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  • Feature A Year in Development - 3Souls and the Debut of a New Nindie

    "Games are a really powerful tool for connecting with people"

    In this series of features we invite 'Nindies' to share thoughts on their experiences in 2016. In this entry Arturo Chaves Maza of Red Column writes about a year in which his studio released its debut game on the Wii U eShop - 3Souls. If you haven't heard about Red Column before, I...

  • News 3Souls Episodes 2 and 3 to Now Arrive as Free Updates

    Festive discount of part one also on the way

    3Souls has been an intriguing release on the Wii U eShop, utilising the GamePad for dual-screen gaming and plotting out a three-part release schedule. Though we found faults with part 1 in our review, we appreciated some of the ideas and intent behind the title. Those interested in taking a punt on it...


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    Review 3Souls

    Welcome to the world of Mustland

    One of the biggest criticisms the Wii U has faced during its lifespan is that not enough games released on the system have utilised the full potential of Nintendo's unique GamePad controller. Red Column's three-part episodic game 3Souls aims to fill the void, providing an inquisitive 2D puzzle platform experience...