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Posted by Corbie Dillard

It might be cheap, but it doesn't look or play like it

When the Domo titles were first announced for the DSiWare service, many people were left unsure of what to think of them, especially given their rather inexpensive 200 Nintendo Point price tag. Now just as quickly as they were announced Nintendo has released all five titles onto the service at once. And while this Pro-Putt Domo title isn't very deep or overly content-filled, what you're getting is actually a fairly solid little putt-putt game considering it will only set you back a mere 200 Nintendo Points.

It's worth mentioning that Pro-Putt Domo is not a full-featured golf title. Instead the game presents a miniature golf-style gameplay experience that features a surprising amount of variety. Your goal on each hole is to get your ball into the flagstick hole in as few putts as possible, and you'll also be able to pick up coins along the way that can be used to unlock other game modes.

You'll face the same types of hazards that you might face on a real golf course including sand, water, trees and even patches of beautiful little flowers. Your ball will even react differently depending on what type of surface it's currently sitting on. If you're on a hard surface, you're ball will roll a lot farther than if you're on short grass, and likewise being in taller grass or sand will require you to strike the ball with a lot more force in order to make it travel long distances. You'll soon realize that the physics of the game are actually quite accurate and will have to be taken into effect if you're to be successful.

There are three modes of play in Pro-Putt Domo. Small Classic is unlocked at the beginning of the game and presents you with a short 9-hole tournament to play. If you can win the tournament and pick up enough coins along the way, you'll unlock the next mode of play, Big Open. Big Open is the full 18-hole tournament and plays pretty much identically to the Small Classic game aside from the 9 additional holes. Once again you have to win the tournament and collect the required number of coins in order to open up the practice mode. Lessons is the final mode and will allow you to practice any of the 18 holes in the game. This can be fun to see how many coins you can get on each hole in the shortest number of strokes, but the downside is that by the time you open up the Lesson mode, you'll likely already be fairly good at the game, which kind of defeats its purpose overall.

The first thing you'll notice about this title is how detailed the graphics in the game are. You certainly wouldn't expect a 200 Point title to feature this type of visual polish, but it's refreshing to see it just the same. Each hole features its own distinct look and feel and there are plenty of impressive little graphical nuances thrown into each hole for you to enjoy. This might be a bargain-priced DSiWare release, but you certainly wouldn't know it from looking at it.

Much like the visual presentation, the audio aspects are actually quite good as well. The overly cute up-tempo melodies the game makes use of won't appeal to everyone, but they're quite catchy and are easily good enough to convey the light-hearted nature the game employs. And if the solid musical score wasn't enough, the game also features some very good sound effects to go along with it. In fact about the only thing you could complain about is the fact that the musical tracks are a bit short in length and do tend to repeat quite often. Something to consider if you plan to spend large chunks of time with the game and are not overly fond of the game's cutesy musical stylings.


As the old adage goes, you tend to get what you pay for in this world. So the simple fact that this inexpensive little DSiWare title even begins to impress is shocking in and of itself. But the fact that it's actually a pretty solid little game and plays as well as it does turns out to be even more surprising. Barring a slight lack of replay value, there's not much this inexpensive little DSiWare title does wrong. Pro-Putt Domo might lack the depth of other feature-rich golfing titles, but its solid gameplay system and impressive audio/visual presentation make it more than worth the paltry 200 Nintendo Points it costs.

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Stuffgamer1 said:

I don't have enough points for any Domo games, and I can't afford to drop the dough for all five. Stupid 1000-point minimum purchase...

The review does make this one sound good, though. A better value than Paper Plane Chase, I'm sure.



Bones00 said:

So let me get this straight. Domo? Not the 711 "Oh Thank Heaven" Domo?



Bass_X0 said:

Well these were mini-games on full price GBA cart originally right? I'm not sure if the whole GBA game has been split into five or if these five mini-games represent only a small part of the original GBA game. And yes, Bones. It is. I had no idea who he was before yesterday. I had seem him before though but didn't pay any attention to him. I can see these games dominating the charts.



Metang said:

Yesterday was a good day in Nintendo download history. I am so buying.



ReZon said:

@Stuffgamer1 (or anyone else looking to buy points)

Do a search on eBay for the seller zoeyduke79. This person sells 1200 (6 codes each worth 200) Nintendo Points for $8.75. I've bought from this person a couple of times, and it's nice because you can distribute the points between the Wii and DSi. It's a solid deal.




Wow, that's surprisung! I thought these Domo fragments were going to be a failure. Good to read that they are not.



