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Romance of the Three Kingdoms IV Review

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Posted by Damien McFerran

Taxing the old grey matter

First things first - this fourth edition of Koei's long running 'Romance of the Three Kingdoms' series is not going to be for everyone. The franchise, based on actual events in China's history, has evolved and developed considerably over the past few years and it's encouraging that VC users are getting one of the better console editions first, rather than one of the earlier, less complex entries.

RoTK is astonishingly deep. In fact it's probably a little too deep for most players. The utlimate goal of the game is to unite a broken and conflict-ridden China and the player can create alliances with other rulers to take out stubborn enemies.

A neat twist is that your allies can turn against you at any point, so the game becomes a finely balanced exercise in tactics as you constantly try to second-guess when the tide will turn against you and making plans before it happens.

It's hard to really compare RoTK to anything else on the VC at the moment. It is undeniably unique, but I doubt many people will get the full value out of it. It requires a lot of time and effort and much of the game is spent simply keeping check of resources and indulging in diplomacy.


If you're after something action packed then steer well clear, however if you feel that the current drop of VC releases fail to tax your grey matter, then you could do a lot worse than download this.

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Gabbo said:

This game blows away Nobunaga's Ambition in terms of complexity. Now that that game is out on VC I would recommend that to anyone looking for their first Koei game and then progress on to this one later.



Kaze_Memaryu said:

C'mon, Damien! You call that a review? No offense, but a bit more detail on the game wouldn't hurt at all. Or is it really just about the alliance-based strategy? What about sound, controls, or graphics?



DarkCoolEdge said:

The review is ho-hum at best... I don't have a clue about the quality of the game.

@Damo in the second paragraph says "utlimate".



edhe said:

Remember, in those days, reviews on Nintendolife were particularly brief. I'm sure we'll get an updated review sooner or later.

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