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You've just started Animal Crossing: New Horizons and looking to get your hands on a shovel. You'll need to craft your tools using the DIY recipes you find or are given by characters as you progress through the first hours of the game.

To unlock the shovel recipe you'll need to have done two things already - crafted yourself a Flimsy Axe and donated 5 critters (fish or bugs) to Tom Nook which leads him to invite his pal Blathers the Owl to your deserted island and set up the makeshift tent which will eventually become the Museum. Once he has arrived, speak to Blathers and he'll give you the recipe for the Flimsy Shovel, the weakest shovel in the game (speaking to Blathers also unlocks the Vaulting Pole).

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Flimsy Shovel

To create a Flimsy Shovel, you'll need:

  • x5 Hardwood

Hardwood can be collected by swinging your Flimsy Axe at trees (up to three times each) and collecting the wood that falls. Hardwood is one of three available varieties of wood, the darkest of the three.

Flimsy Shovel

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Shovel

The flimsy shovel is a decent start when you need to dig a hole or bash a rock to harvest materials like iron nuggets, but you'll soon want something more robust.

To upgrade your Flimsy Shovel to the stronger Shovel, you'll need to purchase the 'Pretty Good Tools DIY Recipe' from the Nook Stop terminal in Resident Services. It costs 3000 Nook Miles, so if you don't have enough, better get fishing, catching bugs and generally topping up your Nook Miles.

Once you've got the required recipe, you'll need the following items to create the shovel:

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