30 Days Of Wii - News


  • News Wii Launch, London

    England awakens to a Wii winter wonderland, the Wii is out, the Wii is out. Do you have yours?

    Hundreds of people turned out on a bitterly cold London night to witness the birth of Wii into the UK. Gamers were treated to the "talents" of Ian Wright, Ricky Hatton and Nell McAndrew. New York had the Wii Segway, London had the Wii bus, a classic London bus painted in white with the familiar Wii logo..

  • Feature Your Wii Check List

    The countdown is almost over, you have only 24 hours to prepare to Wii.

    If you've not already pre-ordered your console, you could be in for a tough fight to get your hands on a Wii for launch day. If your in London maybe you should head down to the official launch at HMV as they should have a huge pile of Wii's. Otherwise you might find yourself...

  • Feature Best Of Gamecube

    Gone, but not forgotten

    As we count down to the release of Wii, we look back at our favourite moments on Gamecube. The Gamecube has been some what of a mixed bag, it's provided us with some classic moments but maybe its let us down, once more, with third party titles. It's pretty safe to say its done better than the Nintendo 64. We expect alot of...

  • News Wii Say: Konnichiwa Japan!

    Nintendo's homeland, the land of the future finally gets to play Wii and boy are they excited.

    Japan is somewhat of an oddball market, fans are very loyal for long periods of time but then suddenly switch allegiance. Nintendo have been on the cold side the past 5 years, Gamecube did okay, but the PS2 reigned supreme throughout its life. But today, Nintendo at least, hope that things have changed..


  • Guide Wii AV Hardware Guide

    Confused by what cable goes where? We dive into the world of AV and try and explain what's hot and what's not.

    Much like the world of computers, the abyss that is AV can be just as confusing. We're going to take you though both audio and video standards and give you an idea of what does what. VideoDisplay technology has exploded over the past 5...

  • Feature My First Day Of Wii

    It's finally here, the Wii has arrived and its time to play

    The sun rose over a cold and bitter English morning, it was like any other normal day, except today the Wii would finally be in my hands. 7.00am - I wake to the annoying sound of my alarm clock, usually it gets a beating but today I was nice, it was time to get up (unusually early for me)...

  • News The Wii Is Out There

    Nintendo's console finally gets unleashed into the homes of a million Americans.

    One of the biggest console launches ever has now completed its first leg, the Wii console is out and the majority of American readers will probably already have one, sadly us Europeans and Australians will have to wait alittle while longer. Reggie did Nintendo proud at the New York launch event, he even managed to sign..

  • News Wii Launch USA

    America prepares for the launch of Nintendo's new console, the wait is finally over.

    The Wii train is approaching the station, finally the mass market will be able to get their hands on the Wii console and we'll all know first hand, if Nintendo's gamble has paid off. What's all the fuss about? "The most important advance for video games in the last 10 years was the introduction of Super Mario..

  • Guide The Virtual Console

    Not only does Wii bring something new, it brings everything old - here's our guide to the Virtual Console.

    The Virtual Console (VC) is emulation software that allows you to play older games on your Wii system. If you didn't already know, an Emulator is a piece of computer software the “emulates” pieces of computer hardware. Essentially it'll...

  • Feature Wii's Competition

    How does Wii stack up again Xbox 360, PlayStation 3?

    Unless you've been living under a rock for the past 12 months, you'll probably already know all about the Xbox 360 and Sony PlayStation 3, if not we've compiled a brief guide to get you started. Every single time a new console gets released, the industry gets caught up in the “Next...

  • Feature The Wii Controller

    How can something that looks exactly like a TV remote controller be innovative and unique?

    And most important, how the hell do you play games with it? Those are questions that keep popping up everywhere when people are hearing about Nintendo's new control system. And they are absolutely legitimate questions, but after reading this article, you...

  • Feature Importing Wii Guide

    Tired of Europe getting games last?

    I'm sure you've all heard the story, Europe always gets treated the worst in the games industry. It's the last region to get the games. Companies such as Nintendo often release a game first in the US or Japan, then three to six months later when they've all finished playing it they decide to release the game in...

  • Feature Introducing Wii

    Load your guns and sharpen your knives, 'cause the war is coming. We are anticipating one of the greatest struggles known to men, as the three champions are getting ready. This is the console war, it's going to be bloody, it's going to be dirty, and the future of the game industry is depending on this.

    Well, maybe I'm exaggerating a bit. But it is...

  • News 30 Days Of Wii

    NintendoLife.com celebrates the Wii countdown with 30 days of Wii, heaps of Previews, Articles and Reviews on the way.

    The staff over at NintendoLife.com really can't wait for Wii to come out, we're quite literally sitting on our hands right now. We've decided to mark the occasion with a special 30 days of articles leading upto the European launch. We'll be posting a different..