The Nintendo Entertainment System (or NES, for short) is arguably one of the most popular consoles ever created. Released in Japan as the Famicom ('Family Computer'), Nintendo's 8-bit machine was re-styled for the West and went on to sell millions thanks to its stellar range of first class software.

First home to some of Nintendo's most respected franchises - including Super Mario, Metroid and Zelda - the NES was a triumph of gameplay over graphics. By the time the console was released in the US it was already outdated when compared to rival machines like Sega's Master System and NEC's PC Engine (TG-16), yet Nintendo's intimate knowledge of quality gaming helped it to effortlessly see off all challengers. As the '90s dawned the machine started to lose ground to the next generation of newer 16-bit consoles, but games like Super Mario Bros. 3 sold by the bucketloads and proved that the console still had something to offer in the face of technically superior rivals.

The 'toaster' design of the NES has since gone on to be one of the truly iconic images in the history of videogames and through the Virtual Console the legacy of this wonderful machine lives on.

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NES Games

Title Rating Publisher Players Genre EU Date « Price
Pac-Man Pac-Man 7/10 Namco Bandai 1 Arcade 28 Feb 13 £4.49/€4.99
M.C. Kids M.C. Kids
aka McDonaldland (European title)
6/10 Virgin Interactive 2 Platformer 19 May 93 -
Dr. Mario Dr. Mario 5/10 Nintendo 2 Puzzle 27 Jun 91 -
Nintendo World Cup Nintendo World Cup - Nintendo 4 Sports 27 Jun 91 -
Fester's Quest Fester's Quest
aka The Addams Family: Uncle Fester's Quest
1/10 Sunsoft - Action 01 Oct 89 -
Back to the Future Back to the Future - LJN Toys 1 Action 20 Sep 89 -
DuckTales DuckTales
aka Disney's DuckTales
9/10 Capcom 1 Platformer 01 Sep 89 -
Mickey Mousecapade Mickey Mousecapade - Capcom - - 31 Dec 88 -
Metroid Metroid 7/10 Nintendo 1 Adventure 15 Jan 88 -
Rampage Rampage 5/10 Data East 2 Action 12 Jan 88 -
Punch-Out!! Featuring Mr. Dream Punch-Out!! Featuring Mr. Dream 8/10 Nintendo 1 Sports 15 Dec 87 -
Pro Wrestling Pro Wrestling - Nintendo 2 Sports 15 Sep 87 -
Super Mario Bros. Super Mario Bros. 9/10 Nintendo 2 Action 15 May 87 -
Popeye Popeye - Nintendo 2 Arcade 02 Sep 86 -

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