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  • Weirdness Nintendo Accepts a Real Life Cow Milking Challenge

    1-2-Switch just got real

    For some mysterious reason one minigame in 1-2-Switch has captured the hearts and minds of gamers across the globe. Of course we're talking about the cow milking game, for which our friends over at Tiny Cartridge did such a good job of capturing the delicious awkwardness of playing. Alarmed by this over-simplification of...

  • Video Blind Players Hail 1-2-Switch's Accessibility And Inclusivity

    "It was the first time he was able to experience a Nintendo game"

    1-2-Switch is all about looking at your opponent rather than the screen, and is therefore built around audio and force-feedback rather than visual cues. For James Rath, this presented an interesting situation, because Rath is registered as legally blind. Rath took the opportunity to...

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    Review 1-2-Switch

    The Switch's Wii Sports?

    Would the Wii have sold over 100 million units had it not come bundled with Wii Sports? It might be a pointless question to ponder more than a decade after launch, but there's no denying that the famous collection of motion-controlled sports titles convinced many a punter to part with their hard-earned cash. It was the ideal...



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