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  • News Cyber Gadget Unveils Gigantic Joystick Peripheral for 3DS XL

    Is your D-pad not measuring up?

    There have been all manner of unusual peripherals on Nintendo consoles. The Hyper Boy is the first that springs to mind, but the 3DS hasn't had as much attention lavished on it from the realm of the peculiar and cumbersome – until now. Introducing the Cyber Arcade Stick for the 3DS XL – an enormous grip for the...



  • News Treasure Your 3DS Game Saves Forever With This Handy Accessory

    Elves not included

    Save data doesn't last forever — for example, every time you write to a 3DS cart, you're shortening the lifespan of the cart's save memory. Of course, it's possible to write to a 3DS cart thousands of times over, but for some, the worrying prospect of losing months of progress in Pokémon X & Y is the kind of thing that will...





  • Weirdness It's Finally Here, a Labrador Retriever-Themed 2DS Case

    Paws for thought

    When the 2DS launched Nintendo also weighed in with official colour-matching cases, a necessity due to the tablet form stripping away the screen protection of the original clamshell design. It's only natural that third-party companies join in with their own versions, and one that's been confirmed for the UK market is the pictured...








  • News Play Wii U From The Comfort Of The Passenger Seat With MaxPlay

    A new standard of in-car entertainment

    We know the Wii U is pretty portable, but the guys at MaxBuy have taken things to the next level. They've produced the MaxPlay, a device which connects to your car's cigarette lighter and enables you to play Wii U on the move — as long as the game you're using supports off-TV play, of course. Not only does...

  • News Nintendo Working On Wii Remote Fast Charging Battery Pack

    Online survey points to long-awaited accessory release

    If there's one thing that really annoys us about using Wii Remotes in the Nintendo Life office, it's the fact that you need a constant supply of AA batteries on hand at all times, or a stock of rechargeable AA batteries which take ages to fully juice-up. Both the Xbox 360 and PS3 feature...


  • News These Disney Infinity Accessories Will Drain Your Wallet

    The need for a second job, is now

    Accessory manufacturer PDP unveiled a line-up of peripherals that will be available alongside the launch of Disney Interactive Studio's upcoming summer hit title, Disney Infinity, for the Wii U. The specialist company is planning to release cases and stands which can store your character figures, as well as...




  • News Give Your Wii U A Retro Makeover With This NES Skin

    Beauty is only skin deep

    The Wii U is an attractive system - a little too prone to picking up fingerprints perhaps, but aesthetically pleasing all the same. However, if it's just not "Nintendo" enough for you in its present guise, then you could slap this NES skin on it. Available in a gloss or matte finish, this skin will transform your shiny...

  • News Sick Of The Wii U GamePad's Weak Battery Life? Nyko Is Your Friend

    Giving gamers a boost

    The Wii U GamePad is a wonderful piece of kit that allows the user to do some amazing things. The problem with that is that you’re going to want to use it a heck of a lot, meaning that you're going to have to get used to seeing that flashing red battery warning light. Thankfully peripheral maker Nyko has already set about...



  • News Nintendo Confirms Wii Remote Plus Accessory Set for Europe

    For those that didn't buy Wii

    A major part of Wii U is backwards compatibility, not just with games but more so with controllers and accessories. The asymmetrical multiplayer that's so important to the system relies on one player with a GamePad and others using alternative controllers, such as Wii Remotes and Nunchuks. The Wii U console bundles...


  • News Some Wii U Accessories For Your Christmas Stocking

    Thanks, Atomic!

    If you enjoy playing with plastic swords and shields on the Wii, then you're going to love the Wii U goodies which Atomic Accessories has in store for unsuspecting consumers this coming Christmas. If you're worried about scratching your lovely Wii U GamePad, why not invest in a silicone case? You'll be the envy of all your friends...

  • News 3DS XL Cradle and AC Adaptor Available 24th August

    In the UK, that is

    3DS XL owners in the UK can now unite for one mighty sigh of relief, as online retailers and are both currently advertising the 3DS XL console's charging cradle and AC adaptor as available to purchase from the 24th August, at the sum of £19.99. While separate 3DS AC adaptors have been readily available for...


