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  • News Splatoon Version 2.12 is Now Live

    Splatting those pesky bugs

    Though the online community for Splatoon is still going strong, it's safe to say that the game has passed its prime. It got its last hurrah with the release of the new Callie and Marie amiibo this summer, and now that Splatfests are over, it seems that Nintendo has moved on (hopefully to make the sequel). That being said,...

  • News ESL Go4Splatoon Tournament Winners Will Get A Nintendo NX Console

    The ultimate splatfest

    This Sunday sees the start of the ESL Go4Splatoon Tournament, a six-month event which will end in a 2017 grand final to decide Europe's best Splatoon team. As if being recognised as one of the best Splatoon players in the world wasn't enough, the overall winners of this tournament will each receive a shiny new Nintendo NX...


  • Reminder The Splatoon Summer Testfire Demo is Now Live

    If you're yet to ink in a purchase

    We suspect that most with an interest in Splatoon bought it long ago, yet Nintendo is leaving no stone unturned in its quest to get as many Wii U owners as possible on board. A little while ago we shared the news that the Splatoon Testfire demo is returning for a Summer fling, so here's a reminder that it's live...

  • News Nintendo And ESL Team Up For Splatoon Online Tournaments In Europe

    Prep those paint rollers once more

    If you were sad about Splatoon Splatfest events coming to an end, then we have some good news for you - if you live in Europe, that is. Nintendo have teamed up with ESL, the world's largest esports company, to bring 6 months of Splatoon online tournaments for Euro gamers. At gamescom in Cologne, the top four...

  • News The Splatoon Testfire Demo is Coming Back for a Summer Fling

    Another push for the inky shooter

    Who remembers the Splatoon Testfire Demo? Released ahead of the main game, it gave eager fans an early look at the game's online play, while the timed windows gave Nintendo the opportunity to stress-test its servers. Surprising, the Testfire Demo is back, with multiple sessions planned during 25th to 28th August,...


  • Video Nintendo Wants You to Bask in Some Splatfest Nostalgia

    There's a Squid Sisters song for every occasion

    This past weekend Splatoon hosted its final Splatfest, the regular events that have allowed teams to put on snazzy virtual outfits and fight over topics such as pizza flavourings and favoured lifestyle choices. For plenty of Wii U owners the events have been a welcome regular routine, and their...

  • News With Splatfests Finished, Judd Is Now Your Source of Super Sea Snails in Splatoon

    You have to earn them, though

    The final Splatoon Splatfest ended with Team Marie victorious, with plenty of players taking off their team t-shirts, collecting their winnings and no doubt letting out a disappointed sigh. After more than a year of regular updates and Splatfests, the Wii U's colourful shooter is about to settle down and conclude its...

  • News Team Marie Triumphs in Splatoon's Final Splatfest

    The end of an era

    Since its release in May 2015, Splatoon has been a notable success for the Wii U. While the platform has struggled, those that do own the system have embraced Nintendo's colourful third-person shooter in a big way. The cultural impact - especially in Japan - has been significant, with amiibo, merchandise and even live concerts...