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News: House Of The Dead 2&3 Return + Screenshots

House Of The Dead 2&3 Return + Screenshots

Wii becomes the console of choice for -zombies- light gun games, House of the Dead becomes the latest title announced by the arcade masters.

"In THE HOUSE OF THE DEAD 2&3 RETURN, players will be able to play both versions of the game, battling the relentless attack of bloodthirsty zombies with steady aim and a quick trigger finger. Utilising the innovative new Wii Zapper™ or the Wii Remote..

News: LEGO Batman

LEGO Batman

Coming early next year, LEGO Batman: The Videogame, from the same team that brought you LEGO Star Wars.

"In LEGO BATMAN: THE VIDEOGAME, TT Games brings the world of DC Comics’ Caped Crusader to life in an entirely new way. Players can explore a richly interactive LEGO Gotham City as Batman and Robin, capturing infamous villains – and even take control of the villains themselves." Check out the..

News: Rising Star Brings No More Heroes To Europe

Rising Star Brings No More Heroes To Europe

Publisher Rising Star Games will be releasing the European version of No More Heroes for Wii around February next year.

No More Heroes tells the story of Travis Touchdown, an animé fan who lives in the fictional town of Santa Destroy, California. After an unexpected turn of events, Travis finds himself being approached by the head hunter of an assassins’ organisation. Travis is challenged to..

News: No Wii Hard Drive. Period. (For Now?)

No Wii Hard Drive. Period. (For Now?)

Since the launch of the Wii there have been concerns of memory shortages and most of the Internet community seems to have expected the announcement of a hard drive for some time now.

Nintendo have today squashed the rumours once again however, talking with they said: “The way that we look at it is, we really don’t want people storing every single game they buy on their drive,”..

News: Samba Wii Amigo

Samba Wii Amigo

Sega officially announce Samba De Amigo for Wii, a brand new game, not a Virtual Console title as once rumoured.

SEGA Europe Ltd. and SEGA of America, Inc. are excited to announce that they are bringing back Samba De Amigo™, the Dreamcast classic that helped to create the now-popular rhythm music genre. Created exclusively for the Wii™ home video game system, this vibrant and addictive new..

News: Teenage Zombies: Invasion Of The Alien Brain Thingies!

Teenage Zombies: Invasion Of The Alien Brain Thingies!

Ignition announce a new Zombie fest coming to DS early next year, they're not just zombies, they're Teenage Zombies!

The Earth is under attack by a horde of Alien Brain… uh…Thingys! Humans, succumbing to ray-guns, mind-control, and shiny flying saucers, have failed to defend their planet and let it fall easily into the clutches of the Big Brain...

News: TimeSplitters 4 Coming To Wii?

TimeSplitters 4 Coming To Wii?

Free Radical confirms the existence of TimeSplitters 4 and its very very likely that we'll see a Wii version.

It's back! Featuring even more crazy characters, devastating weapons and heart pounding hot sweaty action. It's funny, it's frantic and it'll do things you've never seen before! No, not naked girls, even better than that! We can't tell you the details yet, the monkeys have a loaded banana..

News: Guilty Gear XX Accent Core

Guilty Gear XX Accent Core

Coming soon from 505 Games, the latest in the Guilty Gear series will be on Wii

Guilty Gear XX Accent Core features over 20 deadly combatants and includes an alternate EX version of all the existing characters. On top of all this, the game also introduces two reinvented fighters, A.B.A. and Order-Sol, who have never been seen outside of Japan. Guilty Gear XX Accent Core delivers a range of all-new..

News: SEGA Superstars Tennis

SEGA Superstars Tennis

Sega set to release a new Tennis title on Wii, including all the familiar Sega characters ala Mario Smash Tennis.

SEGA Superstars Tennis has over 15 playable SEGA idols including Sonic the Hedgehog, AiAi from Super Monkeyball fame, Ulala of Space Channel 5 and Amigo from Samba De Amigo. In addition to their own unique attributes, each character will also come equipped with their own superstar..

News: Nintendo Conference Fall 2007

Nintendo Conference Fall 2007

Nintendo update us with the latest information from Japan, the big news being Super Smash Bros. has been delayed until Feb 2008 in the US.

