Nintendo Switch will be getting its hands (and head) on a promising looking platformer next year in the form of Airhead, it has been announced.

The game has you diving into dark caverns and exploring ancient structures in a bid to solve the mystery of Head's significance in this world. You see, you'll be playing as Body, who joins Head - a head that has lost his air-pumping heart - on an adventure full of friendship and responsibility. We're struggling to wrap our heads around it all, so let's quickly pass you over to this official description:

Start your adventure as Body, who witnesses the tragic separation of Head and his air-pumping heart by an unknown machine. As the heart is taken away, Body jumps into action to save the abandoned Head. You must use the air tanks scattered around the world to keep Head inflated and uncover the true connection behind the stolen heart and the technology that litters your dystopian world. Wrap your head around unique mechanics and experience brave exciting gameplay, all while collecting sweet upgrades!

These "unique mechanics" are used to complete the game's puzzle-solving elements, which require you to use both Head and Body separately and together. You can see some of this going on in the trailer above.

Key Features
An immersive 2.5D platform experience in a Metroidvania-style world
- A beautiful art style, embracing bold color and bleak shadow
- Challenging puzzles must be solved by clever use of Head and Body’s synergy
- Loads of powerful upgrades that open doors to new areas
- A personal story of companionship, discovery, and responsibility
- A myriad of creatures and machines to hinder or help you on your adventure

As noted above, the game is scheduled to launch on Switch and other platforms in 2021, so we still have a while to wait before we can get stuck in. Looks like it could be one worth keeping an eye out for, though.

What do you think? Are you liking the look of Airhead? Share your thoughts with us below.