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  • News Brighten Up Your Day with Colors! 3D Screenshots

    Palette cleanser

    While we wait for a release date for Colors! 3D, the developer Collecting Smiles has released the first 3D screenshots of the game online. The shots are available at 3DS Screenshot, though you'll find one 3D shot embedded in the post below: simply load up this page in your 3DS web browser and tap the image below to open it up in 3D...

  • News 3D Screenshots of Mutant Mudds Available

    Fire up that 3DS browser

    You may have seen our news article earlier in the week with launch details for a new Mutant Mudds website. It's got plenty of content to whet your appetite for the game, but as some readers have already spotted there's a neat sub-site that's worth a look. Renegade Kid has set up a page specifically designed for viewing on...


  • News Go Beyond the Labyrinth With New 3D Screenshots

    RPG gets Japanese date

    Konami just revealed a release date for gorgeous 3DS RPG Beyond the Labyrinth, and bundled in a load of new 3D screenshots too. The game — developed by experienced RPG studio tri-Ace — will reach Japan on 19th January, and follows a mysterious and anonymous white-haired girl as she chances upon an ancient sealed magic...

  • News Behold, 3D Screenshots of Heroes of Ruin

    Thine eyes!

    By now you've hopefully listened to the Nintendo Life Podcast: Episode 22 where our host James Newton spoke to Heroes of Ruin community manager Kevin Eva about the 2012-bound 3DS action adventure game. Audio can only do so much, though: visuals pack a far mightier punch, particularly in three glorious dimensions. That's why Square Enix and n-Space have released a set of 3D screenshots..


  • News 3DS Screenshot Site Does What It Says On the Tin

    Are you viewing comfortably?

    The 3DS web browser is a pretty handy thing, mostly for its ability to display 3D images embedded in web pages. While this feature has already been used for naughty purposes, a new website wants to bring you 3D screenshots of 3DS games. The smartly named 3DS Screenshot currently offers shots from Pilotwings Resort,...

  • News 3D Screenshots for You to Enjoy on Your 3DS

    Monster Hunter and more in glorious 3D

    Now the 3DS Internet browser is available, complete with the ability to display 3D images, you're probably bored of looking at 3D photos of other people's pets. If you're ready to see something a bit more fearsome in 3D — say, a Lagiacrus — we have you covered. Thanks to the hard work of Eighteen, whose...

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