On October 10th in Japan, Nintendo Company Ltd. president Satoru Iwata unveiled new products and initiatives for the world's best selling game systems, the Nintendo DS and Wii. Among the headlines are full online battling for Super Smash Brothers Brawl,..

News: George Of The Jungle

George Of The Jungle

Don't worry, it's not based on the awful 1997 movie, its based on the hit 2007 animation series from Nick Toons.

Based on the beloved Jay Ward classic, you take control of George and guide him through his challenging, yet hilarious, quest. A game for all the family, George is an epic side-scrolling platformer, that will have you swinging, running,...

News: Feel The Force Of Your Wii Remote

Feel The Force Of Your Wii Remote

Lucasarts have announced that anticipated lightsabre/Wii remote wielding action title Star Wars: The Force Unleashed will be landing on the Wii next spring.

The Wii Remote will become your lightsabre while the nunchuck extension can be used to attack others with various "Force" related powers. For all those statistics nerds out there the game is set inbetween Episode III and Episode IV and could..

News: Wii Get Worms

Wii Get Worms

Hot on the tail of the DS games, THQ announce that Team 17 are developing an online multiplayer Worms experience for Wii!

"In Worms: A Space Oddity, players will enjoy the ultimate blend of classic Worms game modes and re-invented single-player missions, as well as multiplayer modes that include a host of all-new party games and even more customization options. The game takes advantage of the..

News: Pro Evolution Soccer Coming To Wii

Pro Evolution Soccer Coming To Wii

Konami have today announced that the ever popular Pro Evolution Soccer will be coming to Wii consoles early 2008.

Scheduled for a Q1 launch, the Wii version of PES will offer the same level of realism that has established the series as the definitive football title, but has been undergone a radical rethink to make the most of the Wii’s motion-sensitive control system. The game will make full use..

News: Medal Of Honor: Heroes 2

Medal Of Honor: Heroes 2

Electronic Arts announce the latest Medal of Honor game, this time being developed "from the ground up" for Wii and Wii Zapper.

"It’s June 6th, 1944, and the war is in your hands. Step into the boots of OSS Operative John Berg and infiltrate Normandy from behind enemy lines to undermine the Nazi regime. On both the Wii and PSP system, choose to tackle all-new missions in traditional single..

News: Rockstar Bring Table Tennis To Wii

Rockstar Bring Table Tennis To Wii

Rockstar games have announced that the hit Xbox 360 game will indeed get a Wii release later this year.

It's been a rumour for ages, but Rockstar have finally confirmed everyones expectations, a version of Table Tennis for Wii. Developed by Rockstar Leeds in collaboration with Rockstar San Diego, Rockstar Games presents Table Tennis is the perfect Wii gaming experience. Feel the unmatched speed..

E3 2007: Super Swing Golf: Season 2

Super Swing Golf: Season 2

Tecmo outline a sequel to their popular arcade/golf title, Super Swing Golf PANGYA! with Super Swing Golf: Season 2

"Swing into the action with your favorite characters as they return to the island to challenge new courses with all new story and tournament modes. New multiplayer modes have been introduced to keep the party going with friends and family. With completely new customizations,..

E3 2007: Endless Ocean

Endless Ocean

Another new Nintendo title, this time for Wii, Endless Ocean wasn't really mentioned at E3, but Nintendo provided us with assets anyway.

It seems to be an ocean exploration game, there isn't any other way to explain it! Check out this intriguing video:

E3 2007: Mario Party DS

Mario Party DS

Nintendo's popular Mario Party franchise will be branching into the handheld market in November.

Whilst Nintendo haven't published many details about the game yet, we imagine it'll be packed full with the usual set of mini games and party modes. What's clear is that the emphasis will be on the unique DS control system. Check out the teaser video from Nintendo:

News: LIVE Nintendo E3 Conference Coverage

LIVE Nintendo E3 Conference Coverage

Not long to go now until Nintendo's E3 press conference is into full swing and I'll be here providing you with minute by minute updates of all the action as it unfolds.

16:31 - just 29 minutes until Nintendo's E3 2007 conference gets underway. The hype around the Internet is at boiling point just now, here's hoping Nintendo don't disappoint. 16:43 - less than 20 minutes to go now until the..