With so many games hitting the Nintendo Switch eShop each week, regular sales have become a welcome fixture on the Switch and there are huge numbers of cheap and discounted games available on the Switch eShop at any given time. With so much choice it can be tough to know exactly is worth your hard-earned cash and precious time.

Never fear - Nintendo Life is here to help you sort the wheat from the chaff! Here we choose our Top 5 cheap Switch games in the Switch eShop sales so you can be sure you're getting a great deal on a great game.

What do we mean by 'best cheap Switch games' exactly? We're thinking anything discounted to around £10/10€ or under (GBP and EUR prices will obviously differ and sometimes won't reflect the same percentage discount). In addition to the top 5 best cheap Switch games, we'll also highlight a ridiculously cheap eShop game (we're talking Switch games under a quid) which may be worth investigating for a few pennies, if only for a half hour or so.

We'll update this page with new games and deals each week, so keep an eye on it. If you live in the US (or have a US Nintendo Account), you might want to check out our equivalent article on the best cheap games on the US eShop.

So, let's have a look at this week's five best deals on the Switch eShop!

The Best Cheap Games On The Nintendo Switch eShop

Here's our pick of the top 5 best deals for cheap games on the Switch eShop right now:

Velocity 2X (Switch eShop)

Velocity 2X (Switch eShop)Velocity 2X (Switch eShop)
Publisher: Curve Digital / Developer: FuturLab
Release Date: 20th Sep 2018 (USA) / 20th Sep 2018 (UK/EU)

75% off - was £14.99 / 19,99€, now £3.74 / 4,99€ until 7th Apr 2020

In an age where indie titles are becoming increasingly more reliant on procedural generation to do all the heavy lifting, it can be immensely satisfying to play a game that is tailor-made for one specific experience. Velocity 2X excels in this regard, offering up an immaculately designed, endlessly replayable arcade experience - half shoot 'em up, half platformer - that shows just how engaging twitch gameplay can be. This is one you definitely don’t want to miss out on. We're usually happy enough to experience the 'no filler' part of the well-known phrase, but Velocity 2X supplies the 'killer' too.

Snake Pass (Switch eShop)

Snake Pass (Switch eShop)Snake Pass (Switch eShop)
Publisher: Sumo Digital / Developer: Sumo Digital
Release Date: 28th Mar 2017 (USA) / 29th Mar 2017 (UK/EU)

70% off - was £15.99 / 19,99€, now £4.79 / 5,99€ until 7th Apr 2020

Snake Pass was a real gem in the early Switch library, and is certainly worth a look for anyone looking for colourful palette cleanser between massive releases coming on a monthly basis. You probably won't have played a game like it before — which certainly can be a double-edged sword — but it's a fresh experience that will keep you engaged until the very end. Solid visuals, unconventional gameplay, a memorable soundtrack and a decent amount of replay value make this well worth your time, and we absolutely give it a recommendation. If you're looking to take a chance and play something unique, then Snake Pass is well worth a look.

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Gear.Club Unlimited (Switch)

Gear.Club Unlimited (Switch)Gear.Club Unlimited (Switch)
Publisher: Microids / Developer: Eden Games
Release Date: 21st Nov 2017 (USA) / 1st Dec 2017 (UK/EU)

33% off - was £13.40 / 14,90€, now £8.97 / 9,98€ until 8th Apr 2020

Gear.Club Unlimited is a highly entertaining racing game that sits firmly at the casual end of the realistic racer spectrum. It can be a thrillingly immediate experience, particularly on the go, where you can blast through one of its sweeping courses in just a minute or so. Switch owners hoping for a Gran Turismo or a Forza won't find something of that calibre here, and what was a commendably rounded console-like racer on mobile seems just a little bit lightweight on Switch, but it's still a fun racing experience.

The Flame in the Flood (Switch eShop)

The Flame in the Flood (Switch eShop)The Flame in the Flood (Switch eShop)
Publisher: Curve Digital / Developer: The Molasses Flood
Release Date: 12th Oct 2017 (USA) / 12th Oct 2017 (UK/EU)

70% off - was £14.99 / 14,99€, now £4.49 / 4,49€ until 7th Apr 2020

The Flame in the Flood is a gorgeous title that tries to find a good balance between realism and difficulty. The ideas and concepts are smart and make sense, but don’t expect them to delve too much deeper that what is presented at the start. A few nitpicks with the menu system and cumbersome inventory management take a bit away from the experience, but the core mechanics work well.

When Ski Lifts Go Wrong (Switch eShop)

When Ski Lifts Go Wrong (Switch eShop)When Ski Lifts Go Wrong (Switch eShop)
Publisher: Curve Digital / Developer: Hugecalf Studios
Release Date: 23rd Jan 2019 (USA) / 23rd Jan 2019 (UK/EU)

90% off - was £14.99 / 14,99€, now £1.49 / 1,49€ until 7th Apr 2020

Despite the logo giving the impression of a garish knock-off or mobile port, When Ski Lifts Go Wrong delivers some captivating simulation puzzling, with a light dusting of Excitebike helping to set it apart from the crowd. The UI and controls work very well on Switch and, although not being able to share or sample others’ creations online is disappointing, the base game works beautifully to provide a very enjoyable package if you’re after some rock solid, physics-based fun.

And with the growing trend of games plummeting to mere pennies, here's our sub-£1 pick for a super cheap game that's worth the memory space it takes up on your Switch...

Goetia (Switch eShop)

Goetia (Switch eShop)Goetia (Switch eShop)
Publisher: Forever Entertainment / Developer: Sushee
Release Date: 26th Apr 2018 (USA) / 26th Apr 2018 (UK/EU)

90% off - was £8.99 / 9,99€, now £0.89 / 0,99€ until 15th Apr 2020

Goetia is a flawed yet engrossing point-and-click-style adventure for those looking for a challenge as well as an interesting story. Aside from the lack of a hint system resulting in the odd infuriatingly obtuse puzzle, it's a bleak, beautiful experience. It’s certainly slow and more text-heavy compared to other titles in the genre on Nintendo Switch, but it’s well-crafted and worth a look.

Keep an eye on this page as we cycle in new bargains. If money's no object, be sure to check out our list of the Best Nintendo Switch games, period. In the meantime, happy gaming!