Xkhaoz said:

Sweet. I actually had high hopes for these Domo games. Hopefully the other 4 games will be as good or even better than this one. Because getting 5 goods games for 1000 Nintendo points sounds pretty good to me.



Adamant said:

Bass X0: These are only a small part of the original game. There were 22 mini games in total, I believe.


The original game was set up like a TV network with 6 different channels each showing different programs at different times, most programs being a mini game (some others are "news programs" and the like, I assume they give game tips or something). This particular game is the "Domo Open Golf" program from the "D-Sight Sports" channel.

(this is also why they're somewhat low on replay value, I'd guess - the game is to be taken as a whole, going through programs and channels, succeeding at minigames and opening new ones, rather than choosing a game and going for a high score.)

You know, I think I'm going to import this GBA game - it does seem really awesome.



brandonbwii said:

Good review. I downloaded White Water Domo and have to say honestly I'm not liking it very much. I can't wait to hear someone elses opinion on that one.



SwerdMurd said:

Yop think I'm gettin' this one--have exactly 200 points left...been waiting months for something that looked worth getting.



Philip_J_Reed said:

"I downloaded White Water Domo and have to say honestly I'm not liking it very much. I can't wait to hear someone elses opinion on that one."

You won't be waiting long. I promise.



WolfRamHeart said:

It sounds like this one might be the best of the bunch. I'm not really all that interested in these Domo games but at least this one turned out okay. I think that I rather save my 200 points toward something that I really want.



Grumble said:

This is such a great game. I gave it 8/10. Go grab it up!

JuneBelle: No, I would get Paper Airplane Chase and Bird/Beans first actually, Pro Putt maybe get that third...



Stuffgamer1 said:

@ ReZon: I'm guessing this eBayer must've stockpiled Pepsi cap point codes. Doesn't sound like a bad deal, though it is a bit odd. Wouldn't help my situation much though, because I have like, NO spare money, and even buying 1200 points for the cost of 875 is still more than I can afford. I'd have to give up NSMBW to do that, and THAT is not happening. Thanks for the info anyway, it's good of you to offer a solution.



Grumble said:

Corbie.. In response to your question, I gave the 5 Domo games 8/10 in the "Domo" thread under the DSiWare forums. Great value, and Pro Putt is so much better than MySims Camera, maybe Americans will wake up and fall in love with these Domo games instead, because MySims Camera (top dsiware game in the nation! haha) sucks.



Corbs said:

I thought maybe you had written up a full review of them somewhere. I've been unable to find many reviews on these games so far.



mjc0961 said:

Game sounds decent, but I don't think I want to buy $10 worth of points just to play it. Nintendo shoots themselves in the foot with their stupid point distribution policy. I'm also not impressed that I'm basically stuck with 100 points on my Wii that I can never use because I have to buy their set bundles of points instead of just the points I need to complete a transaction.

This is one of those times where Nintendo (and Microsoft as well, since they do the same thing with their points) should take a good hard look at Sony (their only remaining competition) and their "If you are spending more than $5 at once you can add the exact amount of funds you need to complete the transaction and have an empty wallet afterwords" policy... And then steal the hell out of it because Sony is the only one doing it right.



Stuffgamer1 said:

I agree wholeheartedly with mjc on this one. Though even the $5 minimum can get a bit annoying if a REALLY cheap download releases, like .detuned did last week. It's a minor problem compared to the crap you have to put up with from Nintendo and Microsoft, though.



mjc0961 said:

Haha, I knew you at least would agree (haven't we gone down this road a time or two before? ). And yes, Sony's $5 min can be annoying, but it's easily better than the nothing we get from Sony and Nintendo.

Plus, the Fallout 3 DLC for the PS3 took care of my leftover $1 or so in my PSN wallet, so now it's empty, just the way I likes it.



winter123 said:

This is well worth 2 bucks. Hint: R is camera, took me a while to realize that. You collect coins resulting in a nice balance between wanting to have the lowest strokes and wanting to get all the coins... sometimes in very tricky places.



winter123 said:

Coin and hole placement are seemingly random, but there are only 1-3 different arrangements per hole. But there is a surprising amount of depth cause by that, plus also the fact that each surface has a noticeably different speed you have to take into account when hitting. Too hard, youll skip over the hole and go in the water I think it is win+50 coins unlocks the next tournament, then win+100 coins unlocks the free play mode(which also contains a "hard" mode). So much depth for so little money! If they released a sequel for 5 dollars with online multiplayer I would love it.

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