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Posted by Henry Stockdale

Does it pass Go or should it go directly to jail?

Ah, Monopoly, the classic board game we all know and love, where you attempt to become the dominant force across the market and can become a rich tycoon living the high life in Mayfair or end up in the dumps of Old Kent Road. Starting back in 1903, it has since become one of the most successful board games of all time and remains very popular to this day. We've also seen it in many previous video game adaptations, including one previous attempt on the Wii. This time around, EA has decided to try something a bit different by adapting some Monopoly boards into 3D cities, but not much else has really changed.

There's only one real mode, the main Monopoly game, which can accompany up to four players and computer opponents. There's also a large range of choices to keep things varied, such as three different difficulty settings that alter to a large degree how smart the AI is when it comes to buying properties.

On top of that, there are six different pre-set house rules available with the ability to create your own rule variations. Most importantly, there are nine different boards overall with two utilising the new 3D city design and the other seven sticking to the familiar style, which range from the classic design to jungle and ice themes. While there's definitely some nice variation here, it's disappointing to see only two 3D cities included for the release, particularly since they make a nice addition to the game.

The various player pieces return here, such as the car and the dog, who are also accompanied by a set of generic characters new to the game. Not of all of them are available straight away – you can buy some of them from the shop when you've earned enough virtual Monopoly money during play, including the ability to play as your Mii. You can also unlock a brand new board in this way.

The game recreates the Monopoly board pretty well, with classic properties and colour system well intact alongside main features such as auctioning properties, trading with your opponents, building houses and hotels, mortgaging your properties and, if worse comes to worse, filing for bankruptcy when the money has run out, with the winner simply being who's been able to last long enough.

Not much is new for the 3D boards at heart – they're basically just like normal Monopoly if played across a large city. The only real change is that you now have a “Corporate HQ” that grows and shrinks depending on the total value of your money and properties combined, which is a nice touch but doesn't add much. It's the same old game it ever was, even if nothing has really changed at its core, and EA has done a good job recreating it for the Wii.

Of course, if you're playing on your own, this is really not the right game for you. The fun has always been in multiplayer, which is a blast when played with four people. Matches can drag on for ages sometimes, however, particularly if you're left with a computer opponent, and once you've gone bankrupt, the wait for others to finish can be very boring. This isn't helped by the fact that computer opponents don't always seem to play fair. While in the end it boils down to random chance from the dice roll, it can feel quite frustrating at times when a CPU opponent repeatedly misses particular spaces on the board, such as ones containing a lot of your houses or a hotel.

Graphically, Monopoly Streets utilises a rather colourful design, particularly around the 3D cities. They suffer from a lack of polish, however, looking a bit rough at times, and it's a similar story for the character models. Audio-wise, the game has a rather energetic soundtrack that works rather well. It also features character voices, though some of these can become rather annoying.


Anyone who's a fan of the board game will find enjoyment in Monopoly Streets, and EA has done a good job bringing this version to the Wii. While 3D cities are a nice added feature, though, there's not really enough new brought to the table to make this a standout experience, and if you own one of the other video game versions already, you're better off looking elsewhere.

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Simon_Deku said:

Monopoly isn't my thing so I won't get this. I can't say I'm suprised though, remakes of classic games are never good.



BulbasaurusRex said:

We've got "Pokémon Monopoly" and "St. Louis Cardinals 2006 World Champions (Baseball, for those of you Across the Pond or Down Under) Monopoly."



Terra said:

I happen to have one based on my hometown, Bournemouth & Poole Monopoly (Special localized version) which is pretty sweet, as well as the normal version and that kids edition.



HanuKwanzMasBif said:

Oh, you guys are making me jealous. Nintendo Monopoly would be awesome. Although I do have a Russian one.
ANYWAY that was pretty off-topic. Nice review, and it's kinda unsurprising that the matches last forever, try to play a game of Monopoly in real life with three friends.



JeanLuc_Vaycard said:

I have Manhunt monopoly. A little different take on the classic. Instead of paying in money when you land one someone else's property, you pay in blood.



Raylax said:

I love me some Monopolizing, miiiight pick this up.
I have Pokémon Monopoly, Classic Monopoly, and Yorkshire Monopoly where you're allowed required to shout "by 'eck, 'ow much?" whenever you land on someone's hotel



Splat said:

I had been thinking about getting the other Wii version but this sounds better.



Gran said:

We had the game little more than a week before we had earned enough points to open all the game boards, Mii's and tokens. Nothing left to use the points for now. They just accrue for nothing. It's not WiFi like PS3 and Xbox versions. Very disappointed for these reasons.



Zach said:

@Terra & @Blaketoberfest I too had that version. Monopoly CD-ROM! Back when that was a term people used, and when it sounded cool since it meant it would have more data than could fit on a floppy... ahh, those were the days.