  • News Snakebyte Gets in Early With 3DS XL Accessories

    And so it begins

    3DS XL is just eight days away — at the time of writing — in Europe, so it goes without saying that we can all look forward to plenty of accessories and extras flooding stores and online retailers. We've received an initial shot across our bows today from Snakebyte, a company that provides plenty of low cost cases, adapters and...


  • News Nintendo Goes Mobile With iPhone Cases

    Just cases, not games

    It's become one of the most persistent arguments surrounding Nintendo in recent years: should it take its games — or versions of them — to mobile platforms? It's an argument with no end, but Nintendo does like to tease, and it's now come up with a series of officially licenced iPhone cases to remind smartphone owners of why...

  • News Nyko Tries to Make Circle Pad Pro Pretty

    Extends battery life, tries to stay out of ugly tree

    The 3DS Circle Pad Pro isn't widely loved, it's safe to say, with comments around the peripheral ranging from 'it's OK and works' to 'OMG WTF!!!'. Much of the attention when it released was around arguments that 3DS should have included two Circle Pads in its design, and also that it was...


  • News 3DS Stand Set for Solo Sale in Japan

    Going its own way

    As the number of plastic-based add-ons for 3DS starts to grow, keen collectors will be pleased to know that the system's stand, due to be released with Kid Icarus: Uprising, looks set for its own appearance in shops. The Japanese release of the stand-alone peripheral — we apologise for that — is confirmed for 22nd March, and it...


  • Feature The Wonder of Ugly Add-Ons

    Only their creators love them

    For those who hadn’t noticed, we recently posted our 3DS Circle Pad Pro review, which unsurprisingly prompted a broad range of opinions and comments. While the reaction to the add-on has undoubtedly been diverse, most agree on one thing: it’s ugly. Or, to quote our review, it "makes the console look like it's...

  • Hardware Review 3DS Circle Pad Pro

    A thin line between love and hate

    It says a lot about the absurdity of the Circle Pad Pro that when its existence was leaked last year, some hardcore Nintendo supporters refused to believe it was real. The concept of adding an additional analogue stick to the machine by the way of a chunky add-on seemed almost unbelievable; surely Nintendo...

  • News Official Metal Gear Solid 3DS Accessories Grip Europe

    Up your 3DS camo index

    With Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D out in six weeks, your thoughts might be turning to how you can camouflage your console to get in the espionage spirit, and Hori has it covered. The official Metal Gear Solid 3D accessory set is out in Europe on 24th February, a few weeks before the game, and includes a military-style...

  • Review Duracell Wii Charging Stand

    It stands, but does it deliver?

    The Wii has come with a plastic stand for years, but Duracell's effort does more than just support your Wii upright. As the name suggests, the Duracell Wii Charging Stand lets you recharge your Wii Remotes while keeping your Wii in place. It comes bundled with two rechargeable battery packs for your Wii Remote, but...

  • News Kid Icarus's 3DS Stand Coming to North America Too

    Take a stand

    That 3DS stand we saw the other day for Kid Icarus: Uprising? It's totally leaving Japan. Nintendo of America confirmed to Shack News that the stand is coming to North America: Nintendo is including a free stand with all copies of the Kid Icarus: Uprising game for the Nintendo 3DS system. The stand

  • News Kid Icarus: Uprising Comes With This 3DS Stand

    In Japan at least

    Kid Icarus: Uprising will be bundled with an arm-saving display stand for the 3DS. The folding stand sits on a desk and cradles the console itself while you use the stylus and face buttons to control Pit. Uprising supports the Circle Pad Pro for left-handed players but don't worry if you're not planning to pick up the peripheral...


  • Review Duracell Wireless Wii Sensor Bar

    Worth a closer look?

    You'd have to say the wire on the standard Wii sensor bar is of a reasonably generous length, but the fact it's wired at all irritates some, leaving wires trailing around if you don't have your TV and Wii set up how Nintendo originally envisioned. We took the Duracell wireless Wii sensor bar for a spin to see if it's worth going...

  • News Club Nintendo Japan Gets Gold Nunchuks


    GoldenEye 007 has a gold Classic Controller Pro, Club Nintendo members can get a gold Wii Wheel for Mario Kart Wii and of course there's a gold Wii Remote Plus for The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, but there's not been a gold Nunchuk — until now. Japanese Club Nintendo members can now get a gold Nunchuk to go with their other golden...

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