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  • News Nintendo Is Ending DS Phat Repairs In Japan

    Spare parts running out, says NCL

    It's the end of an era. Not only have we recently had the news that DSiWare is shutting down and Nintendo is bringing DS cart production to a close, but we've now heard that NCL is stopping Nintendo DS console repairs in its homeland. Repair support for all colours of the very first DS (model number NTR-001, also...

  • News Here's A 3D Classics Version Of Zelda You Can Play In Your Web Browser

    The stuff of legends

    The Legend of Zelda turns 30 this year, and Nintendo has its own plans in place to celebrate this momentous milestone. However, some fans have the same idea, such as "Scott" and "Mike", the mysterious guys behind an amazing browser-based replication of the title that started it all on the Famicom / NES. Visiting...

  • Video Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door Has a Surprising Number of Glitches

    Still a classic, though

    No matter how hard developers and quality assurance staff try, glitches are a normal part of gaming. They're unavoidable, but also potentially entertaining - after all, finding quirky moments and areas in game worlds can be highlights of a gaming experience. It can be fun learning about the range of glitches in classic...

  • News More Details Emerge on 80's Overdrive

    Putting it in gear

    A couple weeks ago, we found a new game coming to 3DS called 80's Overdrive. Though screenshots revealed that it was an old-school arcade racer, no more information was revealed or shown. While there's still a lot we don't know about the game, the developers recently lifted the lid on what we can generally expect out of it...




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