"Top 8 Pop Hairstyles" (with expanded colors)Austin Voigt

One fantastic upgrade in Animal Crossing: New Horizons from previous generations of Animal Crossing games has been the ability to choose your own hairstyle; however, the options can feel a bit limited at the start.

From the beginning of the game, you'll be able to choose between eight different hairstyles (four more longer "feminine" styles, and four shorter "male" styles - but all options are available for all players, FINALLY), as well as eight naturally-toned hair colours.

Soon after starting, you may have the fortune of finding or crafting a mirror. With this item, you'll gain six more hairstyle options - but alas, no new colours yet.

If you're interested in branching out even further into the wide universe of hair, you'll need to head to the kiosk in Nook's Resident Services tent (or building) and fork over some of those hard-earned Nook Miles. The prices for each new set of styles and colours are as follows:

  • Top 8 Pop Hairstyles: 2,400 Nook Miles
  • Top 8 Cool Hairstyles: 2,400 Nook Miles
  • Top 8 Stylish Hair Colours: 3,000 Nook Miles

These are all of the options available so far - besides that gorgeous "bedhead" you can achieve by neglecting your game for a week or so (if that's the case, congratulations - because we can't put this game down).

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Do you think even more hairstyles and colours will become available in the future? Are there any in particular you'd like to see? Let us know in the comments below!