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  • News New Pokémon Go Screens and Details Are Revealed

    Battle Details! Trainer Customisation! PokéCoins...

    In March The Pokémon Company unveiled details on Pokémon Go, the upcoming app in development for smart devices, which will use real-world locations and AR (augmented reality) for its gameplay. That same official web page (which we summarised in the link above) has now been updated with more...

  • News The Pokémon GO Field Test is Now Heading to the US

    You can register your interest right now

    Pokémon GO has been undergoing plenty of Beta testing this year, with developer Niantic running field tests in Japan and Australia. The global tour of this early version is going to now hit another vital market - it's coming to the US. As Pokémon GO is a game heavily reliant on augmented reality and...







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