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Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Not Yoshi's finest hour

Remember Yoshi’s Island on the Super NES? That awesome platformer that swapped the roles and made Yoshi the main hero with (Baby) Mario being the sidekick? It's become iconic, but this is perhaps the first "real" Yoshi game (Mario isn't in the name and he's barely seen in the game) and it does things a bit differently.

The first thing you'll notice is that Nintendo decided to take a very different approach, graphics-wise. Instead of opting for a "crayon-drawn" style like Yoshi’s Island it decided to take on a peculiar "pop-up book" style, which looks quite odd. Characters are quite big compared to Yoshi’s Island as well. Nintendo fans often get defensive when people call games "kiddy", which is usually totally baseless - but this game is the very definition of the word, with childish and "cute" graphics.

The main gameplay is quite similar to Yoshi’s Island. Yoshi can extend his tongue, throw eggs, do flutter jumps, ground pound and more. This time though, Yoshi's got life - instead of being able to simply retrieve Baby Mario, he will just take damage, and if he loses all his life he's a goner. If you die, you've got "reserve" Yoshis (all differently coloured) which fancy eating different types of Shy Guys and fruit. Lost Yoshis can be retrieved, but I'll leave it up to you to discover how. If you lose all Yoshis, it's game over.

Beating levels is a bit different, as they basically go on endlessly. It's not until you fill all of the dots around the screen with fruit (just eat them) before you end the stage. There are 6 worlds - each of them has four stages, although all but the first three of them must be unlocked first. You can only choose one of the levels in each world in a playthrough, so altogether you will only play six stages! Not every level has a boss, so you will most likely hardly fight any before you reach the final boss. None of the bosses are particularly challenging, and one can actually be defeated by just using Yoshi's tongue move over and over again.

The sound department is another factor where the game fails. This is the game that introduced the voice Yoshi has today; those "yaaaaaay" and "whoooooa" noises originated here. The music has some nice beats to it, but for the most part it's just a bunch of remixes of the exact same theme. There are also some songs that actually have Yoshi voices singing - you can imagine how annoying those sound.

Yoshi's Story is usually not mentioned when people talk about Mario platformers, and for a good reason - it's insultingly easy, collecting fruit to progress serves as a lame excuse to keep you in levels longer, the game's incredibly short (an hour for one playthrough) and once you've seen all the levels the game has to offer by locating all the big hearts, there is absolutely no need to replay it ever again.


There is almost nothing memorable about Yoshi's Story aside from the graphical style, which isn't necessarily memorable in a good way. Yoshi's Story was a disappointment when it was originally released and it still is today; it's not a patch on Yoshi’s Island. The only recommendation we could give this game is for really young kids due to the simplistic, unchallenging gameplay.

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User Comments (38)



Roo said:

I find the review interesting, yet unconvincing. It's a different (enough) game to warrant a download, and has some really impressive touches - though a subjective matter, I feel the music and sound both enhance the Yoshi's Story experience. In conjunction, the claim that it is unchallenging is hallow; a substantial challange lies underneath the suface.

I'll wrap this up: your review is misguiding.



Bass_X0 said:

Yeah. Its better than a 4/10. Its not a great game but its still somewhat fun and playable even if you'll see the whole game quite quickly. There's some really bad N64 games in its library and this isn't one of them. But we'll never see those on VC anyway.



slangman said:

Wow 4/10. This is one of the most unfair reviews I ever read. Sure this game is easy and it ends too quick but this is a fun little gem. The music is quite good too. This deserves something like 7/10. 4/10 makes it sound like a bad game when it's not.



CanisWolfred said:

This actually looks like a lot of fun! Certainly better than that deplorable Yoshi's Island game! No stupid baby to carry around!

Just from watching the video, I already disagree with the review. For one thing, I actually find the pop-up book look to be incredibly charming. I also don't mind any of the new music and sound effects at all. I never liked the look or the music of the previous Yoshi game, and this is honestly an improvement. Other than that, I simply can't seem to figure out what was actually "bad" about this game. Music and graphics alone don't make a game good or bad, and I would've appreciated it if the reviewer had made things more clear.



Shinnok said:

This game is fun Mickeymac, and the pop-up book aspect is very charming. Excellently worded! And yeah Slangman, a 7/10 is appropriate. Because, if you're like me, you like a game to have a good story. And, like most (not all) Nintendo titles, this game can't deliver.



Jogurt_the_Yogurt said:

Wait, the music is "nothing special" and the only real downside is Yoshi's annoying voice, and that drops the score to a 4/10? OK... This review actually makes the game sound pretty fun.



Doogle said:

@Jogurt - I dunno, in reading this review I think it's pretty clear the reviewer is not recommending this!

I remember playing it as a kid, it bored me to tears. There is no challenge and the levels just cycle around in a loop. Compared to the sublime Yoshi's Island on the SNES this is a real turd!



