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  • Video Here Are Some Reasons to Love Animal Crossing: New Leaf, If You Need Them

    No mention of silly hats, strangely

    Earlier this summer one game seemed to be absolutely everywhere, and it didn't have any controversy or gun fights in sight, unless you count shooting balloons with a slingshot — Animal Crossing: New Leaf. For a good number of us it's probably still quite a distraction, as daily chores and tree shaking can be...

  • News Animal Crossing Plushies Move In

    Will never pester you for fruit

    You can admit it. Animal Crossing: New Leaf continues to seep its way into your life, your daily routine interrupted with thoughts of bell-generating schemes and what time so-and-so is visiting your house tonight. You did remember to buy turnips from Joan today, right? Good, good. For those who are genuinely New...










  • News Fresh Animal Crossing 3DS Details Emerge

    Gardening store confirmed

    The latest issue of Famitsu magazine is packed with details relating to the forthcoming 3DS installment of Animal Crossing, including news that the game will showcase a gardening store, thrift outlet and raccoon housing project — the latter being run by everyone's favourite exploitative landowner, Tom Nook. You'll also...



  • News Let Animal Crossing be the Soundtrack to Your Day

    Music 24/7

    One thing that you may think about occasionally is that, unlike characters in video games, movies and TV shows, we don't have a music soundtrack following us through our daily lives. Animal Crossing on GameCube, meanwhile, followed the same clock as us and its characters had an active soundtrack for every hour of the day. Courtesy of a...


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    Review Animal Crossing: Wild World

    It's so cute!

    To tell you the truth, I don't feel like Animal Crossing: Wild World is a video game. To me, it's more of a hangout. It's a fantasy world you can go to, to escape from reality…especially if you enjoy collecting furniture and planting pear trees. Wild World takes you away from your dull and boring life, to an alternate world full of...

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