We're almost done!

There's certainly no denying that Wii Motion Plus brings a much more realistic and accurate form of motion controls to the table and Wii Sports Resort makes great use of it from start to finish. Sure some of the games are better than others and you'll have to occasionally re-calibrate the Wii Remote by placing it on a flat surface for a few seconds, but as a whole, the package features plenty of playability to go around. As a single-player experience, the game is solid and will provide you with plenty of hours of fun. You can even go back and try to earn the achievement stamps in each sport for some added replay value. But if you want to see what Wii Sports Resort is really all about, you need to round up some players to come over and have some real fun. Because as much fun as the original Wii Sports release was, Wii Sports Resort absolutely blows it away in terms of overall fun factor.

The audio/visual presentation in Wii Sports Resort is very similar in style to the original Wii Sports title. Of course the new island resort theme does allow Nintendo to kick some of the surroundings up a notch or two, but don't expect things to go too much beyond what you've already seen in the previous release. Everything is very colorful and vibrant and the fact that each game features its own unique visual look means that there's never really a problem when it comes to variety. The Mii characters still look a bit awkward and out of place at times, but they still fit in with the cute and cuddly theme Nintendo likes to push in these Wii Sports titles.

Much like the original release, the music in Wii Sports Resort is top notch all the way and about as catchy as you're ever likely to hear. There are tons of tunes strung throughout the game's twelve different sports and each one is just as upbeat and catchy as the last. Many of the game's announcing and sound effects were plucked straight from the original release, but there's still enough new material to keep things interesting. As usual, Nintendo has once again done a phenomenal job of bringing their Wuhu Island resort to life onscreen, both visually and musically, and the end result is of course top shelf as usual.


It's obvious that Nintendo didn't try to reinvent the wheel when it came to developing a sequel to their unbelievably popular Wii Sports title. Instead they chose to take everything that was good about the original and add in as many new games as possible, each showing off their brand new Wii Motion Plus control system. The end result is a sports package that's absolutely chock full of sports gaming goodness and enough replay value to keep gamers coming back for more. You might find sports packages that offer up a more in-depth gameplay experience for an individual sport , but you'd be hard pressed to find a package with more variety and fun than the one found in Wii Sports Resort. If you've been looking for an excuse to invest in the Wii Motion Plus attachment, you've just found it.