Animal Crossing's museum is one of the most important buildings in the game – but when you boot up Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you might be surprised by the fact that it's not present from the beginning.

To get the museum, you'll need to undertake a series of steps.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Museum - How To Unlock The Museum

  1. Donate 5 fish and/or bugs to Tom Nook (the ratio doesn't matter so you can give him 2 fish and 3 bugs, for example)
  2. Select a position for the museum on your island - construction takes a day, but to begin with you'll just get Blathers' tent
  3. Donate 15 more fish, bugs and/or fossils to Blathers (again, the ratio doesn't matter)
  4. Wait for the final museum to be built

Once it is complete, you'll be able to donate all of the usual stuff, just like you did in older Animal Crossing games.

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