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Posted by Corbie Dillard

Not quite perfect

When World Heroes was first released on SNK's Neo Geo arcade and home console system, it was yet another attempt to capture the popularity of Capcom's Street Fighter, this time by developer ADK. While the game featured some unique gameplay and visual features, it was still regarded more as a nice attempt at the genre than any type of hardcore one-on-one fighting game experience. ADK would release two sequels that stepped things up a few notches before finally bringing things together for this fourth release, World Heroes Perfect.

The World Heroes series had generally been more about flash than substance, but ADK obviously wanted to attempt to change this with this final World Heroes release. Not only did they add a fourth button to the mix, they also added in a wealth of new techniques for each character as well as some new special move inputs, namely the pressing of the A, B, and C buttons to execute specials, to make things a bit more fluid and manageable during battle.

You've got your choice of 19 characters, and they are as offbeat and varied a bunch as you've likely seen in a fighting game. In single player mode, you choose a character and fight your way through a host of of the game's fighters in order to earn the opportunity to square off with the boss and see your character's unique ending. Of course a second player can jump into the mix at any time for a little competitive action.

The greater emphasis on combos and the HERO gauge helps modernize the game, but it's certainly still not on par with type of depth seen in more intricate fighting games of the time period. The flashy special moves are still the big draw, but having a more balanced and user-friendly set of controls does go a long way, giving players far more tools to work with than in past World Heroes releases. Just don't expect a lot of extra fluff, as World Heroes Perfect tends to stick with a "less is more" approach.

Few Neo Geo fighters feature visual presentation as eye-popping as World Heroes Perfect. Vibrant colors and screen-filling special moves are abound throughout the game, plus with the solid animation and gorgeous backdrops, there's plenty of eye candy for players who appreciate it. The musical score is equally unique, but as in many Neo Geo fighting releases, the voice announcer goes a bit overboard and sounds a bit too over-the-top at times. Finding good voice announcers for fighting games must be much more difficult than we think.


World Heroes Perfect certainly doesn't stand up to some of the top tier Neo Geo fighting titles like Garou: Mark of the Wolves or the King of Fighters series, but it's still a very capable and enjoyable fighting game experience for those willing to put up with its minor eccentricities. A wealth of over-the-top special moves coupled with flashy visual presentation definitely makes the game worth a try for fans of the genre. It's easily the best of the World Heroes series and a worthwhile addition to the Virtual Console.

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User Comments (18)



C-Olimar said:

There's soooo many fighters on the Wii VC! I think the only people who will buy this one are the people who either remember it from their past or have all the other fighters and want more.



DarkEdi said:

Why they skip WH2 and WH2 Jet? No matter, this is the best version, i´ll pick it.



WaxxyOne said:

Suggestion for NinendoLife reviewers:

If you're going to include a tagline after each article's title (e.g. "Not quite perfect") make sure it matches the tone of the article you're attaching it to.

Of course I can see you were just taking the opportunity to pun with the title which includes the word Perfect, but a 7/10 is far from a bad score, and the review's conclusion indicates you're recommending this game to the average gamer. The negative connotation of the tagline had me thinking that it was going to get a low score before I even clicked the link to bring up the full review.

There are probably a lot of people (like me) who don't have time to read every article and use just the title and thumbnail on the main news page as a guide of whether the page is worth checking out. I might not be the only one getting the wrong impression.



sinalefa said:


Corbs is saying the game is not perfect, so it gets a 7. Had he said "the opposite of Perfect" then I would have expected a bad score.

Anyway, this is the one they should release as the others feel redundant. Kinda like Capcom only releasing Street Fighter III Third Strike instead of the previous two versions. Still they released tons of versions of SFII on the VC.



Tryken said:

The issue with fighting game additions is that only the latest one is viable to play competitively. By that I mean: Street Fighter 2 Super Turbo (HDR was the exception, even though I think it's a better game), SFIII Third Strike, and SFIV AE 2012. While releasing the previous ones is a neat novelty, it's not particularly useful for trying to be competitive in, say, vanilla SFIV or Street Fighter III New Generation.



Bass_X0 said:

Anyway, this is the one they should release as the others feel redundant. Kinda like Capcom only releasing Street Fighter III Third Strike instead of the previous two versions.

Originally? They couldn't get to Third Strike without producing the first two games first. In fighting games, sequels are built upon feedback to the original. Without that first game, there is no feedback to use to create the best version. But even the best version can still be improved upon.

On the X-BOX 360 and PS3 - true, but I'd still buy Double Impact (the first two SFIII games) if they were to release them before or after Third Strike. I enjoy playing those older games too despite downloading Third Strike.



Araknie said:

Not quite: 7

I know you wanted to do a joke but this a silly joke. So like Nintendo Power...ehi wait a minute!



sinalefa said:


Yes, I was referring to the HD rerelease we saw not long ago. On the Dreamcast I had Third Strike but not Double Impact.



BulbasaurusRex said:

What's wrong with an over-the-top voice announcer? It's not like we're expecting serious play-by-play or commentary like in a simulation style sports game. Case in point: NBA Jam.



kartus said:

Perfect's a great and interesting game, definitely underrated; another game that deserves an 8, probably even a 9. "That time period" consisted of games like SFA/SFA2, FF3/RBFF, Savage Reign/Kizuna Encounter, and KOF '95/KOF '96; WHP is better than nearly all of those and easily goes up there with SFA2.

WH and maybe WH2 aren't particularly worth playing, but they (usually) have great music and the all-important Deathmatch mode. 2 Jet I'm not sure on, probably better than 2.

It's a bit pointless to bring up something like "the latest versions are the most competitive", partly because that's not always true, but mostly because it's a given and doesn't usually matter. I'd totally appreciate the release of earlier SFIIIs despite their problems; I appreciated the release of the entire Fatal Fury series as well.

NG (even if it is FF3-tier) and 2I are both fun and crazy games, very different from SFIII, and they both have much better styling than SFIII ever could. SFIIIOE really should have been a trilogy pack, would have been perfect.

("7/10 is far from a bad score" is a poor mindset and wrong anyway. It stands for "mediocre", which Perfect is anything but.)

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