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  • News Blaster Master Zero Gets Another Load of Free DLC

    Also just passed a new sales milestone

    Blaster Master Zero was a standout release in the early Switch eShop, bringing the perfect mix of old and new to provide quite an engaging retro shooter. Since then, Inti Creates has gone above and beyond with its DLC support, adding in various new characters, modes, and other tweaks that enhance the game far...

  • News Sonic 3D Blast Developer Explains Bizarre In-Game Easter Egg

    It’s not a bug, it’s a “feature”

    When discussing the greatest games in the Sonic franchise, Sonic 3D Blast is seldom mentioned by anyone, and for rather good reason. The foray into exploring 3D platforming for the ‘hog was slow and strange; not really capturing the magic of those first few games in the series. Even so, it’s an enduring...

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    Switch eShop

    Review Axiom Verge

    Still a modern classic

    Just a couple of weeks ago the 3DS was graced with Metroid: Samus Returns, a top-notch new entry in the long standing franchise that gave the Metroidvania genre its name. Some were no doubt a little miffed that the game didn't come to the shiny new Switch, but another game has now come along that will fill in that gap quite...

  • News Super Mario Odyssey Director Explains Why the Life Counter Has Been Dropped

    "It was not an element that was absolutely necessary"

    One of the things that many fans noticed immediately when shown in-game footage of Super Mario Odyssey was that the life counter, a staple in every Mario game till now, was missing. Should the plumber meet his demise, the game merely subtracts some coins from your total and then restarts you at a...

  • Video Check Out This Custom SNES Mini Raspberry Pi Project

    A whole lot more than 21 games...

    It seems that the SNES Mini has been quite well received by the eager fanbase, and it will no doubt continue to please as Nintendo actually keeps up with stock this time around. Even so, one complaint which has been leveraged against both this microconsole and that of its predecessor is the lack of an eShop or a...

  • News The Sonic Movie is Now Being Produced by Paramount

    Sony gave it up

    It seems that the upcoming live action/CGI Hollywood Sonic movie has been toiling around in development hell for quite some time, but every now and then it makes a little bit of progress forward. Though it doesn’t sound like it’s going to actually be happening anytime soon—definitely not in time for that ‘2018’ release...

  • News The Pokémon GO Halloween Event Is on its Way

    What a Gastly surprise

    Pokémon GO has been pretty good about hosting new events to celebrate the coming of milestone moments throughout the year, often coinciding with holidays to bring special bonuses to the game that entice lapsed players back into the fold. Last year’s Halloween event was quite successful, bringing the game back to the top of...

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    Switch eShop

    Review Golf Story

    A hole-in-one

    One would not think that an RPG centered around golf would really make a whole lot of sense, but Camelot managed to nail the idea back in the '90s when it released Mario Golf on the Game Boy Color. Though it’s a rather niche release in the plumber’s past, it clearly inspired the developers of Golf Story to expand on the concept,...

  • News Nintendo Has Announced the End of the Wii Shop Channel

    The end of an era

    Though there were plenty of teething issues with it—who could forget that tiny file size limit?—the Wii Shop Channel marked a milestone moment for Nintendo, as the company made its first notable foray into digital game distribution. Considering the age of the Wii, and the fact that all other online services for the console have...

  • News ARMS Version 3.1.0 Is Now Available

    A new stage! Sort of…

    The latest notable news in ARMS was the recent addition of Lola Pop—a brand new, clown-themed fighter—alongside an associated stage, new ARMS, and various balancing tweaks. Nintendo sure isn’t slowing down with the updates though, as it’s already prepped and released a new patch that makes a series of notable tweaks...

  • News My Nintendo in North America Adds Free Games to its Gold Rewards

    Zen Pinball 3D! Runner2! More!

    A few days ago, we reported on My Nintendo in Europe adding four free games—two on 3DS, two on Wii U—to its Gold Rewards, something that has been much requested in the past months. While it may be that many decried the specific games being offered, it at least shows that there’s some effort on Nintendo’s side...

  • News Mighty Gunvolt Burst Gets Two New DLC Characters

    Girl power!

    Inti Creates has been pretty good with its DLC support for more recent titles, regularly adding new content and characters to them that expand on the core campaign in notable ways. Mighty Gunvolt Burst received a bit this summer when the team added in Ekoro as a playable character—bringing the game in line with its predecessor—but it...

