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News: Video Games Live

Video Games Live

Get up and dance to that funky beat -- the video game music we know and love gets up and goes on tour.

PressTheButtons' main man MattG has pointed out a truly bizarre American stage show, Video Games Live. "An immersive concert event featuring music from the world’s most popular video games performed by a live orchestra and choir combined with synchronized lighting, video, performers, and..

News: Uwe Boll Rants

Uwe Boll Rants

Cult Hero film maker snaps back at the gaming press, also talks about his fantasic movies.

Useless Uwe Boll today sat down and talked to EuroGamer, he had quite a lot to say about the press, his movies and everything in-between. Apparently our fault, the gaming press, as to why his movies get such a bad reputation. Lets remember that his recent movies, such as BloodRayne, got totally slammed by the..

News: Will Bono Listen To Jack Thompson?

Will Bono Listen To Jack Thompson?

Will anybody listen to Jack Thompson? We surely hope not. He wants everyone to listen though.

Jack Thompson), that guy that seems to believe video games are work of the devil has today written an open letter to U2 frontman, Bono. Why? Bono is a key investor for the "Elevation Partners" company, whom may launch an acquisition bid for Take Two, publisher for those naughty Grand Theft Auto games..

News: Uwe Boll Razzie Recognition

Uwe Boll Razzie Recognition

The legendary Uwe Boll accepts his Razzie nomination saying "I take every prize I get".

Cult hero Uwe Boll makes movies, bad movies, of games. Usually this kinda of thing comes down to personal taste or style, however in Uwe's case, its fact. The legendary director has been nominated for Worst Director at the 2006 Razzies, the awards that is the polar opposite of the oscars. The movie? Alone In The..

News: Nintendo Of America Goto The Movies

Nintendo Of America Goto The Movies

Nintendo setup shop at the Sundance film festival, apparently trying to attract new customers.

Perhaps the Nintendo of America staff were getting abit bored, not a lot of new games to kick around the office. With this, they decided to go to the Sundance film festival which screens some of the movies we'll be watching this year. Why were Nintendo at this bash? Good question. I have no idea..

News: Classic Nintendo Catalog Uncovered

Classic Nintendo Catalog Uncovered

ProgressiveBoink uncover a trashy Nintendo catalog from 1990 and show us all the goodies.

Several gaming blogs have uncovered a mystery Nintendo catalog from yesteryear. "The World Of Nintendo" shows a huge collection of "Gear + Stuff" that your grubby Nintendo hands might of had way back when. have posted a "modified" edition of the catalog sourced from a 1990 issue of..