Nintendo Switch Lite Coral

If you've been waiting to pull the trigger on Nintendo's handheld-only version of the all-conquering Switch, perhaps the latest addition to the colourful Switch Lite roster might be the one for you. The Nintendo Switch Lite Coral is a cute one and no mistake, and it's releasing in North America on 3rd April, and in Europe and Australia on 24th April.

Lucky Japanese gamers will be able to pick up the new console alongside Animal Crossing: New Horizons on 20th March, although Animal Crossing fans will have to decide if they can resist the gorgeous Animal Crossing Switch bundles in favour of the Switch Lite Coral. Of course, the Animal Crossing console is a regular Switch, not a Switch Lite, so if you've got your heart set on the smaller console, the Switch Lite Coral is the perfect companion for your Animal Crossing island getaway.

Below we've rounded up the best Switch Lite Coral pre-order offers and bundles we could find. We'll be sure to update this with any other offers that crop up between now and launch. So, make sure you're not left empty handed on day one and check out the newest Switch on the block below...

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Buy Nintendo Switch Lite (Coral) in North America:

Things are looking pretty vanilla when it comes to options in the US. At the moment Walmart looks to be offering the best price among US retailers on a Nintendo Switch Lite Coral. Coming to North America on 3rd April, Walmart is undercutting the competition by a whopping 3 cents. Still, pennies make pounds, no? And we're reliably informed that cents make dollars, so every little helps!

Buy Nintendo Switch Lite (Coral) in the UK:

The Nintendo Switch Lite Coral is available in the UK on 24th April and UK gamers have a smidgen more choice thanks to the official Nintendo UK Store's Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX bundles. Both include a case and a physical copy of the respective game, so you'll have something to play on your brand new console.

It also appears that the UK box comes with a little stick in the corner advertising Fortnite. Hey, Fortnite is (still) so hot right now, and everyone loves a sticker, right?