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Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation Review

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Posted by Corbie Dillard

It's about slime!

It's certainly no secret that Nintendo made the right move in choosing to publish Dragon Quest IX outside of Japan as the game not only drew rave reviews from the gaming media, but also broke numerous sales records along the way as well. Now in an effort to keep the momentum rolling, it's decided to help Square-Enix resurrect one of the classic Dragon Quest titles which, until now, has never seen an official release outside of Japan. And as if this weren't enough, the game's also been given a complete makeover from top to bottom and received a host of bonus features for fans to sink their slime-slashing teeth into.

Since the Dragon Quest series has changed very little over the years in terms of gameplay, the game should immediately feel familiar to longtime fans. You'll spend the majority of your time traversing the world map and exploring the game's many towns and dungeons throughout your quest. Of course along the way you'll have to deal with the constant flow of random enemy encounters, a longtime staple of the series. You'll find doing battle to be a very integral part of your journey, at least if you hope to survive for very long, and will also provide you with gold needed to upgrade your equipment and purchase healing items.

Battles in Dragon Quest VI stick to the tried-and-true turn-based system that's been used in the games since their inception. You'll be given the usual menu choices such as using your main weapon or performing magic spells you learn, as well as fleeing battles entirely. As you make your way through your adventure, you'll pick up additional characters in your party that can aid you in battle and even be switched in and out once you acquire the use of the covered wagon. You'll soon find that some characters tend to be more effective in certain situations than others and choosing them will become more and more important as you reach the latter stages of the game. You'll even be able to set up the tactics of these additional characters or take control of them just as you would your main character if you so choose.

Slimes have always been a huge part of the Dragon Quest titles, but they play an even more integral role in this sixth release. As you do battle, you'll sometimes have the opportunity to capture a slime and add it to your party. You'll then be able to level it up and change its character class, just as you do your main characters, and even pit your slime against enemies of various difficulty in Slimopolis. So just as it's important to carefully level up and change vocations among your party members, so too is it important to grow your slime into a solid fighter as well.

As if the lengthy main adventure wasn't enough, the developers have included a host of new features and game modes for players to tackle. Slime Slippin' is a unique minigame that you'll be able to play once you reach a certain section of the game. Here you'll be using the touchscreen to launch your slime down various runways, performing tasks that range from trying to land your slime in the bullseye to knocking down soldiers in typical bowling fashion. Another unique addition is the Dream Sharing mode where you'll be able to create your own Dream Card and then share it with other player's using the DS Wi-Fi function. While these additions might seem a bit tacked on, they're actually a lot of fun for gamers who'll take the time to try them out and provide a nice diversion from the main adventure.

It's difficult to fault the developers for keeping the execution and feel of the gameplay fairly typical for this release. There's always been something enjoyable about the old-school approach the series has made use of over the years and it works equally well in this remake. The combat system is extremely well implemented and feels even more smooth and polished, at times, than the system used in the newer Dragon Quest IX release. When you toss in an extremely lengthy and challenging quest with the already rock solid controls, you get yet another amazing Dragon Quest experience that should more than please fans of the series, not to mention bring in many new fans with the modern twists that are introduced.

Anyone that's played Dragon Quest IX knows how amazing the visual presentation was, but you'll be every bit as impressed with the fresh coat of paint the developers were able to impart on this remake. Lush environments and some very well designed and animated monsters really make the world come alive around you. There's also a huge degree of variety between the various locales you'll visit, so you'll never hardly see the same visual styles repeated very often, yet another aspect that gives the game such a grand scape in size.

From the moment you start the game you'll immediately know your inside of a Dragon Quest game just from the sound effects and music alone. You'll be treated to a barrage of classic remixed tracks from past Dragon Quest releases, not to mention a host of new orchestrated tunes to go along with them. Since there's no real cutscenes, there's also no voiced dialogue, but given the charm and personality of the various characters and monsters you'll meet during your adventure, as well as the beautiful musical score, it's really not something you'll miss all that much in the overall scheme of things.


Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation might not be as flashy or intricate as Dragon Quest IX was, but that certainly doesn't keep the game from being every bit as charming and engaging. Square-Enix has once again retained all of the game's classic 16-bit style while still upgrading the various aspects of the game to make it look and feel like a much more modern RPG experience. If you're one of those RPG fans who can still appreciate a good old-fashioned turn-based role-playing adventure that doesn't deviate too far from the classic formula, Realms of Revelation should prove to be right up your alley and yet another fantastic addition to the impressive DS RPG library.

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User Comments (39)



Rensch said:

I'm curious about it. I like how they use the sprites to keep that old SNES-vibe to it.