Sauronmx said:

Well as a "cranky kong" on nintendo gaming, and aslo as a proud parent, this game left me with two diferent point of views.

a) as gamer.- really will hate myself for the rest of my life, i really cant find a good point that saves this game from the 4/10 score. Too easy, the same routine every level.... well a lot of bad points that were already pointed in the review. I miss those 1000 wii points to date.

b) as parent.- I have two kids, a 6 year old girl and a 4 years old boy, and when trying to find them a game that they could play without my help, also that doenst serves that big amount of violence, blood and bad language to them, i find myself in front of Yoshi's story. You have no idea how many smiles and good time this 1000 wii points bring to the family time in front of the wii.



MrLopez said:

Wow only a 4 That makes me a sad Yoshi.. lol
Anyways it deserves at least a 7 I think.



CharlieACCF said:

This is my absolute favorite Yoshi game! Cheerful graphics, fun objectives and silly sounds. An enjoyable N64 classic!



rayword45 said:

Seriously, this is an 8 in my book! It's quite fun and it was MADE for children so saying that lowers the score makes you sound like a Microsoft fan, Drake (You need a game with blood and gore). No offense!



Pastry said:

I actually liked this game a lot, 7/10 is the right score. The only thing that I didn't like was that you could only play one level in a world and then you got boosted to the next world. A nice addition to your VC library if you ask me.



Goomba2996 said:

Wow I agree with what everybody's saying 4/10 is too low for this game 7/10 is more like it.



hobbes said:

I have fond memories of this game as a kid when playing it at friends houses. Granted, I was around 10 or so when N64 came out so... But a 4/10 does seem low. And as someone who isn't good at platformers, I remember dying quite a few times when playing this.



Yasume said:

Lol, where did that 4/10 come from? As someone else said, this game is made for the younger crowd. I rented this game as a kid for a week and couldn't even beat it, so that you need only 1 hour to beat this game is absolutely ridiculous.



SergeOfArniVillage said:

This is a depressing game Think about it. Yoshi's have to go on an eating spree in order to stay alive. When they eat enough, they go into a drug-induced trippy-like state and pass out, only to wake up in another world. Poor Yoshi, so depressed he's turned to drugs. Anyway, this game is pretty good, about 7/10.



Marioman64 said:

geez your review makes the game sound bad, I would've given it like 7 stars. each level has a challenge to find all 30 melons. there's tons of replayability in trying to unlock all the stages.
And your last paragraph. I love the music in this game, it's really rewarding. The graphics are brilliant and really make you feel the world has turned into a pop-up book (which is the plot). The game is easy if you just look for any fruit, challenging if you go for all melons, and it's just fun all over. It's rated E for everyone for a reason.



MetalMario said:

This review was just awful, I have to say. True, the game is easy if you just eat everything. If you are picky and try to get the best score (which the scoring wasn't even mentioned in this review), the game gets much more difficult. And I like the graphical style. It accurately portrays the story and it's bright and colorful. And it's not like there's only 6 stages. There's 24, really. You should be encouraged to try and unlock all the levels by playing it more than once. And there's only two bosses. One after stage 3 and one after 6. That was intentional. And the thing about how the music is the same but remixed? Try playing Super Mario World. It's that there, too. The main theme is remixed to fit the level's theme. This game should have been at least an 8.

And Yoshi's voice is NOT annoying. If it lost stars for that that's pretty stupid.



Zinjak said:

ive always found the songs where the yoshi's sang to be charming and cute.



miletich3 said:

For a not so challenging game and babyish characters, it is a challenging game to remember. All I have to say is that you can only choose from one of four levels on page 1. Then, depending on how many red hearts you collect, you can choose levels on the next page.

That low score is uncalled for!



Kurachi said:

i agree with jogurt's post, it does sound fun, the only bad thing would be the same i hate from yoshi in SSBB, which is his dumb voice
and i agree with all who say its not not fair to rate a game that low for just that 1 thing which wont even annoy all people, some just play, and if you're in a game (for me this is true) you dont hear much, you just see the game and its good points

i mean, if the game itself was very annoying, ok, but just yoshi's sound

some people dont like monkey sounds, but should all DK's games have just 4 stars?

easy game? so what? kirby games are easy, and i like em (at least platformers)
and there are more games not hard which are fun to play
and whats a better game for yoshi where you wont hear an annoying sound of crying and some random effects (like an alarm clock) with it when you get hit?

i never played this, but may try and buy later, and doubt its 4/10
as i dont know the game, i think it's at least 6/10, only for the video and pics

EDIT: after rewatching it, in think it doesnt sound 1/5 as annoying as SMW2 with baby mario, and in ssbb he sounds worse, in this game you will get used to it, cuz you need to pay attention at the stages, but in SMW2 its too loud to not to hear it
the chance i'll try it has become bigger, just after watching it 1 more time



weirdproq said:

This review in my opinion is no good. I think this game is fun and I give this game a 8/10.



