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    Review The Walking Dead: The Final Season

    Done Running, indeed

    After all this time, it’s a strange and melancholy thing to see Telltale draw one of its many choice-driven interactive stories to a definitive end. After all, this was the franchise that put the California studio back on the map, with a fine-tuned formula that took everything that made Robert Kirkman’s original comic story...

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    Review Next Up Hero

    Lives long enough to see itself become the villain

    No one likes kicking the bucket in a game. Whether you’re licking your wounds in a beat-’em-up or lamenting a mistimed jump in a platformer, death is the constant that keeps us coming back for more with respawns, ‘Game Over’ screens and more. But what if popping your proverbial clogs could...

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    Review Polygod

    A prayer for the dying

    The term ‘old-school’ can often be a poisoned chalice when it comes to the pantheon of the FPS, but every now and then a title emerges from the crowd that captures the brutality and unrelenting action of the classic corridor shooter. It’s time to acquaint yourself with the righteous violence of Polygod. Make no mistake...

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    Review Tetra's Escape

    Attack the block

    Ever wondered what would happen if gaming grandaddy Tetris decided it didn’t want to spend the rest of its days dropping blocky shapes down an endless chute? Where would it go next? Try its hand as a first-person shooter perhaps? No, too predictable. A fighting game cameo? No, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has already reached full...

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    Review Robbotto

    Robo Bobble

    Once upon a time, in an era where arcades were the verdant breeding grounds of gaming’s next big thing, there was a little game called Bubble Bobble. This cutesy platformer from Taito followed the adventures of Bob and Bub, a pair of diminutive dragons who used the power of bubbles to dispatch their enemies in adorable fashion. It...

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    Review State of Mind

    Identity crisis

    From beginning to end, State of Mind is a game of polarising contrasts. It has an intriguing sci-fi setting, but a story that tries to make one too many social commentaries and ends up muddled as a result. It uses low-poly character models, but boasts some of the most impressive environmental textures and lighting we’ve ever seen...

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    Review Unexplored

    Crawling in the dark

    While Unexplored finds itself in plenty of company on Nintendo Switch - the console is currently inundated with various takes on the procedurally generated roguelite - Ludomotion’s cyclic experience manages to offer something a little bit different. Yes, it’s top-down. Yes, it’s a dungeon crawler. And yes, it’s...

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    Review Megaton Rainfall

    Not all heroes wear capes

    Ever wanted to know what it feels like to be a proper superhero? No, not the web-swinging acrobatics of Spider-Man or the crime-solving machismo of Batman. A proper, superpowered being. It’s an experience video game developers have long struggled to replicate - Superman: The New Adventures, anyone? - but Pentadimensional...

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    Review Not A Hero: Super Snazzy Edition

    It's time to get political

    While it may be making its debut on Nintendo Switch more than three years after its original release, time has done little to dull the sharpness of Not a Hero’s pixel art blades. Repackaged as the Super Snazzy Edition - with an extra DLC campaign thrown in for good measure - Roll7’s gutsy shooter is still as bloody,...

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    Review Flipping Death

    Grave concerns

    Penny might not consider herself a goth, but the fact she dresses up as a demon and works at a funeral parlour has the rest of Flatwood Peaks thinking otherwise. When her over-the-top antics get her fired, she reacts just like any other person would - and drives to a local cemetery to hang out in a crypt with her boyfriend. You know,...

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    Review Crush Your Enemies


    The barbarians of Crush Your Enemies are living their best lives. Roaming from village to village, it’s a daily schedule based mainly around burning settlements, sticking heads on spikes, shouting inappropriate jokes and drinking every drop of beer within a 30-mile radius. With a horde of blood-thirsty reavers on hand, it...

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    Review Flat Heroes

    You better shape up

    Recent years have seen the 2D platformer refreshed and revitalised thanks to an influx of incredibly talented indie developers, their games often bringing a unique mechanic to the table while ensuring movement, speed and accuracy are always at the forefront. Whether it's the mountainous odyssey of Celeste or the perpetual grind...