Issun said:

"It's about Slime"
I'll have to reply : " It's the power of looove !"
Still wonder when it'll come out in Europe, though.



Punny said:

Sounds like fun! I loved Dragon Quest IX, so I should give DQVI a go, too (once I find the time to do it).



Hokori said:




Slapshot said:

I wish I had time to get into this game myself. Sadly I don't.

Great Review Corb!



kevohki said:

@7: Probably because the genre in general has become as stale and boring as Western first-person shooters. Exceptions are remakes of good games (Chrono Trigger) and the occasional hit that isn't titled Dragon Quest or Shin Megami Tensei which actually brings something new/interesting to the generic JRPG formula (The World Ends With You, Tactics Ogre).



Highwinter said:

JRPG's are dying in the west because of their lack of innovation, ever growing bland styles and being surpassed by WRPG's in terms of story and character development.

Like the review said, this is a great classic RPG but it's not going to appeal to everyone.



Azaris said:

I liked what ive played of this game so far but imo dragon quest v was better (I mean what kind of game make you fight the main villan 3 times before you even play a quarter of it*) plus i didn't like things like murdaw's keep and destiny's drop(random battles every 12 steps plus having to restart large portions of the puzzle all over=bad idea)
*ok he might not be the main villian but the game sets him up as the main villan



Objection said:

A good DS JRPG? Nice, wish it wasn't a Dragon Quest, as i can't really stand them. It's just too archaic for me, but it's good to hear that they did a good job updating it aesthetically here.



Hokori said:

oh well then I know what I like and where I can go to not feel like an outcast



Iggy said:

I enjoyed DQ9 so im sure im going to like this game. But i just got done beating DQ9 so im going to wait a little bit to pick this game up.



nmozdzier said:

Sigh, I want this game, but I also want a 3DS and a 3DS game, so I could choose this, but that would be counterproductive in my opinion, I'll probably get it in June for my B-day.



CanisWolfred said:

I will probably get this someday even though I don't want to. It's the only DQ I haven't touched yet.



CosmoXY said:

I'm tempted to pick this up, but with Pokemon Black/White coming in just a few weeks I don't know if I could give it my full attention.



komicturtle said:

I kinda like this DQ more than DQIX. Battles are fast and the soundfont used in this game beats some of the annoying trumpet sounds DQIX had (same thing as DQM Joker).

Anyhow, this is definitely one of my favorites on DS and I'm proud to have it be the first DS title I own in 2011



Wolfenstein83 said:

Awesome, I love me some classic DQ on the DS!
I hate to annoy anyone, but I find that I enjoy the DQ games more than the Final Fantasy series.
I love FF, but DQ has some kind of special charm for me.



SwerdMurd said:

just beat it. It's great. 9/10 seems fair--the styling of these games is just a touch too old to ever merit perfection, but they're all so close!



Linkuini said:

I'm a little more interested in seeing the newer DQ installments than these ports, good as they look. Multiplayer really makes those sidequests more worthwhile to me. Too bad my brother doesn't seem to like it as much as I do. I think he finds the puns a little irritating. Or perhaps it's more to do with the often annoying avalanche of all-pervading and almost always unnecessary alliteration.



Big_A2 said:

This one's been getting some good-but-not-great reveiws from other sites. I think I may go for Dragon Quest IV instead.



k8sMum said:

DQ VI is a very good game, but it's not nearly as 'intuitive' to play as DQ IX; there are times when you just do not know where to go or what to do next. also, while i appreciate the old-school graphics, i miss that the armor etc you get for your team doesn't show up onscreen as it does in IX.

both are worth having, imho, for those of us who love RPGs. having played IX first just makes me wish for a mix of the best of both games.



SezeMakto said:

I was thinking of just picking up V, I kinda want IV and VI too, but I think they are too alike, might as well just get V and call it a day. In fact, I just got V at Kmart.



SezeMakto said:

V seems to be the highest rated. IV is popular too. VI seems to be OK in reviews but nowhere near the quality of V or even IV. From what I read around the net.



Geonjaha said:

@10 Well thats just ridiculous. You praise Chrono Trigger but arent impressed by dragon quest games? Seriously the main genre is amazing - it just gets continually upgraded. There's an obvious divide to fans here, with those who have any sense still loving the games. More Chrono fans who think Dragon Quest is inferior. Wow - real time fights!? Whatever.

As for the games themselves, if you want to play all three make sure you do it in order, but if you only want two get V and then VI. IV is good but it had a few small problems that got tweaked in V (talking of all the remakes ofc).

Trying out VI and I think it's a fantastic game.

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