I Am Dead

Overlooking the morbid title, I Am Dead was perhaps one of the most charming reveals during the recent Nintendo Indie World Showcase. It's a puzzle adventure game being published by Annapurna Interactive –known for titles such as Donut County – and is being developed by Hollow Ponds and Richard Hog (best known for Hohokum and Wilmont's Warehouse).

I Am Dead is described as a "heartfelt story" about exploring the afterlife and has you following the story of Morris Lupton, a recently deceased museum curator on a tiny island named Shelmerston. Morris gets reunited with the ghost of his dog Sparky and then discovers a volcano is about to erupt and destroy the island.

Together, the duo must uncover ancient mysteries and prevent the island's volcano from erupting to save their home. To help with their mission, Morris uses his newfound power, allowing him to peer inside objects and people to reveal their contents and memories.

Along the way you will discover many stories about the history and folklore of Shelmerston, and its cast of curious inhabitants and visitors: tourist finches, the fishfolk, morlos, and the Legend of Aggi - the one who originally silenced the volcano...


I Am Dead will launch "later this year" on the Nintendo Switch as a timed-exclusive. Is this an indie title you would be interested in trying out? Leave a comment below.

[source nintendo.com]