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  • Hardware Review New Nintendo 2DS XL

    2D or not 2D? That is the question

    The 3DS is the handheld console that simply refuses to step into the shadows. With the Switch arriving on the scene blessed with the ability to host both portable and domestic gameplay, many assumed that Nintendo would put its existing handheld system out to pasture, but the Kyoto giant has done the exact opposite;...


  • News Quirky 3DS RPG Miitopia Lands on 28th July

    Restore the stolen faces of the citizens of Miitopia

    We brought the news earlier this month that the quirky 3DS RPG Miitopia would be getting localised for a Western release, and in today's New 2DS XL unveiling video it was revealed that the quirk RPG will be released on 28th July. It is now listed for $39.99 on Nintendo of America's website and is...

  • Poll What Do You Think of the New Nintendo 2DS XL?

    Out of left-field

    Yesterday we published an editorial chewing over some of the figures and implications of Nintendo's financial reports, with a headline point related to Nintendo's continuing confidence in the 3DS. Estimating six million hardware sales for the portable and a whopping 40 million software sales, we tried to consider how the company...