One of the more spectacular, but still slightly terrifying entries...Food Network, via Kotaku
One of the more spectacular, but still slightly terrifying entries...

Pokémon seems to be doing the rounds in popular TV shows in the US at the moment, starring in its very own episode of Jeopardy! and now appearing on Food Network Challenge. As you might expect, this one has resulted in some excellent images that will never leave the internet. Ever.

The show had its competitors attempting to create cakes based on the catchable characters we all know and love, but the now-iconic monsters weren't always represented with 100% accuracy. If you happen to live in the US you can catch up on the show here, but for everyone else, here are some standout moments (with thanks to Kotaku for the images).

We'll kick things off with a good one: Sobble. The shape is mostly right, you can instantly tell what it is, and the creation even has Sobble's signature sad face. Not a bad effort.

SobbleFood Network, via Kotaku

Next up, a different-looking Litten. We're not sure why it's standing on two legs - as we imagine that's why we feel strangely put off when looking at it - but there's something about that body that's giving us the heebie-jeebies.

LittenFood Network, via Kotaku

Next, the most creative of the bunch. Sure, the two-legged nature of thing is just as creepy as Litten before it, but look at that Water Gun. Excellent.

ChikoritaFood Network, via Kotaku

And finally, our pick of the bunch. Remember Chikorita? The cute little grass-type starter introduced in Pokémon Gold and Silver? Well, forget it. Because we've no idea what this is.

ChikoritaFood Network, via Kotaku

Sadly, the Chikorita wasn't deemed good enough to make it through to the next round of the competition.

The show also featured a giant Squirtle, a leaf-dispensing Bulbasaur and a sparking Pikachu (seen above). Television at its finest.