Paper Mario

Pre-orders for Paper Mario: The Origami King on Nintendo Switch have started to appear across the UK and the US, so if you're looking to snag a copy for yourself, here's a list of major retailers ready to take your order.

The game was announced out of nowhere last week, with a release date of 17th July being confirmed. Below, you'll find a variety of pre-order options across the US and UK.

Pre-Order Paper Mario: The Origami King (Switch) In The US

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And here are the options for the UK, including a digital version if you're not fussed about having it boxed and would rather play it at midnight on release day. Make sure you have enough room on your Switch or MicroSD card if you're going digital.

Pre-Order Paper Mario: The Origami King (Switch) In The UK

If you want to see a little more of the game before putting your order in, feel free to check out our gallery of screenshots - it's all looking rather gorgeous, we must say.

Will you be treating yourself to a physical copy of the game? Let us know if you order one with a comment below.