Tucked away inside yesterday's Nintendo Direct Mini was a brand new game from Nintendo itself, Good Job!.

Similarly to The Stretchers, a game which also launched out of nowhere back in November, this new title is packed to the brim with barmy puzzles. It has you taking on the role of a clumsy child trying to climb the corporate ladder, completing one office-themed puzzle at a time to do just that. You're rewarded for your creativity, so while you could simply wheel a projector through the open door, why not catapult it through a wall instead? We like the sound of that.

These tasks are presented in the form of stages which can be replayed should you want to go for the highest score possible. You can also pass a Joy-Con to a friend for some local co-op assistance, or even to simply collect more in-game outfits, of which there are plenty to discover (over 100, in fact).

It looks to be full of charm and, on the surface, seems to have that level of polish you'd expect from a Nintendo-published game. We're working hard to bring you a review of the game soon, so keep an eye out for that if you want to hear our full thoughts.

Loving the sound of it already? You can grab it now from the eShop for £17.99 / $19.99.

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