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    Review Tanzia

    Looking to the past

    Playing Tanzia is a bit like jumping into a time machine and travelling back to an era where consoles still needed memory cards and DVD playback was all the rage. Everything from the cheesy soundtrack to the visuals that look like they’ve had the old-gen HD treatment makes you feel like you’ve traded your Nintendo Switch in...

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    Review Element

    A planet-wide success

    Ah, the humble RTS. That heady mix of resource management, tactical prowess and extra sharp wits. It’s a genre that helped make PC gaming what it is today, but without the precise control of a keyboard and mouse combo, the world of real-time strategy has rarely bedded well on consoles. And there’s the issue of time...

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    Review Guts and Glory

    Cunning stunts

    There’s nothing quite like a peaceful bike ride through the local park. The sun is shining. The birds are singing in the trees. The buzzsaws are whirring. Wait? Buzzsaws?! Oh dear, you’ve just been decapitated and delimbed by a series of deadly blades bouncing down a hill. Maybe not so peaceful, then… This is the world of Guts...

  • News Pull On Your Best Scrubs Because It Looks Like Surgeon Simulator Is Switch Bound

    Update: Now confirmed for Switch this autumn

    Update: Surgeon Simulator CPR has now been officially confirmed for Nintendo Switch. The game, which has added the 'CPR' suffix to demonstrate its new 'co-op ready' approach, is said to be "fully revived and feeling better-than-ever", bringing all of the original game content...

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    Review Hand of Fate 2

    All hands on deck

    We’ve seen plenty of genres successfully spliced together during Nintendo Switch’s lifetime - including the exploration and fisticuffs of Pato Box and the RPG/base-building magic of Dragon Quest Builders - but nothing quite like Defiant Development’s long-awaited sequel. Fusing the basic premise of a deck-building card game...

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    Review Semblance

    Squishful thinking

    Nintendo Switch boasts an abundance of 2D platformers in 2018, so it falls to developers to approach the genre with a neat hook or unique mechanic, lest their hard work be lost amid the console’s crowded eShop. Semblance tries to do just that, hanging its hopes and dreams on the power to shape and deform the platforms you’ll...

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    Review Hunting Simulator

    A taste of its own venison

    The words ‘shooter’ and ‘simulation’ don’t often populate the same sentence, especially when using them in relation to Nintendo Switch. You’re more likely to empty a magazine into an alt-history Nazi in Wolfenstein II or riddle knees with arrows across the unforgiving tundra of Skyrim. But now Nintendo’s...

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    Review Sausage Sports Club

    Paws for sport

    There’s no denying it - Sausage Sports Club is a very silly game. And it knows it, too. There’s no grand operatic story or a deep levelling system with myriad RPG mechanics. This is a party game, plain and simple. A party game where lots of animals with impossibly long necks attempt to bash, dash and stomp their way to minigame...

  • Talking Point What Are You Playing This Weekend? (July 14th)

    Here are our picks, but what are yours?

    It's time for the weekend, so that must mean it's also time for this week's Talking Point! Team Nintendo Life has plenty of games on its collective 'to do' list, ranging from retro classics to the usual appearance of mainstays Splatoon 2 and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. There's also likely to be a fair few...

  • News The Banner Saga Trilogy Will Get The Retail Treatment Later This Year

    With Gearbox on publishing duties

    Gearbox Publishing (who you may know as the studio behind the Borderlands series and *ahem* Aliens: Colonial Marines) has been getting in on the third-party publishing act as of late, and its latest partnership will see it bring The Banner Saga Trilogy to retail with a physical edition. All three entries in the...

  • News Fortnite's Servers Go Down (And Glitches Run Riot) Following Season Five Launch

    A rocky first night

    Fortnite's hotly-anticipated season five launched yesterday across its myriad platforms - including Nintendo Switch, naturally - but the sheer influx of players and the usual update bugs coalesced to create an evening of downed servers and consistent glitches. For those players that managed to get in a game, matches were...

  • Nintendo Download 12th July (Europe)

    Every game, demo, DLC and theme hitting the EU eShop today

    We're almost halfway into July, so that means more summertime games to keep your entertained on Nintendo Switch, 3DS, Wii U and mobile. Since it's Thursday, expect plenty of new games, DLC updates and discounts on the eShops in your region - there's bound to be something down below that'll...