Hokori said:

I think this deserves a 7, sure its easy but getting 100% is more of a challenge... sort of, well its not terrible.



IAmChristinaAguilera said:

I bought Yoshi's Story because I wanted a Super Mario Bros.-style game on my Wii that I could feasibly beat while intoxicated. I was not disappointed.

I had no interest in this game when it first came out, but when I tried it at a family friend's house a couple of years afterwards, I enjoyed how 2D Mario-esque it was, if more lightweight than usual. Mario 3 or Mario Bros. Wii it ain't, but it's worth noting that it was the last real new 2D Mario-style game until NSMB/Super Princess Peach/etc. came out on the DS.

That all said, I spent $10 on it and haven't played it in months. Your mileage may vary.



aut0matic said:

first off- anybody that compares this game to super mario world 2:yoshi's island in ANY WAY deserves a swift kiss on the lips. with that out of the way, yes, this is the absolute WORST platformer nintendo has ever done, hands down. this coming from a lifelong die-hard nintendo fan who played this game upon its original release when i was 12 years old.

seriously, i'll stand by the reviewer's original score. if this game didn't have yoshi and the others in it, you wouldn't even be able to tell it was a nintendo game at all. the creative level designs, detailed backgrounds, boss fights, music, power-ups, challenge- EVERYTHING was missing from a nintendo game. it was critically panned at the time of release, too. i remember everybody pretty much universally hating this lump of condensed fail in a cartridge.

i know you might say, "but it's nintendo" and look at the screenshots and gameplay footage and think to yourself, "this doesn't look too bad!" but believe me, the game is very boring and devoid of the usual nintendo charm. waste money at your own risk.



Bensei said:

At least a 6/10. The review does the childish looks unjustice. I thought the pop-up book look was really cool, but the pre-rendered graphics just don't fit in with the rest.



hYdeks said:

I have this game on my VC and it desires better than just a 4, I would say a 5. It's definitely not as good as Yoshi's Island (which I wish was on VC) and the storybook telling/ yoshi singing parts are kiddy and annoying, but the game is actually fun to play gameplay wise.



TromaDogg said:

Wow, what an unjustified review. There's 2 ways to play Yoshi's Story....the idiot's way (which is obviously what the reviewer did) just to run through the game once and finish it quickly and think that was it...more fool you if you think that's all Yoshi's Story has to offer...or the gamer's way where you only go for melons for the highest score, unlock the black and white Yoshi's and use them to maximise score also, unlock all the extra levels by finding all the hearts and find all of the coin letters to spell out the secret message (which takes multiple playthroughs).

Sure, it's still not quite in the same league as Yoshi's Island, but it's not much much worse than it either. I'd say Yoshi's Story was worth a solid 7/10. And some of the music sounds great too, even if it is made up mostly of remixes of the main theme.

@aut0matic It was only panned at the time of release because everybody was expecting Yoshi's Island 2, and they were butthurt because that's not what they got (Yoshi's Story takes a different direction and is mostly a score attack game more akin to Nights into Dreams). Yoshi's Island DS was a superb, proper sequel to Yoshi's Island and yet critics still complained about that too....when people put their blinkers on and view a game as 'perfect' through rose tinted spectacles, they become hostile if any little changes are made to the formula whatsoever without giving the new game a proper chance.



SparkOfSpirit said:

Another dead-on review. I'm glad the N64's lesser games aren't hoisted up unjustifiably like many other sites tend to do nowadays.

I still don't know what Nintendo was thinking with this one. Such a let down.



memoryman3 said:

So THIS is the game that New Yoshi's Island was inspired by!

Both in quality and art-style!

(Yarn Yoshi please be good!)



Goginho said:

"There is almost nothing memorable about Yoshi's Story..." wow, speak for yourself, I guess? This game is far from that, as it left a huge mark on me. I remember nearly everything in it, despite not having played it for over a decade now (waiting for a Wii U Virtual Console release). So, all I can suggest to others is, screw this review and judge the game for yourselves if you ever get a chance to try it.



RikuKH said:

@Goginho i agree. Not memorable? This game has one of the best atmospheres of any Nintendo game I've played (and I've played a lot).



Goginho said:

@RikuKH Yup this game has such a distinct vibe to it, that it's impossible not to remember some of the songs and the various interesting enemies. Dat opening theme though so happy... also that Yoshi underground hip-hop beat, the jungle / tribal music, the "Nutcracker" song in the castles...etc..



babypig57 said:

I created this account for the soul reason to tell whoever rated this game at a 4/10 is an idiot. Please stop writing reviews for nintendo life, as you understand nothing about reviewing .Not only was this game Great!!! But it had an extensive amount of content. Unlockable levels and characters for those gamers who like to explore the game and unlock them. Also if you suggest yoshi is annoying then why would you be the one to review a game only about yoshis. ONE OF YOSHIS FINEST HOURS
P.S. stop reviewing games you suck at it. Almost everything you said was wrong

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