...

  • News Rayman Getting A DSiWare Game

    According to German ratings board site

    Ratings board Web sites occasionally and unintentionally announce new games, and today yet another hitherto unknown title has been exposed. According to the USK, Germany's game ratings board, Ubisoft's limbless freak Rayman is getting a DSiWare entry. And that's all we know. The rating states the title's genre as "jump 'n run," which sounds an awful..

  • News Frogger Returns Coming To WiiWare

    Twelve times the size of the original game, says Konami

    Frogger, the little amphibian who has been trying to cross roads with varying success since the early 80's, is coming back for another go this fall. Frogger Returns, slated for a fall release, is being developed by Konami for PlayStation Network and WiiWare. New for this time around are time travel, invincibility and time freeze power-ups and..

  • News Excitebike: World Rally Coming To WiiWare

    Track editor, online multiplayer and more

    Nintendo's long-dormant Excitebike franchise has seen two entries proper: the original NES release and a 3D sequel in the form of Excitebike 64. Yeah, the Excite name has lived on in the excellent Wii releases Excite Truck and the more recent Excitebots: Trick Racing, but Bike fans know they're just not the same. But good things come to those who wait..

  • News Heron: Steam Machine Available on WiiWare this Friday

    Yet another Dutch developer joins the party.

    Triangle Studios have announced that their upcoming puzzler Heron: Steam Machine will be available on WiiWare in Europe this Friday. Remniscent of the classic Pipe Mania/Pipe Dream, in this game you move around sections of pipe in order to stop a steam machine from overflowing. There is also multiplayer support for up to 4 players. For 500 Wii Points it..

  • News Snakenoid Coming to DSiWare

    Cinemax announces yet another new DSiWare title.

    No sooner did Czech independent game developer announce their first DSiWare release, they're now announcing yet another DSiWare title in the works called Snakenoid. You can check out the official game description below for a bit more information on this unique DSiWare release. Snakenoid is an unique blend of the "Snake" and..

  • News Fight in the Street on Virtual Console Later This Month

    The TurboGrafx-CD version of the original Street Fighter will be available in all territories soon.

    As on every other Friday, Nintendo of Japan today revealed their download plans for next week, and among the games to be released is Fighting Street, a port of the original Street Fighter that is quite close to the arcade version. We already reported that the game had been rated by the OFLC a while..


  • News Assassin's Creed II: Discovery To Make Use of DSi Camera

    Handheld spin-off also launching alongside home console editions

    It's just been confirmed that the DS version of Assassin's Creed II will make use of the DSi's camera to enable players to put their own faces on wanted posters within the game. Thankfully it hasn't been stated that the game is a DSi-only release, so owners of the DS and DS Lite should still be able to join in with the fun - although..

  • News Capcom Unveils Sengoku Basara Samurai Heroes and Ghost Trick

    New Wii and DS titles revealed at TGS 2009

    Capcom has already dropped the Frank-bomb on Tatsunoko vs. Capcom at this year's TGS but there's more fun to be had with two new announcements. First up is the next instalment in the massively popular (at least in Japan, anyway) of the Sengoku Basara series (which has previously been known as Devil Kings here in the West). Sengoku Basara: Samurai Heroes is..

  • News New Super Mario Bros. Wii Confirmed For November Release

    Mark the 15th down in your diary, North American Nintendo fans

    Nintendo has officially confirmed that New Super Mario Bros. Wii will be hitting store shelves in North America on the 15th November. The actual announcement comes as little surprise; a pre-Christmas release had been fully expected by many sectors of the industry and some had even ventured to guess that November would be the magic..

  • News Happy Birthday Nintendo!

    Nintendo Life wishes the Big N a very happy 120th birthday.

    Well, it's been a long time (120 years, would you believe?) since the small Japanese handmade card business was founded, and where would the video game world be without them? The years have seen ups, downs, highs and lows for the Japanese gaming giant, but through thick and thin they've...

  • News PopCap Sets Sights On DSiWare, DS

    Bookworm and Bejeweled Twist to both get downloadable and retail entries

    Not too long ago PopCap Games, the folks behind smash hits Bejeweled, Peggle, and the recent Plants Vs. Zombies, announced their intentions on expanding their output to include Nintendo consoles. We weren't sure whether that meant retail games or downloadable ones, but as it turns out it meant both. Bejeweled Twist, the third..