Pj1 said:

Oh I wish it was all right in one player mode, I thought for a minute this Sim City type game for Wii and was thinking I might add this to my Christmas list. I might not now but if I can rent it I will.



TKOWL said:

I like Nintendo Monopoly in particular. Playing as a NES controller is pure bliss



Capt_N said:

I have Internet Monopoly. Monopoly is a very fun board game. Just very long.

Edit: If I can, I'll def rent this. I may like it. I do have the Nes cart, though, so I don't know.

I just have to quote the Nes Monopoly auctioneer: Sold!



Gameday said:

When it hits online compatibilities , then the dice will get to rolling. I will say a monopoly video game is easier to clean up ha



Lilli_pad said:

We bought Monopoly Streets for Wii a week ago but still can't play it with more than 1 human. When we try to choose tokens it doesn't respond. It will let 1 real person play with 1-3 AIs but they do seem to cheat. Can anyone out there tell us what we're doing wrong. EA doesn't seem to know anything about this game, very disappointing!



Lilli_pad said:

@Zaphod Beeblebrox Thanks for your reply. It's our first game that doesn't allow shared remotes. Once we bought 2 more remotes our problem was solved. Over Thanksgiving week our family had a blast playing Monopoly Streets!



KID said:

fun game but I WONDER.....whenever the computer plays even on easy it always wins a real turn off



beastmaster666 said:

any one no more info on teenage mutant ninja turtles turtles in time is coming to wii or if not ever going to come its cool and y did xbox 360 get it and ps3 is now getting it y ant we getting it this is not right xbox and ps3 in not even a part of the game and they get it there getting there money back for that lol



beastmaster666 said:

i am sorry i don't no were to post it went to tmnt and they did not have a post thing there sorry if any one nows any thing about this game post it for me thank u



SaintSinner said:

@Yellowhare91 I had the PC Monopoly years ago as a young teen. I wish I still did, it disappeared on me without a trace as a great many of my things and clothing tend to. I enjoyed it a great deal.

I now have this game for the wii, and I enjoy it as well. The 3D city graphics, the different ways the characters move/utilize their tokens, ability to use your miis instead of the characters and Mr. Monopoly's humorous comments about your luck on certain rolls make for a more exciting experience but I also agree with the negative aspects of it which are described in this article. For a version that is stressing a new 3D city experience to the game, it doesn't provide nearly enough boards using this design. I could not last but a few minutes trying to play the classic board styles because it just was not as interesting. I might as well be playing the physical board game.

I also wish more of the classic tokens were provided, such as the horse which was my childhood favorite.

Other than the interesting token movement which I like, the characters are pretty annoying. The dances and cheers they do before making their move can be an unwanted lag in the progress in the game. The one time I played with my mom, she got quite annoyed with the stupid dance the dog woman does before she gets on with the move. Being new to the wii she didn't understand that she could press a button to fast forward it. The Burglar is the best designed in this aspect because his reactions are very quick so they don't hold up his move and are cool. This is why I like using his token with my Mii the best.

The sounds they make can also get on one's nerves. In fact in a recent game I played the dog woman got upset at the the most inappropriate moves, such her destination being a mortgaged property that's even HERS, so she was safe either way. I think it would be a lot more interactive and less annoying if they actually talked and had both frustrated and humorous phrases like Mr. Monopoly. The computer characters in Hoyle brand games which I used to be into as a child has this feature which made them fun.

This makes using a Mii with the tokens in place of the characters better, they mimic the physical reactions but do not make the sounds. Unfortunately you have to unlock the miis feature.

A character that is a bit overly boring however is the police hat guy, the fact that his token does nothing but sits on his head like a normal hat makes him uninteresting as opposed to the others.

Being an only child with few friends these virtual versions of this awesome game such as the PC and this one for the Wii and other consoles provides a way for me to still be able to enjoy it. I however feel as is said here that the computer players can seem awfully rigged in a couple of ways:
1.) My hotels and houses are not landed on nearly as much as the same color set would be owned by one of the computer players. Any of my properties really tend to get less visitors than the computer players.
2.) I don't roll nearly as many doubles in an entire game than the computer players. I have had them roll doubles twice two turns in a row. In speed die mode they roll a lot more buses than I.
3.) I have never managed to roll myself out of jail, while a few computer characters have. Not for a while, but they have.
4.) They seem to accept trades for the last in a color group more from each other than from me. They also don't seem to be so outrageous in their offers amongst each other. I get rejected for totally fair valued trades and/or countered with my side having more worth than theirs, I have even been asked for my full amount of money. They don't trade fairly at all.

I am also a bit annoyed because I have noticed in googling that the Xbox version seems to have achievement tropphies for reaching certain goals in gameplay. The wii version does not, I checked. And I would have a great deal of the ones I read about if it did.

So overall I give this game while enjoyable the same as this reviewer does, a 6/10

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