Cycling is probably the least enjoyable of the 12 sports simply because its control is very basic and often feels more erratic than anything else. Up to two players can take part in one of two game modes. Road Race is where you basically start out in last place and try to work your way up through the 30 other riders in the race. VS mode gives you the opportunity to only race against the other player, which can be a bit more fun if you want to compete with each other without having to constantly weave your way in and out of the other cyclists the whole time. You can also choose to race a single stage race or multi-stage race, depending on how long you want the experience to last.

To ride your bicycle, you simply hold the Wii Remote and Nunchuk upright in front of you and move them in an up and down motion to simulate the peddling of a bicycle. Of course you're doing it with your hands, oddly enough. You tilt the Wii Remote and Nunchuck left or right to turn in that direction, but this can be a bit tricky, especially when you're peddling really fast in sprint mode. If you thought some of the other sports made your arms tired, wait until you race through a multi-stage race in this sport. There are 6 different tracks to choose from, each with their own pros and cons. The change of scenery can be nice, but given that this sport offers very little in the way of strategy or variety, it's not likely one you'll stick with long enough to get tired of the scenery.

Air Sports

Air Sports is broken down into three modes: Skydiving, Island Flyover, and Dogfight. Skydiving is a single-player experience and is about what you'd expect. You basically jump out of the plane and during your dive; you attempt to hook up with other nearby skydivers. To perform moves during a skydive you simply hold your Wii Remote out in front of you and move it as if the Wii Remote were you in a skydive. You can twist it and tilt it forward to pick up speed or leave it in a horizontal position in order to slow your descent. On the way down a fellow skydiver with a camera will automatically snap photos of you performing tricks and hooking up with fellow skydivers. You'll get a short countdown which gives you plenty of time to smile for the camera, which will also earn you more points. You'll also earn an additional picture if you can link up with all of the skydivers in a particular group.

In Island Flyover you get to fly over the island in an airplane at different periods of the day. Much like the skydive control; controlling the plane is very similar. You simply move the Wii Remote around as if it were the actual plane. Your goal is to locate and pick up as many i-Points that are strung around the island as you can in the allotted time. You can also do aerial tricks that will turn your stomach and you can even shoot some i-Point planes down, not to mention cut the power to the plane using the (B) button to allow yourself to glide for a bit. Just be careful not to glide for too long or you'll crash. This is easily the most fun mode of Air Sports and will keep you busy for quite some time. It sports some of the most responsive flying controls you're likely to play with.

If you're feeling like a little competitive action, Dogfight is your game. Two players can take each other on in an aerial dogfight in which each player tries to pop the opponent's balloons. The player with the most balloons left when the time runs out wins. If you've got another player around, this game will likely steal a lot of your Wii Sports Resort playing time, as it's a blast to play. It's like an aerial version of the Battle Mode in Super Mario Kart and every bit as much fun, if not more.