  • News Nintendo of Europe Announce WiiWare and DSiWare Plans for 2009

    NoE has once again revealed a bunch of their upcoming downloadable games in advance.

    Today, Nintendo of Europe held a press event for the announcement of a whole bunch of DSiWare and WiiWare titles. And it paid off - There's at least 37 WiiWare games left for the rest of the year, so it looks like we're going to get at least 2 every single week from...

  • News Flowerworks "Coming Soon" To WiiWare

    Flowers, explosions and gnomes, oh my!

    Aussie developers Nocturnal Entertainment have announced that their WiiWare title Flowerworks is just about ready to drop after 18 month in development. No date or window was given for the release, but we've got a whole slew of new screens for you to check out. Flowerworks is an adventure that puts you in the role of a confused alien with no self-confidence on..

  • News Rooms: The Main Building Coming To Wii, DS

    Slide your way to freedom

    Wii and DS owners looking to get some puzzle-y chamber sliding action on are in for a treat, as Hudson has announced their new title Rooms: The Main Building is all up in that business. Players find themselves swept into a world of mystery that proves to be unwilling to just let you waltz right on home again; instead, you'll have to work your way out slide-puzzle style..

  • News Data East Arcade Classics Coming to Wii

    Get ready for some arcade action!

    The ESRB has a new listing that ought to make retro arcade fans very happy. It appears that someone is planning on bringing a collection of classic Data East games to the Wii. The IP is mostly owned by a Japanese mobile phone company called G-Mode, so it's likely another company has licensed the content. The listing includes a sampling of game titles, amongst them..

  • News Gaijin Games Announces BIT.TRIP VOID

    No rest for Commander Video.

    We can all stop guessing about cryptic images for what Gaijin Games has in store for the third installment of Commander Video's journey through the BIT.TRIP saga, as that teaser site has finally put out. Titled BIT.TRIP VOID, the latest entry has you navigating a black hole of adjustable size as you try to intercept...


  • News Mario, Luigi and Bowser Hit Europe in October

    Hear Bowser's Inside Story on October 9th!

    Some exciting news here: Nintendo has just confirmed that Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story will be in your hands on Friday, 9th of October. The third in the respected Mario and Luigi RPG series, Bowser's Inside Story revolves around a mysterious infection called "The Blorbs" taking over the Mushroom Kingdom, causing Toads to inflate to..

  • News Oscar in Toyland on DSiWare This Friday

    Sequel to a relatively unknown SNES game available very soon.

    If you've kept your eye on the various rating boards, you might've noticed that a game called Oscar in Toyland has been rated as DSiWare release for quite a while now. Out of the blue, it has now been announced that the game will be released in this Friday's European Wii and DSi update. Only recently did we learn that this is actually a..

  • News NinjaBee and Grubby Games Announce The Amazing Brain Train for WiiWare

    Award-winning game comes to WiiWare.

    The ever-growing list of upcoming WiiWare releases has just gotten a little bit bigger - Developers NinjaBee and Grubby Games have announced a partnership to bring The Amazing Brain Train, originally a PC game, to WiiWare. Although it's an educational game, it supposedly has more content than any other game in the genre - Quests, trophies, highscores and more..

  • News Two Tribes Reveals Their Next WiiWare Project

    Set to make a series of games based around the famous Rubik's Cube.

    Ever since they released the excellent WiiWare launch title Toki Tori, things have been rather quiet at Two Tribes, which was a shame - Obviously we couldn't wait to see what else they had in store for WiiWare! Today the wait is over - Two Tribes has revealed that their next project is actually a series of WiiWare games based..

  • News Modern Warfare 2 Could Come To Wii

    If the first one sells like hotcakes, that is

    People have been questioning why Activision is bringing a port of the first Modern Warfare game, despite the second being released very shortly on pretty much every other platform under the sun (including the DS!). Activision, speaking at GamesCom, stated that if Modern Warfare sells well on Wii, we could be playing Modern Warfare 2 on our white waggle..