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    Review LEGO Worlds

    Brick by brick

    This was originally published as an unscored 'review in progress' on 11th September as we waited for online play to be added in an announced update. Following an update to add online functionality this review was edited to reflect that feature, with a score applied. When Minecraft first hit the scene years back, many likened playing...

  • News Oxenfree Comes to the North American eShop on 6th October

    A perfect warm up for Halloween

    An interesting experiment in the realm of storytelling in games, Oxenfree was a notable indie release of last year; chronicling the story of a young group of adventurers that find themselves unravelling the ghostly secrets of a deserted island. It was rather well received when it debuted on other platforms, and it...

  • News Stardew Valley Has Been Finalized on Nintendo Switch

    Release date inbound!

    Stardew Valley is one of the most anticipated upcoming indie releases on the horizon for the Nintendo Switch, and it’s been known for a while that the game is essentially good to go on the platform, with just some final approvals barring the way to release. The Rune Factory-esque sim game has made quite a cultural impact on...

  • News LEGO Worlds Just Got a New Update

    Performance changes! Online! A new icon!

    Suffice to say, we weren’t all too impressed with LEGO Worlds when it came out a few weeks ago, as the subpar performance and janky gameplay made it an experience that simply wasn’t all that much fun to play. Even so, we held off on giving it a score until the full experience could be delivered—an...

  • Video Check Out the First Footage of The Mummy: Demastered

    Looking good, WayForward

    Universal’s new Dark Universe kicked off this summer with a new reboot of The Mummy, and, well, it didn’t go over all that great. Even so, the company remains committed to expanding the new universe with new movies and other related media in the future, and one notable piece of that is the upcoming video game, The Mummy...

  • News Super Mario Kart Nearly Became F-Zero 2

    How different things could’ve been

    Mario Kart is easily one of Nintendo’s biggest franchises, absolutely nailing the local multiplayer gameplay and providing an easily accessible experience for all to enjoy. It stands as a cornerstone of Nintendo’s portfolio and plays no small part in selling new hardware for the company; there’s a reason...

  • News Reggie on How Nintendo Handles Announcements and Responds to Fan Input

    "We love to surprise people."

    Nintendo has historically been a very secretive, and sometimes very odd, company in the broader context of the gaming industry. Fans are sometimes frustrated by the way Nintendo does things, wishing that the company might be more transparent in its plans and communicate more effectively with its massive fanbase, but the...

  • Rumour Data Miners Find Evidence of Pokémon Crystal in the Gold and Silver VC Releases


    Let’s be real, the VC release of the Game Boy Pokémon games is one of the easiest ways that Nintendo could make itself a nice profit. Pokémon historically is a franchise that moves units and nostalgia is a powerful factor in driving sales of the original, which are rather dated by modern standards. Few are complaining about the...

  • News Super Grand Prix Mode Is Coming to Super Bomberman R

    The gift that keeps on giving

    Super Bomberman R was one of the highlights of the Switch’s launch lineup, offering a retro inspired experience that perfectly sells the concept of the Switch and its multiplayer options. Since then, Konami has kept the game updated to keep interest high, putting out a few free content updates that expand and polish...

  • News XSEED Games Reveals What Will Come Included with Shantae: Half-Genie Hero Ultimate Edition

    That's a lot of Shantae

    Update: PQube has confirmed that it'll be publishing this Ultimate Edition in Europe, with its release to come in 2018. XSEED Games (below) is publishing in North America. Original Article: Shantae: Half-Genie Hero was a fantastic game right from the off, yet it was still improved even more when the additional Pirate...

  • News Nintendo Publishes New Interview on the Making of Super Metroid

    The king of the genre

    Super Metroid is one of those games that’s close to peerless in its genre and stands as one of the most respected games of all time. It’s a large part of the reason why “Metroidvania” games are given their name, and to this day is still popular in the speed running communities, as well as the broader scope of gaming...

  • News SEGA Knows Fans Want Sonic Adventure 3

    But, no, it doesn't sound like it'll happen

    In his 16-bit heyday, Sonic was certainly a force to be reckoned with, something that was only further reaffirmed by the recent release of Sonic Mania. It’s when the blue blur stepped into the 3rd dimension that things started going off rails, and it could be argued that Sonic Team has never quite nailed...